‘Flowering Field’, image from Pulsar Ecard

The four seasons are equally as important as one another, for each holds its own beauty, and all are necessary and essential for nature’s cycle.

Spring is such a pretty season. The world comes alive with colour and dance and the sound of nature’s song. You can hear the bees buzzing on the wind and the birds serenading the world, and you can see the flowers emerging from hiding and the lambs springing through fresh green grass, all the while the strengthening sun kisses your face and gives you that much needed warm hug after the trying period of winter, whispering, “I’m back,” as it does so. And when you cast your eyes to the hills, you can see that nature has used them as its canvas, splashing paint across every inch, and the sky above is that gorgeous baby blue.

The seasons are very significant to the Ilimoskus since they are, of course, deeply entwined with nature itself, and because we are in spring, I thought I would share with you exactly what spring means to them.

Natsena (Spring)

In the Kurpian language, the word for spring is ‘natsena’ (pronounced: “nat-seh-nah”)

Spring is the time of ‘blooming nature’. It is the season of rebirth and the time to move forward after the arduous winter period. It is the symbol of patience, hope and determination, for golden times will come to be, yet while they wait, they have the privilege to observe nature’s sweet awakening. In the Ilimoskus world, spring is actually the time of their ‘new year’, if you will, and this is due to what it symbolises: as winter is the time of death, spring is the time of birth, for nature – and the world – is reborn.

Spring is said to be the season of the Humitt-kus (the earth folk) due the growing and blossoming plant life that comes with this time in nature’s cycle.


See here for the other seasons:


– Autumn



2 responses to “Spring

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    This is a lovely post and beautiful photo. I love spring and the newness and hope it brings to people after an especially tedious winter such as the one that’s still hanging on.

    Thank you for sharing! 🙂


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