I’m Stressing…

It has not been my week .

  1. The hoover is broken. Those who know me may be aware of my OCD cleaning regime… The fact my hoover has broken is actually making me twitch, like a dying bug, and each passing day with this disturbing lack of cleaning is as though someone’s continually whacking me with a shoe. (Speaking of which, I actually cleaned the carpet with shoes today. What is my life coming to?)
  2. still haven’t received my initial author copy. I had to change something, messing up the printing arrangements, and delayed the whole process. Grr. I just want to get it and get the whole stupid process over with, because it’s doing my head in. I was rather melodramatic the other day, as I went, “I AM NEVER GOING TO GET IT! IT’S BEEN LOST IN THE POST AND IT’S PROBABLY IN CHINA AND SOME POOR SOUL HAS THE MISFORTUNE OF BEHOLDING SUCH RUBBISH!” Positivity at its finest.
  3. There are things I still have to do with regards to Book 1, which is mainly sorting out the free PDFs for my awful website. And, for some reason, it is genuinely taking me forever. I cannot concentrate, I cannot focus; I am, however, a master at procrastination. I’m annoying myself a lot, and that is not good when I’m already stressed out about everything else.
  4. Because of No. 3, I feel under pressure to finish; when (of if) I ever receive my book in the post, it will be available online very shortly afterwards, and that means people can buy it and read it, and THAT means my website should be totally finished and up and running (which it’s not). @*£#*%
  5. And, because of both No. 3 and 4, I am trying to work in peace. That is not something which comes easily in this household of mine. Just on the off chance anybody reading this actually meets me: never talk to me when I’m trying to work. Especially when I have headphones in. And especially especially when I’m already stressed/in a bad mood. Unfortunately, the other household dwellers have not worked this out, and I do try my best to stay calm, but I have really been struggling recently. I wish to lock myself away and never see the light of day, so please kindly let me do so. I am antisocial, and intend to remain that way (for now, at any rate).
  6. Finally, whilst I’m attempting to work with regular disruptions, the computer just breaks on me halfway through at least once a day. Fantastic. That’s just what I need.

I’m kind of reminding my self of Marge Simpson at the moment, specifically during that episode where she gets unbelievably stressed out (though I have no idea what it’s called).

That is me.


"What does your heart tell you?" - ToO, chpt. 32

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