Digging Up the Past, and Digging a Grave.

I imagine a lot of people read the title of this and thought, ‘Well, how morbid’. It is a little bit morbid, yes, but that is merely an accurate reflection of my life last week – or at least how I felt last week.

Last week was one of those weeks. You know the one I’m talking about. The one you want to write off and pretend never happened; the one that makes you question how your life managed to plummet down into such a pitiful state. Where did it all go wrong? you think. Where indeed.

Okay, last week wasn’t that bad, but I felt that bad. I would like to explain that my title isn’t me saying I dug up the past only to bury it again – it is, in fact, two different situations. Two posts merged into one, I suppose. Both linked to last week, though.

I was in the foulest mood last week, and I don’t know why. I’ve always found that infuriating. When there is no justifiable reason for the venom-spitting bile of a mood, it makes me feel like the worst being ever, for I have always struggled to control my anger, and it comes out most abundantly when I felt the way I had been. I can’t even say “Thank you” without sounding like I’m plotting some devilish murder. I have a dark side, as do we all (I actually have some pyjamas that say ‘Come to the dark side, we have cookies’ – glow in the dark pyjamas, I might add. I am secretly a five year old. But they are cool pyjamas, don’t try to disagree). I was in such a foul mood last week that my own mother asked me if anything hormonal was going on (as in, Am I pregnant?). No, Mother. No. And a male friend of mine also tentatively asked if it was my time of the month. It wasn’t. Just as well he did it via text hey, or else he would have got a death look! As I’m sure the girls reading this will agree, men asking such a question is, quite possibly, one of the most enraging things imaginable.

Being in a foul mood was not – or is not – convenient when working with young children. Let’s just say I wasn’t the merriest teaching assistant last week. I tried so hard not to take anything out on the children, and for the most part I didn’t, apart from the fact I was quite stern regarding everything (sterner than usual, I should say, ’cause I can be a teeny bit firm sometimes..) I had no patience nor tolerance, and it was when I was at my frailest last week that I seriously questioned what the hell I was doing, and thinking I had made a terrible mistake, that I cannot possibly work with children. Who was I kidding? I thought that all along anyway: why didn’t I just listen to myself? As for my cripple knee and being in constant pain, that did not help matters. I went to the doctors on Saturday morning, and it was as pointless as I could have presumed. But back to physiotherapy I go! As I anticipated. I seriously live in physiotherapy at the hospital. I need to save myself a lot of hassle and marry a physio…. Any takers?

I jest, of course. I’m already married.

Mrs. Marsh-Mouse.

…Not really.


But when you’re in such a mood, the smallest things just cause an explosion of rage or tears or whatever emotion it decides to be. The straw that broke the camel’s back, if you will. Such as: a child not being able to decide what pencil to use. This sounds ridiculous, and I didn’t actually go berserk at this child, but I had inner rage, and that is often far worse. Luckily it was near the end of the day and I held it in until I got home, when I then reverted back to being a moody teenager and slamming everything imaginable – WHACK went my water bottle on the work surface, SLAM went the cupboard door, MASSIVE BOOT down the stairs to the dog toys that Kodi forever brings upstairs etc etc. But what happened is we were supposed to being making Mother’s Day cards for Sunday, and I had to take children to do this; I had a little bit of a lack-of-patience moment at the beginning with some boys, for they refused to do it initially (as Stevick Steven knows about 😛 ), but as time went on and I was doing it with different children, I wrote down how to spell a word for one, and then she caught sight of the pencil I was holding.

“Can I use your pencil?” she asked.

*inner rage, greatly suppressed as I opened mouth* “No, this is my pencil. You’ve got a pencil already.”

“But I don’t want to use this pencil.”

*sigh* “Then get another pencil.” …… “That’s a PEN,” I said through gritted teeth, taking it out of her hand and putting it back. “The pencils are here.” *slides pencil pot across the table with clear frustration – maybe not to a child, but certainly to an adult* 

*picks another pencil and starts attempting to write with it*

“That pencil’s blunt.” *takes pencil from her hand and gives her a different one*

“I don’t like this pencil,” she said.

