Flamikus – the Fire Folk

Hello everyone! Here is week two of the exclusive information! I’m afraid I don’t have any more news about the publication date as of yet, although I do know that the book cover is currently being created. I’m hoping to see it sometime this week (fingers crossed!), and I’ll be sure to share it once I’ve got it! (:

Ilimoskus is the name of an elemental race of beings, which consists of four ilyorz (elements/races). The Flamikus are the fire folk!

The Flamikus live on the surface, dwelling in forests and using the trees as their cover. They can control and create blazing fires and infernos, and produce thick ash and smoke; and, as one would expect, they are completely immune to heat and fire themselves. Water is a great hindrance for them, with even rain posing problems; it makes them much weaker and less resilient, and if met with a large quantity of water, this is almost certainly their deathbed.

Their skin is red, and they have black hair and smiifon (skin markings). They have the most variety in eye colour out of all the ilyorz, for their irises can be shades of black, grey, red, orange or yellow, and they have a very pale grey sclera (the ‘white’ of the eye) and black and grey eyelashes. Their ears are pointed at the top and at the lobe, and the clothes they wear are a smoky ash colour, since their fabric is, in fact, made from ash itself.

The folk of fire are courageous and compassionate, being the all-rounders of the Ilimoskus world – they do not excel in anything in particular, but instead are wonderfully balanced across all areas. They believe that knowledge is infinite – one can never learn too much! Love and friendship is very important to them, and they are incredibly loyal; if you befriend a Flamikus, they’ll be there for life. The warmth of their hearts and the heat of their spirits are like none other, and although water is a great danger to them, it takes a lot to dampen the optimism of such merry folk. However, be sure not to submerge them, or else you will unleash a raging inferno.

Next week: The Humiit-kus (earth folk).

© Jennifer K. Marsh 2013


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