Kardicktis – the Heart Light


This symbol is kardicktis (the heart light)!

Kardicktis literally means ‘the heart light’, and this is the name the Ilimoskus give to their most important symbol. Over time, the Ilimoskus psyche has altered somewhat to regard this symbol as their actual heart (hence the name), but of course this is not truly so. It is silver, glows faintly, and is situated in the centre of their chests, being a most special symbol with regards to their values and beliefs; in the Ilimoskus world, only things of the greatest magic and valour shine and are metallic in colour, which is why they believe the kardickt to be the spirit of Tontiis-Nab (their Creator) who is forever with them to guide them in their times of need. This links to the most famous Ilimoskus saying (of which more information is to come week six). At times, the kardickt lights up and physically points one who is lost in the right direction, and the Ilimoskus deem this to be Tontiis-Nab’s divine guidance. It is also known that Ilimoskus bound together, be it through blood or love, can use their kardickt to locate where their family member or partner is, or can sense how they are feeling.

Kardicktis is the Ilimoskus symbol: a four pointed star surrounded by four small circles, which represent the four elements/races (with each element/race being referred to as an ilyor).

‘Velis Monbleur Unk’ – (the four make one)

Next week: First information about one of the ilyorz. The Flamikus (fire folk).

© Jennifer K. Marsh 2013


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"What does your heart tell you?" - ToO, chpt. 32

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