Fresh Blood

I am very fond of my characters, as I am sure most authors are of their own. There are some.. less pleasant, shall we say.. individuals, yet still I hold a fondness for them despite their many flaws. Is that not part of their appeal?

As much as I love most of the characters in my story, as much as I have enjoyed following their journeys, I cannot deny that I am keen to bursting at the thought of fresh blood being pumped into Book 2! There are so many new characters to be introduced. How will they behave? How will they interact with the other, already established characters? I cannot wait to find out! These characters boost the story forward, and I’m sure they will appreciate me telling you that they are all vital. So some characters may be more prominent than others, but I believe it is the very minor characters who are the bricks to the bridge so that the major characters may cross. They are all important, and they all help create the final tale. They know me and I know them: they are friends who are always with me. Which is why I feel so awful whenever I make them endure hardship and heartache… I genuinely feel like the worst person ever. Oh, the guilt!

I write this now purely because I am just about to reach the point of the story where the first new character comes to light. I am very fond of this particular character, I shan’t lie.

Is it sad that I am more fond of my fictional characters than I am of some actual people? Am I mad because I talk about my fictional characters as though they were real? The answer to both of those is NO.

Keep writing, people! Enjoy the journey!


"What does your heart tell you?" - ToO, chpt. 32

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