I don’t talk about my writing much. I just don’t. I have nothing to say about it. If people ask me specific questions, of course I will answer them, but never expect me to sit there and talk in any great detail about my inspiration, characters, meanings, etc. But sometimes, I hear someone say a character’s name – or attempt to. It makes me smile. Of course, the Ilimoskus names are strange and different, and I do not expect anyone to pronounce them correctly; the same goes for the language in general, and the Ilimoskus items and places.

So, if you are reading Ilimoskus: Times of Old – or are planning to – please find below a basic guide on the pronunciation of the main Ilimoskus characters within Book 1 specifically. (If you would like to know how to pronounce one word/name in particular and it is not listed below, please comment or email me and I’ll let you know! Although, chances are it will be here)

CAPS represents strong emphasis on that syllable.

Italics represents slight emphasis on that syllable.

All “ah”‘s are pronounced short, as in ‘apple’.

Fii’dezrhu Reotum [or Rhu]

The main, main character! I have a huge soft spot for Fii’dezrhu. He’s such a lovable fool.

fee-DEZ-roo ree-o (as in ‘boat’)-tum [roo]

Nax’pala Arrubii [or Nax]

And where would Fii’dezrhu be without Nax? Oh, Nax. Everybody loves Nax. From all I’ve spoken to, he seems to be the favourite overall character of the story, actually. Is it surprising? Not really. Not with his valiant courage and kindest of hearts.

nacks-PAH-lah ah-roo-bee [nacks] (It’s basically like ‘Max’, but with an ‘n’)

Gnotsu Teeze

Everyone gets this character’s name wrong, and for some reason, it’s the one mispronunciation that slightly annoys me. I’m not sure why. To be fair to people, I totally get why they pronounce as they do, because it looks like it should be pronounced that way. People say, “knot-soo”. That is wrong. It is this:

note (as in ‘notebook’)soo teez (as in the word ‘tease’)

Uron Mareoss

Uron makes me smile, I won’t lie. He can be such a grump.

yer-ron mah-ree-oss

Allo Cheerite

Who is this? The King of Fire! Or, in Ilimoskus terms, the Flamikus Kaidoyrr. A mighty important kus, he is. With this one, just do that English “‘ello, ‘ello, ‘ello!” but change the ‘e’ to an ‘a’. I often find myself going “‘ello, Allo!” when I write a scene with him in (’cause I am clearly too cool, and far too easily amused)

ah-low chee-rite

This might actually be the most straightforward name of them all. It is pronounced exactly how it looks.

Colontri Arrubii

This is Nax’s dad!

ko-lon-tree ah-roo-bee

Wy Groffikk

Wy, Wy, Wy… I love Wy. My mum loves Wy, too. He is quite something.

why (as in the question) groh-fick

So, there we go. I hope this has helped someone, somewhere.

If you would like to check out my recently added Kurpian Language section on the Ilimoskus page, click here. (It’s at the bottom)


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