Just Listen…

I know I said I was not going to post again until the new year, but this doesn’t really count. I went to a Cathedral Service last night and I simply had to share what we Anglicans experience throughout it. We hear those who are blessed by God with the voices of angels.

I know of and am friends with many people who are not religious, yet still they are moved by the sheer and often haunting beauty of a church choir. How can you not be? The sound speaks to everyone in some way or another. Deep in our hearts it resonates peace and love. The call of God in carols brings mankind together in this festive season, at this most special time.

King’s College, Cambridge, is a world-renowned choir, and they are truly, truly magnificent. This is them singing a carol that was sung at the service I attended last night. I could listen to it forever. Even if you are not religious in any way, I ask you, please, to just listen. You need not even look. Close your eyes and just listen… Listen to the peace and the beauty, and let this carry you warmly into a merry spirit so you have a most wonderful and blessed Christmas with those you dearly love.


"What does your heart tell you?" - ToO, chpt. 32

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