Tis the Season to Be Jolly

I feel as though I have a lot to cram into this post, so it’s a bit lengthy. Just to warn you!

1) Firstly, I have been horribly miserable this year, and I have had many dark moments from which I thought I would never escape. Not too long ago I met up with two old friends and I told them that this has been the worst year for me since I was 14. I appreciate that won’t mean anything to anyone out there, but basically, when I was 14, I had a bad, bad time. Bad. So bad that I lost myself completely, and one could argue that I am still in the process of ‘finding myself’ again.

I am one of those people who cannot help but pour their heart and soul over what they write, like spilling a full inkwell of emotion all over the page. Earlier this year, I wrote a piece of creative writing and shared it on this blog; I urge you to read it, purely because it’s so… well, perhaps people may deem it unexpected from me, given everything else on my blog. Of course, you don’t have to read it at all, but if you would like to, it is here. That piece of writing is a perfect example of how my current emotions and state of mind lurch to the front of the stage for all the world to see. It is a very dark piece. I read it back every once in a while and cannot even comprehend how foul a mood I must have been in to write it. It is vile to me, yet in its own, twisted little way it is quite moving, for it is real.

2) Secondly, I am the author of a deep fantasy novel called Ilimoskus: Times of Old, which is the first part of what will one day be a trilogy. In fact, while I’m on the subject, if anyone out there is wondering, this is how you pronounce ‘Ilimoskus’:

ih (like the i in ill) – lee – moss – kus (the u being pronounced as the schwa, or “uh”)

So, with that in mind:


Continuing on… The Ilimoskus are the stars of the show, for they are the fantasy race the entire trilogy is about. It is their story. If anyone has read the book, you will appreciate just how much depth I went into when creating them (just like any other fantasy author, I guess): the Ilimoskus have their own society, traditions, beliefs, sayings, items, songs/poems, language, history, and creatures. And when I say language, I mean you could actually have a conversation in their language. And when I say history, I mean a history that goes back so far it isn’t relevant to the storyline in any way. And when I say creatures, I mean I created creatures that belong to their world alone. I’ve done more than that, too, but I can’t tell you or else it will be a massive spoiler for books two and three. We can’t have that 😉

But who are the Ilimoskus? Or, what are they? Keeping it brief, they are beings of the elements: fire (Flamikus), earth (Humiit-kus), air (Aeriikus), and water (Agwikus). They are, essentially, nature itself. And what is their story like? Well, an Amazon reviewer called it ‘Avatar meets Lord of the Rings’, so make of that what you will (Avatar as in the film, just to clarify.) If you would like to know more, I suggest you visit the Ilimoskus page.


Well, putting 1 and together gives me the reason for writing this post. Ilimoskus has been my life for years now, but this past year (the year my book was published) I have been very low. Throughout the latter half of 2013, I have wanted to shred the book I published – inner turmoil like I wanted to murder my own child (makes me think back to this post) – which is no doubt a product of my serious misery for everything this year. However, early this December, something marvellous happened. A sense of hope! I thought about Ilimoskus fondly for the first time in I don’t know how long. It was as though God suddenly tapped me on the shoulder saying, “Hey, why are you so sad? Look at what we have created together!” He called me to look back at the words within the story, for that is where He lies: in the words. So I did.

The Ilimoskus, on the whole,  are a peaceful, kind, harmonious race of beings – sometimes, if I view them from a distant, I believe they seem almost perfect. But nothing is perfect, and that includes the Ilimoskus. However, despite the inevitable flaws in their society and individual personalities,  they are wise. Far wiser than humans. And with this wisdom they speak some wonderful words. God is in those words – or rather, that is my firm belief – and through the wisdom and guidance of these [His] words, my hope has been restored and my heart holds love for my story again. I have missed that love so much.

‘They would miss each other’s company like the sky would miss the sun’s brightening light.’ – Times of Old, chapter 33

That pretty much sums up how I’ve felt without that love for Ilimoskus. And I am sure Ilimoskus has missed me, too, for how else is it supposed to be told?

I wish to share some of these words with you, for they help me greatly, and I can only hope that they may help someone else out there, too. Although most of what I am going to share with you are the words of specific characters, the first two are generic Ilimoskus sayings.


