Exclusive Information!

Since there are only 3-4 weeks left until publication, I can tease you all with exclusive information!

I will post once a week, every Sunday. There will be six posts in all, with the first one being today at 18:00 GMT! That will take us up to Sunday 5th May, by which time the book should be published imminently (if not already!) Here is the order of information:

Week one (i.e. today): The symbol

Week two: The Flamikus (fire folk)

Week three: The Humiit-kus (earth folk)

Week four: The Aeriikus (air folk)

Week five: The Agwikus (water folk)

Week six: The most famous Ilimoskus saying

If you haven’t already read the prologue, perhaps you should! It will certainly help with understanding all this information (: You can find the prologue in my Exciting News! post or on the Ilimoskus page itself.

See you at 18:00!


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"What does your heart tell you?" - ToO, chpt. 32

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