Old College Work

So for my English Language work at college, my teachers made me write many different styled pieces – some of which were truly, truly ridiculous. One of these was a magazine interview, which sounds normal enough, but we were supposed to ‘interview’ someone famous from history. Sorry? Interview a dead person? Okay… Well, I wasn’t about to assume how they’d reply to any potential question I may ‘ask’; I did not know them, I do not know them, I never will know them. I thought it was totally stupid. So, instead, I decided to just interview the person I shared my free lesson with that day, who happened to be my friend, Maisie.

I never took my college work seriously… (I was a really bad student, in case you’re wondering).

I finished college a while ago, yet only today did I throw out (recycle) the last of my college work. That was when I came across this magazine interview, and I am now sharing it for Maisie’s reminiscence. Of course, anyone is welcome to read it – it’ll give Maisie 5 minutes of fame! (;

Magazine Interview

Hey, Maisie! Love you! (; 

(Please don’t kill me) ❤


"What does your heart tell you?" - ToO, chpt. 32

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