“Just pick a pencil.”

*looks at them all for what felt like an eternity*

*grabs a pencil and smacks it down in front of her* “You’re using this one.”


By the time the school day finished on Friday, I had never felt so relieved in all my life. No children, no noise, no mess, no excessive amounts of knee pain, no silently sitting in the staff room, no standing outside in the cold during break, no having to deal with children telling tales on each other, no having to put on a mask of patience and tolerance, for two whole days. What bliss. My brain was also starting to go walkabout by the end of the week. I know who all the children are, but I kept muddling their names up. I called John Tom and Tom John, and Phoebe Amber and Vestas Dexter and Lenny Vestas, and I even made up names completely, such as Leicester (I mean, what on earth with that one? Was that a merge of Lenny, Dexter and Vestas?) and Michael, when there is no Michael in my class. I need a holiday.

But I’ve also had some run-ins with my laptop. Curse the pesky thing *shakes fist in pure annoyance*. It has not been my friend, at all. I need my laptop for essentially all my work outside of my teaching assistant work (so, writing (if I EVER do it again, bloody hell), and my work regarding my position as an executive director). I need it. Desperately. So when it decides not to work properly… Oh, good heavens. I want to cry for the rest of my life. It is a miracle this is even being written right now. With everything seemingly going against me last week, and me feel the lowest of the low, I thought I couldn’t possibly deal with anymore. Please, life, STOP PUNCHING ME, I thought. Please? Just for a teeny while. I found it hard to smile last week, although, I must admit, I still smile when I walk past the bench Mr. Gazelle-Catley leaped over, as I mentioned in a previous post.


This is the infamous bench – the very one Mr. Catley hurdled.

I ended that week with ducks. Yes, ducks. I love ducks so much, and I have wanted some for soo long. So now I have ducks. YAY for ducks! I smiled to myself as they quacked in the back of the car, their feet pitter-pattering about as they moved – it was easily the highlight of my low week. But that, I’m afraid, is where the highlight ended. That quickly? Unfortunately. I WAS going to ask this lovely world of WordPress what I should name my three little ducks, but I no longer have three to name. I only have two. And this is because my mother’s dog broke through the fence and got one, after only having them for ONE day 😦 I cried about losing that duck. Maybe I cried as I did because, let’s face it, I’ve been pretty emotionally unstable the past week or so, but still, I would have been horribly upset had I been over the moon beforehand. It hadn’t even been named, poor thing 😦 And, may I just take this opportunity to say that MY dog, darling Kodi, is an angel and not, say, a duck-killer.


These are the two remaining ducks – and don’t mind the chicken strutting around in the back. I’m normally fine with naming things, and I’m normally quite funny about people suggesting names to me, but this time I guess I’m a little bit stumped. Nothing is calling out to me. So, if you have any suggestions for my TWO little ducks, feel free to tell me. I should probably mention that they’re girls. I should also probably mention that I often choose weird/stupid names for my animals, and thus, am more inclined to choose stranger names… Such as Peekley and Dawes for my gerbils (there is a story behind that one, actually), and Sheep and Baa, and Juniper and Wibble and Bunny for my rabbits… And my hamster was called Dippy, and my guinea pigs were called Parsley, Thyme and Rosemary… You get the idea.

I should call one Road (they’re Indian Runner ducks).

Or Abbs and Babs.

Or Orange and Sauce (only joking, that’s cruel)

But, on the plus side, this week has been far better for me, and I had such a precious moment at the Easter church service the school attended (CoE school, in case you’re wondering and I didn’t mention it before), I cannot accurately express it. I did start my week the same as last week (i.e. foul), but this moment in church really, truly picked my spirits up, and I’ve been happily pondering over it ever since. Maybe I’ll write a post about it at some point.