Icktis que yer kard fait ya phyde urma

Or, in English: The light from your heart will always guide you. I’ve already explained this one on my blog before, so if you’d like to know, see here. This saying is hugely important throughout the entire trilogy; one could argue that it is a sub-theme entwined into most aspects of the story, resonating exceptionally well with the characters – especially so when it comes to the duo that is Rhu and Nax.

Kiz orra’ie iaoangxeiro amo hac fa ai pandughtei iaoangxeiru

Yeah, I know, that sentence looks quite scary. Quite a mouthful, too. It translates into English as: With every uphill climb there is a downhill roll. We all face hardships in life, but once we’ve overcome them, how easy things seem! We may sluggishly haul ourselves up a hill, but once we’ve reached the top the only way to continue onwards is by taking the easy route down, right? This saying isn’t actually in the book, but it is an Ilimoskus saying nonetheless.

“It is by change that we know nature is thriving; when the leaves fall from the trees and the flowers die, it is by this change we know that good is ahead, that nature’s cycle will come around once more, and that this time of bleakness must exist so the colours can return again.” – Kaidoyrr Allo, Times of Old

For those who do not know, Kaidoyrr Allo is the King of Fire (‘Kaidoyrr Allo’ being his official title, not his actual name). To me, those words say this: ‘Okay, so we’re going through a hard time, but when we reach the end of it the world will burst with life and love and hope! Good follows bad, just as the merry spring follows the bleakest of winters. It will get better.’

“It is a hard thing to do, to combat the darkness in our minds, but once we do, the world couldn’t be a brighter place.” – Kaarfhey, Times of Old

In the story, this is actually spoken by the character [Kaarfhey] in a memory. Kaarfhey spoke those words to his son, Colontri, who, at the time of the memory, was struggling with emotional darkness. After this memory, Colontri rephrases his father’s words for his own son, Nax, who is also facing emotional darkness:

“If we succeed in the challenging feat of swallowing our fears and embracing the life before us, the darkness in our minds will be overcome by the brightness our achievements bring.” – Colontri, Times of Old

And that is why I love this family – the Arrubii family. Kaarfhey to Colontri to Nax, passing down words of wisdom, words of strength, from father to son. Passing down their deep-rooted courage. Courage that runs in their blood.

“The storms of life can batter and bruise our outsides but never can they harm what lies within.” – Gnotsu, Times of Old

The character Gnotsu holds a deep, mysterious wisdom beyond reckoning. For that reason, I will let you deduce what you will from those words.

And finally, I am going to finish with this:

“Instead of becoming glum by the sun setting at the end of the day, why not rejoice in the light it will bring tomorrow?” – Nax’pala, Times of Old

There is always hope. There is always a reason to smile, even if it is just the fact you have woken to a new day. Those words remind me of some lyrics in an Owl City song, actually:

‘Waking up sad isn’t so bad if you look outside, ’cause all the signs say it’s a new day and you are so alive.’ – Hey Anna

God does not readily allow you to wallow in pity and sorrow; He blinds you with the sunlight and kicks you up the backside until you stand on your feet. Yeah, okay, I’ve been miserable all year, but that’s only because I’ve been walking around with my eyes closed and, somehow, dodged His kicks. But He never gives up on me. He never gives up on anyone. It really is quite amazing how guilty I feel when I’m miserable. Just throwing it out there: I’m truly trying. Regarding everything.


There are, of course, many more words of wisdom from Times of Old that I have not shared, for if I had this post would be stupidly long. And I couldn’t have that. Besides, those particular words are the ones which hold relevance to my current situation. Thanks for reading them, everyone!

