Into the Deep

Artwork: The Ghost by ~sultan-alghamdi, deviantart

Into the Deep

© Jennifer K. Marsh 2013

In density so profound, crippling fog surrounds you, and the toxic moisture seeps through your cracked skin to corrode the little hope that lies within. Your hope fades, with a void taking its place, and my darkness endlessly expands, slowly, painfully, so with every broken breath you feel my presence. The light from your heart tries with all its remaining strength to fight back my approach, but through the haze plaguing your insides, it cannot win. Your light is dying. You are dying.

I have been waiting there, in your secure forest of bone, where the trees once wrapped their protective branches around your heart as it brightly shone. But with every light must be a shadow. You tried to supress me and lock me away in the forsaken part of your soul, but denial only made me stronger. I thrived in your stagnant dejection, soaking up the venomous vapours to be the shadows’ deathly bitter fragrance, and when I broke free from my confinement, I cracked your bony branches in two, and their spirit wept forevermore. And with every tear, your life washes away, and every colour you once saw gradually turns to grey.

Soon you will see nothing but black, even when your eyes are open, for I now reign your pitiful body. I am your internal poison, and you cannot escape me. I am within you, in your blood, and every weakening pulse shatters your glass arteries and veins. I revel in your pain. You cannot run, nor can you hide, for I am you, and you are me. We are one.

Do not fight the darkness. Come to me. You need not fear, for this is where you belong. This is who you are. Collapse upon the cold ground and let the fog consume you, and the black tree roots will pull you under, into the deep. Buried in a stony past, you will choke and gasp for air as the earth crushes you, and I will drag you even deeper. I will drag you into the night’s inferno where the flames will sear your cracking skin, but you will always know that this is where you were born to be, for you are walking sin.


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"What does your heart tell you?" - ToO, chpt. 32

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