But is it not remarkable how the smallest things can change your outlook, and your mood, entirely? And how, because of that, all of a sudden everything in your life that was once a mountain seems only to be a pebble?


So, the duck death was the grave. But what of the past? Well, there was one other highlight to my previous week, but it was so unbelievably fantastic I may have to say it has been the highlight of my entire year so far – and given this is me we’re talking about, it’s likely to be the most fabulous thing throughout my entire year. This post dedicated to me by Old Man / Grandpa / Uncle / Stevick / Steven / Prince of Norway / Nick-lover / how-many-names-does-he-want was just… Honestly, thank you so much for it, you truly made me beam in the middle of my miserable week. And, as my heartfelt thank you, I promise I will write you a poem at some point, Steven. There, I have declared it to the world. I can’t back out of it now 🙂

But anyway, this section is specifically for my SS pals – that is, Steven and Sherri – but, of course, it is open for everyone. We three were talking about drawing on Steven’s post, and how Sherri and I used to draw horses when we were younger. I said I’d dig out some of my old drawings to show them; unfortunately, I was unable to locate the original drawings, but I did find old photos I had taken of a few, so these will have to do. So, the following drawings are ones I did years ago now, because I don’t really draw anymore…


These are cards I drew for Christmas in 2013.. My personal favourite is the far left one, of the family. It took the longest, though. I’ve always been one for old-fashioned, scenic Christmas cards – I hate ones with modern designs or whatever and, heaven forbid, ones that say ‘HAPPY Christmas’


Not much to say here… It’s a horse’s head. A somewhat agitated horse, mind you


If I recall correctly, I drew this yeeaaaarrs ago, when I was 14 or something ?


This drawing has a little story. You may notice some writing in the top left-hand corner. That is because I drew this during a Physics lesson of mine when I was in Year 10 (aged 15), and specifically when we were supposed to be doing a silent test one lesson. Well, I was an awful student, and I didn’t care for this test, so I spent about 20% of my time doing the test, and then 80% of the time drawing on the front of it instead. That drawing was the outcome. I believe my Physics teacher said, when handing back out the tests, “Lovely drawing, Jenny, but this is Physics, not Art.” And I think I got a detention, too..


I drew this one Christmas, years ago now… Observe the SNOW. There’s little I love more (snow, that is)


This drawing reminds me of something (or someone, should I say?), and therefore it has a special place with me. There’s nothing quite like childhood naivety..


25 responses to “Digging Up the Past, and Digging a Grave.

  1. Oh Jenny Jen Jen, I’m only just catching up now and read this. Taking it all in, and there’s a lot here my friend! – and then so surprised, happily, to see your drawings! Wow! They are amazing, I love them all, the girl and the girl leading the horse in the snow particularly. Just wonderful. I am home now and getting back into the swing of things so am inspired to find my drawings now, but pretty sure I won’t find any horse ones. Still, I’ll have a proper look, watch this space! Thanks so much for sharing for us SS pals, ha 🙂

    Oh, I adore ducks and chickens. We had them when I was young and then when my kids were young too. How sad though 😦 We came home once only to find that a fox had attacked and killed all our Aylesbury ducks (but I still love foxes). Did I tell you this before? Sorry if I’m repeating myself! Still, you have the other two, how wonderful! And no, you mustn’t call them mint and sauce. Isn’t that a better name for lambs (oh no, I love lambs…. 😉 )

    I hope you are out of the doldrums now. Maybe working in a school isn’t cut out for you. Maybe you’ll get used to the little horrors, sorry, darlings!!! Seriously though, when all is lost, just think of Mr Gazelle-Catley. Now I can see the bench and I think blimey, he sure can leap, that man!!!

    Big hugs coming your way from me, and even though it is grey outside and raining, here’s to a beautiful twilight to come… 🙂 xx

    • How are you now you’re back home? I hope it was a nice break for you. I can’t draw like that anymore, Sherri!! Haha. Out of practise these days :/ Oh well.

