Beautiful Autumn

‘Beautiful Autumn’, image from Pulsar Ecard

The four seasons are equally as important as one another, for each holds its own beauty, and all are necessary and essential for nature’s cycle.

Autumn is glorious. The tepid sun rays beam down upon us, seeping through the mists to paint them gold, as the morning chill shivers our spines in a strangely refreshing way; and, all the while, we watch the world around us burst into the burnt colours of red, orange and yellow!

The seasons are very significant to the Ilimoskus since they are, of course, deeply entwined with nature itself, and because we are in autumn, I thought I would share with you exactly what autumn means to them. And, in Times of Old, the story is actually set in mid-September, just as autumn is approaching! 

Natcluopa (Autumn)

In the Kurpian language, the word for autumn is natcluopa’ (pronounced: “nat-kloo-pah”).

Autumn is the time of ‘falling nature’. It is the season of undesired change – the beginnings of hardship to come – and is considered to be the most important season for the Ilimoskus. This is because of what it symbolises: like the leaves clinging to their branches, no one wants to fall due to change, yet this is a path within nature, within life, that cannot be avoided; eventually, the leaf must let go, but in doing so it gracefully falls. With a little faith, in fear can be strength and in hardship can be comfort. Autumn is the time to both mentally and physically prepare for winter.

Autumn is said to be the season of the Aeriikus (the air folk) due to the windy weather and stormy conditions that often come with this time in nature’s cycle.


See here for the other seasons:

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7 responses to “Autumn

  1. Autumn is by far my favourite season of all. I love all of the warm things that come with it–the warmth of the colour of the changing leaves, of hot chocolate to ward away the evening chill, and of candles lit in the increasing darkness of the season. I like that it symbolizes the path of change to the Ilimoskus. It can be hard to know that winter will be coming and the world will be dark for a time, but autumn is such a graceful transition. Kind of bittersweet, really. Happy first day of autumn! 🙂

    • It is a very likeable season 🙂 Indeed; the Ilimoskus’ views and beliefs about the seasons represent many situations we face in life (mainly the more trying ones!) I was going to write about autumn being a gentle transition into winter actually, but I didn’t in the end aha.

      Thanks! Right back at you! I hope your autumn has plentiful warm and cosy moments ^^

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