Aeriikus – the Air Folk

Here is week four of the exclusive information! Just a little update on the book’s progress: it should be available to buy on Amazon and such around 1st May-ish. To see the book cover, click here.

Ilimoskus is the name of an elemental race of beings, which consists of four ilyorz (elements/races). The Aeriikus are the air folk!

The Aeriikus live as high up as possible – sometimes on the tops of mountains, but mostly on cumulus clouds, for they possess the ability to be able to do so. When airborne, they are weightless.  They can conjure and control wind, storms and lightning, being completely wind and lightning resistant themselves; they also have an ability which enables them to roar/boom like thunder.

Their skin is a pale, sky blue colour, and they have yellow hair and smiifon (skin markings). Their irises can be yellow or light blue, and the sclera of their eye is white. Their eyelashes are black and yellow. Their ears are awkwardly pointed both at the top and at the lobe – which is said to represent lightning – and their clothes are white.

The folk of air are free and independent, being the masters of stealth, agility, speed and endurance. Freedom is their life, so one would surely face their storm if that was taken from them. Harmony and peace is very important to them, and they will always try their utmost to be fair and gracious to all. They are forgiving and serene, but can be incredibly contrary: one moment they are graceful and quiet, the next they are forceful, loud and disruptive. So, do not underestimate them, as they can be as erratic as the wind!

Next week: The Agwikus (water folk)

© Jennifer K. Marsh 2013


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