Are You on the Cliff?

“Of course, I trust you,” he said with an attentive eye.

“Then I fear that your trust for me will be pushed to its limits in the coming days.”

Though this is a snippet from chapter 24 in Times of Old, let us look at it for what it is. Let us strip away the plot and characters who spoke these words, and their reasons for speaking these words in the first place.

What can we see?

We see one declaring his trust in another, whatever – or whoever – that may be. Does declaring his trust thereof mean that he has faith?

The other responds somewhat sombrely. They imply that his trust – faith – will falter soon. Why say such a thing when his declaration seemed so certain, so confident?

Trust is something we do. Faith is something we have. Neither are easy. They both often lead us to the edge of perilous cliffs during a howling storm. So then why do we trust, and why do we have faith? Maybe there is no answer. But imagine where we would end up if we did not have them to lead us. Where would we be? What would become of us?

We all know that our hearts can break when we trust something, or someone. We all know that our faith can be crushed. Such can be the way of life. But we can always hope that never happens…


"What does your heart tell you?" - ToO, chpt. 32

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