      I think you might have mentioned the duck/chicken thing before. It’s a shame such things happen, but such is the cycle of life. It’s what happens in the country! I’m used to it. I’ve lost so many chickens to foxes. Aha, oh yeah, lamb’s with mint sauce ins’t it?! Again, oh well.

      Nah, I love working in a school really, I just had a seriously bad week. Like, I can’t even tell you. Kinda ridiculous, really. It’s so very rewarding, though, despite any tribulations. I’m still having some moments stalking me, though, such as me smashing an interior window in my house and me breaking the new piece of furniture I got on the very same day I got it -_- Really isn’t my month, is it?

      I KNOW THOUGH! He leaped soo high!! I can’t believe the thought of that still makes me smile. Good old Mr. Gazelle-Catley 😛

      Hugs back, Sherri, hope you’re well. I could use a beautiful twilight at the moment x

  2. Well, I got here, eventually…!

    The ducks look AMAZING. So cute. I am incredibly jealous. How awful for you to lose one that way, though. Thankfully, I’ve never had a fox issue here, with my chickens. As for names, may I pitch in with the following suggestions, if you haven’t already decided: Nick, Cecil, Oscar, Marmite, O’Brien, Krystal, Babs.

    Steven and Stevick aren’t bad names, y’know.

    I had a chicken when I was a boy called Babs! I had funny names for my childhood pets. I called rabbits Rainbow, Trance, and a very early one was ‘Doidwee’. I assume that was how I wanted it spelled. I have no idea, either. I also called my teddy bear Dinner.

    Haha! As said countless times, my Nick post was a complete pleasure. I’m surprised but pleased it had such an effect 🙂 Maybe I’ll dedicate another to you soon 😛 And, I shall await my poetry with relish, knowing the beat-boxer rapper genius that you are.

    These drawings! Where to begin *strokes beard and glances pensively and Hewerishly over them* (we have to coin ‘Hewerish’, for outrageously and comically po-faced and sour) I have seen the cards before, I’m not sure if I commented, though. They are delightful. Seriously, I would have been over the moon to receive a card like that. They envelop all the warmth and spirit that Christmas is meant to have. The sleigh and landscape one is my favourite, I think.

    The horse in the snow is also lovely, as is the girl; great thoughtful expression in that one, and you can tell there is sentiment behind it. Colour me most impressed, Jennifer! You should keep drawing. Did you do any illustration to support Ilimoskus?

    Great stuff!

    P.S. Wow, glow in the dark PJ’s. Though, I’m currently sitting in lime green and blue Cookie Monster jammies. I win, methinks.

    • You are lucky not to have had such a situation befall you. It’s not pleasant. But such is the way sometimes! They are still nameless, I’m afraid! Poor things. I just cannot think. Ahaha, brilliant name suggestions, Steven 😉 I might have to call one Babs, since that was one of the first things that came to my head anyway.

      Haha, a teddy bear called Dinner? That is just fantastic.

      Haha, goodness, more posts? I wouldn’t know what to do with myself, Stevick. You’d best prepare yourself for these poems 😉 (actually, don’t, ’cause you’ll probably end up being horribly disappointed).

      We so have to coin Hewerish! We have got to get that in the dictionary. If ‘selfie’ and ‘twerk’ can be in there, so can Hewerish! What a fabulous word. You’ve seen the cards before? Have you?? Are you sure? I’m pretty certain I’ve not shared that photo before. I feel some kind of pressure talking to you about drawing, since you are a trillion times better than myself. That sleigh card was so much easier to do than all the others, though! Finished it quite quickly.

      After the Christmas cards, the horse in the snow is actually the most recent drawing out of those. I drew that one for my mother. As for the girl, well… I dunno how that one turned out so well, because I’m hopeless at drawing people. I don’t know why I stopped drawing, you know… I think it might be because words took over instead.