I’m going to be away for a bit… so this will be my last post for a little while, I imagine. Life is getting in the way again, and I also have a lot to do. Whereas most people wind down at this time of year and take it easy, I’ll be barging into the new year with all guns blazing. I sense stress, somehow. Anyway, I’ll still be lurking around WordPress, reading and commenting and what have you, but not posting. So, I’m ending my last post of the year on a very hopeful note! Fingers crossed it lasts. However, this means I’m not going to be around for Christmas and New Year, so allow me to share with you a Christmassy photo:


This is my dog. He is Christmas baby, ’cause his birthday is Boxing Day! (26th December). He is totally obsessed with all things Christmas-related, and that really isn’t an exaggeration. Take this photo, for example: I TRY to wrap presents, but because he is so obsessed with wrapping paper, this is the outcome. And he’s not exactly small, so he gets in the way quite badly and makes it a virtually impossible task. I have to shut him out whenever I wrap now, and then I feel bad. On Christmas day when I have a little pile of presents, if I am not careful, I will turn around to find that all my presents are in fact gone and the dog has started to rip them open. You genuinely have to guard them. I should get a shepherd’s crook so I can poke him away. I have to get him his own presents (I’m not even kidding, it’s like having a child) and distract him with those. As annoying as it can be, it is quite funny – but then I would say that, since he’s my dog 😛

Whatever you’re doing this Christmas and New Year, may it be jolly! ‘Tis the season to be, after all 😉 I hope you have a very merry Christmas (: To everyone who follows my blog, likes my posts, comments, supports me, encourages me, and is a wonderful friend: I have a handwritten message for you – ’cause, you know, handwritten things are always more heartfelt (let’s just hope you can read my handwriting!)


© Jennifer K. Marsh 2013


9 responses to “Tis the Season to Be Jolly

  1. Lovely photo of your ‘Christmas Baby’ Jennifer! Take this time out (I will be doing the same before Christmas) and then, as you say, return in 2014 with all guns blazing! I do, however, understand all you share here….

    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and a New Year full of every blessing… Sherri x

    • Hehe, thank you! 😀 He’s a bit of a poser when it comes to photos, so it’s quite easy to get a nice one of him! I’m sorry to hear that you can understand what I’ve shared here, because it’s not nice to feel so hopeless and down :/ Though, when you find hope again, that feeling is invaluable. I sincerely hope misery avoids you these days, and if it doesn’t, I hope it leaves you quickly.

      Thank you very much 🙂 I wish the same for you in equal amounts. Let’s make our 2014 a good one full of optimism and God’s blessings! 🙂

      Have the merriest of Christmases and a wonderful New Year. – Jenny x

  2. Aw, I love those quotes. My favourite is Gnotsu’s. There’s something special about that strength which can burn within you, untouched by all that around it.

    I sincerely wish that the hope you have found may grow within you and restore your peace over the Christmas season. Merry Christmas, and get lots of rest!

    PS: Your dog is so handsome! Such a cutie 😛

    • There certainly is. Good old Gnotsu, eh. Sometimes I wish I could be like him!

      Thank you 🙂 I hope so too. Unfortunately I’m not going to get much rest at all this holiday season :/ In fact, I’d go as far as saying none. I won’t lie, I’m kind of annoyed by this because this is the time of year to STOP and reflect and think and be at peace, and I won’t get the chance to do that 😦 Bloody life. It’s not my friend right now! haha.

      Hehe, thanks! He totally knows that too – he’s such a poser 🙂

      I really hope your Christmas is a lot calmer than mine. Have a wonderful one full of many lovely memories! ^^

      • Haha, yeah, he’s such a great guy 🙂

        Aw, that’s a bummer 😦 Now is certainly the time when my body needs a lot of rest, so I’m sorry to hear it won’t be the same for you. But of course, it helps enormously to have a positive mentality about you. Being miserable and not getting any rest just makes the problem worse, so keep that hope dear to your heart! 🙂

      • Indeed – tell me about it! I wish I could rest :/ But then, I guess I kind of had my little rest in October/November when I was in America, so at least I got one this year! But yes, negativity certainly makes a mountain out of a molehill 😉 so I shall try to keep my hopes up!

  3. Jennifer, I’m glad you found your “light.” I hope 2014 is wonderful for you. There are some years we are anxious for the year to come to an end so we can begin anew in the next. There are new opportunities and “presents” to be opened for you in the coming year with your eager attitude to face 2014 head on. I regret I’m just now finding your blog, but look forward to reading in the future. Have a wonderful New Year!

    • Thank you (: Yes, definitely. I certainly hope 2014 proves to be better for me, but dealing with life is very much eased or hindered depending on the attitude towards it. But entering the new year with a positive attitude is a good start!

      I hope you enjoy what you read here 🙂 Have a wonderful New Year also!

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