Always Count Your Blessings

Accidents happen. This is something we know all too well. The severity of accidents can vary greatly, and we can float through life with the, possibly foolish, delusion that a severe accident will never happen to us. Don’t get me wrong, I’m certain most people know that this is possible – I sure did – but who ever sits down and really thinks about it? Well… on Monday night I had an accident, and it was a pretty severe one at that.

I take it upon myself to always be grateful for what I have, and I have been this way for a long time – long before I had this accident. Every single night, without fail, I used to (and still do) thank God for all that He blesses me with and for all that He has given me. I am grateful. However, it wasn’t until I had this accident that I truly appreciated just how lucky I am. I often said, “I don’t really have any luck”, because I believed I didn’t; I didn’t really have anything lucky happen to me. Although, I vow never to say this again, and if I do, I need to be promptly reminded of my accident. But what, exactly, is luck? Well, according to my dictionary, luck is:

noun 1 good things that happen by chance. 

Okay, well, what happened to me isn’t exactly what I’d call good, but I am lucky in the sense that this chance happening – this accident – was not as severe as it could have been.

So, what was my accident? Well, I shan’t go into details, but it was incredibly traumatic, and I was totally alone when it happened. That isn’t a very lucky circumstance, if you ask me. But, when I was in the hospital sat by the bed with the world swirling in a haze from my concussion, I realised just how fortunate I was/am. My goodness, I counted my blessings that night. The doctor said to me numerous times, “You have been so, so lucky.” Because, if you think about it, if I had been hit a little harder, or if I had been suffered the blow to a slightly different part of my face/head, I could not be here right now. But I have come away from a traumatic incident practically unharmed. Yeah, I have a bruised and swollen face, and yes I have a cracked nose and a messed up jaw, and yes it will take me a good while to be totally back on my feet, but that’s it. How on earth have I managed to come out of such a severe accident so… luckily? I have no idea, but there is clearly someone smiling down on me.

This accident reminded me just how lucky I am. And I am even more grateful than I was before. I am so blessed, and I will live my life reminding myself of that. Count your blessings people, for you have so many, and you never know when a severe accident could take it all away.

But, despite this, I cannot deny that it is a strange feeling… to know just how lucky I am. I am not going to question why this accident happened, I am not going to question why I came out of it so well; I am just going to accept it. Even so, I don’t like to think about it, nor do I like talking about it, but bizarrely, ever since this accident happened I have felt… anew, in some way. It is as though I have literally been knocked into a new sense of being and of mind. Of course, this could just be because I am not quite there in the recovery process, but something’s telling me this will last. I kind of want it to last, anyway. I don’t ever want to be ungrateful. Life is the most precious gift of all, and I am blessed enough to have it still.

I thank you, Lord. You are too good to me.

The greatest blessing of all is knowing You.


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"What does your heart tell you?" - ToO, chpt. 32

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