      *big sigh* <- specifically to that question about illustrations for Ilimoskus. I have drawn very, very rough pictures for it, but… yeah. I'd love to do proper ones, but I'm a BAD DRAWER. Plus, as I think I've said before, I'm a really sketchy drawer – I don't make it neat and I hate colouring – and I don't think sketchy drawings would work for Ilimoskus. I dunno, maybe I should try a bit harder 😛 On my website, there are some horribly crap drawings of mine that I reluctantly shared, but after talking to a friend and my mother, they were like, 'I think people would love to see the author's sketches' -_- So, up they went.

      Wow. Get you with your amazing pjs 😉

      • Go for Babs! It’s a wonderful name. Babs and Gerald. Or Lester. or Ray. or Getrude. Cynthia. Doreen. Oswald. Archibald.

        I suggested most of the above for my own children, by the way.

        I am SO looking forward to these poems, Jennifer. My hopes are sky-high. I expect to be a teary, quivering wreck after reading them, due to their awesomeness.

        Hmm, I could have sworn I’ve seen that photograph before! Perhaps not… I can’t seem to find it posted anywhere. How strange. Haha, pressure. Now you know how I feel around you whenever I write any new post 😉 Don’t feel pressure. I’m hardly some seasoned critic. My Graphics tutor turned to me, after skimming through my sketches, and, with a Mary Berry-esque scale of devastation, said, “….I think it’s clear, Steven, that drawing is not your strength.” Ouch. He was correct, though. It’s not. So, no pressure necessary.

        That’s interesting, what you say about words ‘taking over’, because it was the opposite for me. I used to write more than I drew, then it swapped around age 17, and I’ve not really looked back. I blame my weekend job at the local paper, really. That was depressing.

        Haha, they were right about people wanting to see the illustrations. It’s great to see the author’s concepts for their own story, rather than a hired illustrator’s interpretation of a brief.

        You are a bad drawer? Bit of oil on your runners, luv…. 😉

        Ha, my PJ’s totally trump anybody elses. Well, anybody else my age. I also have Sonic the Hedgehog and Batman jammies, among others. Yes, I am 7 years old. Still beats slumming around in the dreaded onesie, though. Perish the thought.

      • My, aren’t those name suggestions and a half! Brilliant. Haha, I’m positive you aren’t even joking about suggesting those for your children. I now find myself curious to know what you did call your children. Shall I snatch Archibald for my first-born son?

        I shall try my utmost to inject some emotional awesomeness into these poems. Don’t you worry. Though, I’m not counting on the success of this. I always seem to be immune and blind to any emotion that may lie in my work. I’ll start writing one soon, if my life decides to stop being mean to me.

        Haha, well, that is a lot of pressure for you then, isn’t it 😛 I don’t claim to be decent with words, though, so don’t needlessly panic yourself with every post you write 😉 Ooo, ouch indeed! Whoa. What was that man’s problem? What a moron. He clearly never knew what he was talking about. I have no time for judgemental critics, though. We should all just ignore them.

        Ah, yes, a lousy, weekend newspaper job will ruin the written word for you, sure enough. Ha, it changed for me at 17 too, though. How funny 😛

        I suppose so, but I’m sure an actual illustrator could do the creativity and imagination of it all so much more justice. Boo to my drawings. Do you fancy drawing an Ilimoskus, Steven? 😉

        Haha, ‘anybody else my age’ – nicely slipped in, there. You can get some seriously funky pyjamas, can’t you? I have some with smiley-faced peas on the trousers. I used to get the majority of my PJs from here http://www.chicksrule.co.uk/womens/girls-pj-sets.html < Tempted to get the owl ones. I like owls.

        Also, tempted to get this for any potential baby of mine: http://www.chicksrule.co.uk/only-cry-baby-grow.html

        I also recommend you look at the men's t-shirts on that site. There are some glorious things there, and if I had a man in my life, I would so buy him some of them.

        Anything beats the onesie. ANYTHING. No adult should ever, ever wear one. Ever. It should be outlawed, and the punishment for committing such a crime should be… being shot in the foot.

