Middle Child Complex

So, since my novel is out of my hands now, and has been for a good few weeks, I foolishly assumed that I would finally be able to focus back on Book 2. Well, that hasn’t gone according to plan. Although I have been writing again, I’ve not been doing it anywhere near as much as I’d like to. Life seems to be getting in the way, and so does Book 1; I thought it had found its wings, flown the nest, but it turns out all it did was fly to another branch on the same tree.

It seems that Book 1 may no longer be in plain sight, but its presence still lingers as its bulky weight persists on shaking the calm branches of my tree, so I still have to devote much of my attention to it. Book 1, the first born – spoilt and used to having my undivided attention – is now jealous since Book 2 has newly hatched. It is throwing a tantrum; it wants the attention back. So, despite the fact it may have moved on, it plucks acorns from the branch it is perching upon and launches them at me, screaming, “I’M HERE! YOU STILL NEED TO FOCUS ON ME!” as it does so.

(Yes, my tree is an oak).

Right now, Book 2 needs nurturing, but Book 1 is adamant in disallowing me to tend to its needs. And this is annoying me. Book 1 needs a firm slap, to be quite honest. Book 2 is now being forgotten, abandoned, as I’m too busying throttling the elder child with fury and frustration being paramount. Although there is no rush for me to complete Book 2, I feel the need to make more haste than not, and this is because the unhatched Book 3 is starting to announce its arrival. I’m fussing over this due date, I’m too busy creating the nest, which means Book 2 is being pushed aside again. Sorry, Book 2.

Book 1 is the first child, demanding the most due care and attention; Book 2 is the neglected middle child, the unassuming part of the trio; Book 3 is the youngest child, who is going to be even more demanding and spoilt than Book 1. I can just see it now. Book 3 is the final part, and it will thus strut around as though it’s the most important.

I am a mother – these books are my children – and as much as I would love them all to huddle nicely together on the same branch in the same nest, there just isn’t room. They all have to fly away at some point, and Book 1 is finding this quite the feat indeed, I feel. Despite the different challenges raised by each child, they are all equally as important as one another, for only when they are put together is the whole story told. They are a trinity: three distinct existences, yet one tale.

I know I just said they are all as important as one another, but I secretly have a favourite. Shhh.

Which one?

Have a guess.


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