I am sat here in the darkness, alone, and I can hear the church bells chime in the distance, singing in the night. Such a beautiful sound, yet shrill, is it not? The sound echoes in the hollows of my heart, so far away, so far away, so far away. Where are you, Singing Bells? I cannot seem to find you. I can only hear your faint noise calling me, upon the wind. Oh, how you beckon. If only I could find you, for I am lost within this night.

I am sat here in the darkness, alone, and I can see the lights shine in the distance, flickering on the sea. Such a beautiful sight, yet saddening, is it not? The sight dances in the portals of my eyes, so enchanting, so enchanting, so enchanting. How can I reach you, Flickering Light? I cannot seem to get to you. I can only watch your faint colour luring me, upon the waves. Oh, how you beckon. If only I could reach you, for I am trapped within this night.

I am sat here in the darkness, alone, and I can see the stars. How few there are. But each one is a diamond bright, a jewel in the sky, smiling down on every soul who says hello throughout this night. But where is The Moon? Where have you gone? Do not say goodbye. How I would love to see your face right now, dear Moon, and how I would love for your gentle touch to so comfort me, as your beams seep deep beneath my skin and light the way for my heart astray. Where are you? I need you. Come back to me.

I am alone here. It is so very dark.


11 responses to “Alone.

  1. But can we find contentment and comfort through faith in what cannot be touched or seen? The peel of the distant bell not found still reminds of the certainty of the bell. Even the moon is in the sky just beyond the horizon….

    Rest well and know you are not alone – ever.

    Peace, God’s child.

    • That’s the whole point of faith, isn’t it? To believe in what cannot be seen or touched. Your response was very beautiful. I know that to be true, I was just… voicing things.

      Never alone indeed.

      Have a blessed night.

      • Yes! The point of faith, alright, and I believe you know ๐Ÿ™‚

        Your words paint a lovely picture to me of a foggy coast….sounds and light -but shrouded in fog… in California it is Bodega Bay that is like that.

        Thanks. Yes- blessed night to you as well.

      • No worries. We all mis-spell things from time to time!

        Am I walking in the rain? I did the other day, but it was absolutely tipping it down and I got drenched to the bone. Haven’t actually left my home since then. Indoors is too appealing at the moment.

        Hope you’re well, and dancing in the rain

      • Yes! Doing well, thank you.

        Replace ‘dancing’ with ‘humming’ and replace ‘rain’ with ‘cool and dry’!

        I want to play the piano….but, no time today ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. Love the article on alone Miss Jennifer, it’s beautiful…and yet, even when we feel at our most separated, we are still truly connected. Peace, Geo

"What does your heart tell you?" - ToO, chpt. 32

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