Humiit-kus – the Earth Folk

Here is week three of the exclusive information! I’ve been told by the publishers that the book should be ready by the end of this week, but not actually available to buy. It’s not long now, though!

Ilimoskus is the name of an elemental race of beings, which consists of four ilyorz (elements/races). The Humiit-kus are the earth folk!

The Humiit-kus live underground in a network of tunnels and caverns they have created; they frequently venture to the surface, however. They can control the trees (but not uproot them) and nature, and can shatter stone and create immense earthquakes; they even have the ability to turn themselves to stone to protect themselves from immediate damage, yet they cannot move whilst in this state. They cannot be harmed by anything nature/earth related, although fire is their greatest danger.

Their skin is brown, and they have dark green hair and smiifon (skin markings). Their irises can be brown, shades of darker green and grey, and their sclera (the ‘white’ of the eye) is very pale green. Their eyelashes are black and dark green, and their ears are pointed at the lobe and rounded at the top. Their clothes are grey.

The folk of earth are strong and mighty, being the masters of strength, stamina and power; they possess the resilience of stone, yet the tender poise of nature. One would be wise to avoid conflict with them. They are dutiful, orderly, and have such control that it is nigh impossible for them to unknowingly be swept away in a wave of emotions. They are calm and peaceful, enjoying their simple lives of tending to nature, but they are also incredibly mysterious and solitary. They can be unpredictable, so tread with caution, or else the earth will shatter beneath your feet.

Next week: The Aeriikus (air folk).

© Jennifer K. Marsh 2013


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