One Lovely Blog Award

Hey there, everyone.

It would seem I’ve been nominated for an award! That’s certainly something I never thought would happen to me, as I don’t really consider my blog to be of worthwhile content compared to other award winners. I probably shouldn’t say that, but hey: you can’t help how you feel. But, while I’m here, I just want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who takes the time to read any of my posts; it means a lot, and to know there are people out there who enjoy what I write is touching beyond words.

Below are the rules of the One Lovely Blog Award:

1) Thank the one who nominated you.

So, firstly, a huge, heartfelt thank you to Alex at Valourborn for being the one to nominate me! It was very kind of you to think of me/my blog – I’m incredibly grateful! Valourborn is about your inner hero and strength. It’s very special, because, if you think about it, we’re all heroes in our own little way. It’s also very big on fantasy, so, if that’s your thing, I recommend you take a look!

2) Put up the picture for the One Lovely Blog Award.

3) Tell everyone seven things about yourself.

Now, I shan’t lie, this one concerned me a little bit. I’m a reeeaaallllyy private person (and a remarkably boring one at that), so having to tell everyone seven things about myself  is, in fact, quite a difficult thing for me – as ridiculous as that may sound. I’ll try to tell you all seven interesting things about myself… but don’t hold your breath:

  1. So, if anyone ever asks me what my eye colour is, I just say “blue” because it’s easier. However, the truth is, I actually have partial/sectoral heterochromia iridum. My right eye is blue, and my left eye is blue with a patch of hazel which covers about a third of my iris. It’s not really that obvious though – or at least I don’t think so. But maybe that’s because I was born with it and so I’m as used to it as can be!
  2. People ask me this question all the time: “Is your hair natural?” The answer to that is: yes. I have natural ringlet curls. I was born with it. You should have seen my hair when I was a toddler; it was this white blonde mass of springy spirals bouncing on my head. Quite funny, really.
  3. There is nothing I love more than being in the countryside, or simply out walking through any part of nature: woodland, the coast, meadows, the riverside. I will go anywhere, so long as there is no concrete in sight.
  4. I taught myself how to play piano and how to read its sheet music when I was 14.
  5. I am going to learn the harp. I have wanted to learn it for years, though I have limited finances and so cannot afford the luxury of creative outlets that are musical instruments. But recently, the urge I’ve had for the harp is actually painful – everything is compelling me to learn it. It reminds of the feeling I got when the idea for my book came to me. I will get a harp, and I will teach myself as I did with piano. I have found a harp I want, and I am getting if it’s the last thing I do 😉
  6. I am genuinely incapable of expressing my thoughts and feelings orally. Writing – the written word – allows me to say things I would never be able to otherwise. It is my escape and my life. Without it, I don’t know what I would do with myself.
  7. As some of you may know, I am an author – specifically the author of the Ilimoskus trilogy. The Ilimoskus are a fantasy race I created, and they have their own, highly developed, society and language(s). One of my most loved hobbies is writing songs in their language(s), singing them either a capella or with the piano, and I will do this with the harp when I learn it. This is partly why I want to learn the harp, actually: the Ilimoskus do not have a piano-like instrument, however they do have an instrument which resembles a harp. I appreciate that this may sound like an incredibly weird thing to do with my time, but oh well. It’s what I like to do, and I am happy doing it. Though, I don’t just sing in strange languages that no one knows: I also turn some of my poems into tunes, or some tunes into poems. And, as a disclaimer, I seriously do not claim to be a decent musician. I do this all purely for me, and nothing more.

(It’s actually hilarious how long it took me to write those mere seven things)

4) Nominate seven other people and tell them that you’ve nominated them.

  • The Top 10 of Anything and Everything – This blog is so simple, yet so precious! The posts can really make you smile.
  • The River Walk – If you are religious (or curious about religion), this blog is certainly worth a read. It has helped me very much, especially through harder times.
  • Enter the Magic – There are some lovely literary pieces here, and also posts which provoke musing!
  • Matt Stewart – Although Matt is a dear friend of mine, his blog is a nice read about his journey through faith and youth work.
  • Books, Tea & Me – This blog has already received this award, but I like it so I’m nominating it again (not sure if that’s allowed in the rules but… yeah). If you love reading, you must read this blog. You must.
  • The Eye-Dancers – I love this blog so much, I truly do. If you’re a writer, or a reader of fantasy/sci-fi, I highly recommend that you check this blog out.
  • Bailey Boat Cat – This is just… lovely. It really, really is. A true deserver of the Lovely Blog Award! I can’t even describe how charming it is (which is a little bit shameful, given I’m supposed to be a writer).

Thanks again to everyone and anyone! Have a wonderful evening!


10 responses to “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Thank you so, so much for this award but I am afraid I have already been nominated for it and attached it to my website, but I still am very grateful for you choosing me and a little bit honoured to have it again so I will follow the rules and pass it on. I hope this is OK.

  2. Thanks so much for the nomination, and also for the very kind words about The Eye-Dancers! Very much appreciated.:) And also–congratulations on the much-deserved award. You have a great site!–Mike

    • Aha, thanks! It’s certainly something quite unique to do with my time ^^ (mainly because no one else knows the languages!) I’m sure I will write a post about it if … WHEN … I get my harp 😛

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