Agwikus – the Water Folk

Here is week five of the exclusive information! The book has officially been published, but it will take a while for it to appear on Amazon and other such sites. It should be available soon, though.

Ilimoskus is the name of an elemental race of beings, which consists of four ilyorz (elements/races). The Agwikus are the water folk!

The Agwikus live in the sea, dwelling in areas of high foliage. They can summon and control vast amounts of water, creating whirlpools, floods and tsunamis. They are, obviously, extremely able swimmers, having the ability to breathe in and out of water; however, they cannot venture far from water, or else this will be their downfall. Their hands and feet are webbed when in water, yet when they surface, this webbing disappears.

Their skin is blue, and they have light green hair and smiifon (skin markings). Their irises can be shades of blue, green or purple, and they have a very light blue sclera (the ‘white’ of the eye). They have black and dark purple eyelashes. Their ears are rounded at the lobe and pointed at the top, and their clothes are purple – either dark purple or light purple depending on the light.

The folk of water are wise and intelligent, being the masters of all things magical. Beauty surrounds them, for everything they do is tranquil and quiet, and they are almost always composed. They are rather homely, and compared to the other ilyorz, family relations play a more important part in their lives. Although they tend to stay out of the way, being somewhat reserved, they put their heart and soul into all they do and into all of their emotions. So, be warned: the wrath of an angry sea can be great indeed, and nothing can tame it.

Next week (the final week!): The most famous Ilimoskus saying, which links to the kardickt.

© Jennifer K. Marsh 2013


"What does your heart tell you?" - ToO, chpt. 32

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