Ilimoskus Saying

This is the final week of the exclusive information. I am incredibly sorry about the book’s delay; unfortunately, I messed something up and delayed the whole process (((: My bad. I promise it should be available either at the end of this week, or sometime next week.

The most famous Ilimoskus saying is linked to kardicktis.

‘Icktis que yer kard fait ya phyde urma’

(The light from your heart will always guide you)

This is the most famous Ilimoskus saying, and the most important. It is about their kardickt – their heart light – and it means no matter how lost and helpless they may feel, they will always find their way, for their heart’s light is there to lead them down the darkened path. It is a message of great hope and faith, which are two incredibly important values to the Ilimoskus. For as long as their heart glows, they will never be alone.

© Jennifer K. Marsh 2013


"What does your heart tell you?" - ToO, chpt. 32

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