      • Haha, you would be right not to assume it was a joke! They ended up with rather mundane names in comparison, though – Matthew, Alexander, Stephanie… probably for the best, really. Archibald for your first son sounds good, but what about the other six children? Archibald Marsh-Mouse… imagine.

        Well, life: STOP BEING MEAN. I will look forward to the poems anyway. I am certain I won’t be disappointed, for the sheer gesture will be amazing. Unnecessary, but amazing.

        Haha, my Graphics tutor was a wizard; my biggest role model actually 😛 and, he was right. Drawings weren’t my strength. I don’t mind criticism with substance and delivered in the right tone. When it gets absurd and borders on personal attack, that’s when I start to disapprove.

        Oh, well, I’m not much of an illustrator 😛 you should get one on to do some, though!

        Ruddy hell, these PJs are amazing. AND OH MY GOD, I WANT THIS: http://www.chicksrule.co.uk/snackers-mens-t-shirts.html AND THIS! http://www.chicksrule.co.uk/cool-kittens-mens-t-shirt-9801.html

        Thanks in advance, Jenny dear.

        Ugh, yes, onesies are BAD. I have one, but obviously I will not be seen in it. Ever.

      • Haha, probably for the best indeed! Imagine the bullying an Archibald would to endure in school. Well, unless they went to Eton or something, of course. Good heavens. Archibald Marsh-Mouse. Hahahaha. What an appalling name. I would be a terribly cruel mother to name my child such a thing.

        Not unnecessary at all, dear Steven 😛 I want to do it, since I especially like writing things specifically for someone, or at least with someone in mind. I wrote a poem for someone earlier this year; I might share it on my blog so you can get a taster of what is to come 😉

        Well, if someone tactfully and constructively critiques, and if involved with that subject matter, there is nothing wrong with it at all. Very helpful, in fact! But people who just criticise for the sake of criticising, and have no idea what they’re talking about, need slapping, quite frankly. Who do they think they are, sometimes? Why don’t YOU DO IT then, if it’s so easy, and let’s see how wonderfully you do.

        Ha, well, I would love to get an illustrator, but that involves money I am not desperately inclined to spend 😉 I can be such a tight-arse.

        They are amazing pyjamas, right?! Hahaa, you have GOT to get the one with cats wearing glasses. Fabulous. I am glad you enjoyed browsing through such delightful attire.

        You know where that onesie should be? ON A RAGING FIRE.

      • Just shorten it to Archie. Would be fine. 😉

        I was telling my brother about Andromeda the other day, and he said he would call his daughter that, if he had a child. And you thought I was bad. Andromeda Fisher. Imagine.

        Well, any opportunity for poetry is going to get a thumbs up from me! 🙂 Would be great to read them.

        Yes, people who know nothing about what you’re doing and yet can criticise at length, need a slap round the chops. Otherwise, I’ve little problem with it, though it can be frustrating in design, sometimes.. spending a week doing something they’ve suggested… “Oh, I think I actually preferred it how it was.” *twitch*

        Haha, they are seriously something special. I am so tempted to go and blow some serious cash on just about everything catty on that site.

      • Hahaha, wow. That would be an interesting name choice… Andromeda Fisher. And what would you shorten that to? Pretty lengthy name as it is. So, on Facebook earlier, I saw a page called ‘Overheard in Waitrose’. Oh, it is funny. “Quentin, find a cake I can pass off as homemade for the village fête” is an example of something posted on there. I feel the name Andromeda would pass off quite nicely, there.

        “[Andromeda], behave! Children these days… I blame the au pairs.”

        Reading this page has made me dearly miss the Waitrose in Salisbury, which was actually my closest supermarket when I lived there, and I often walked down to it. Oh, Waitrose, come to West Somerset, would you.

        I am on the case with the poems! I started one the other day. Just busy with life… unfortunately.

        Ha, I think what you mentioned was more annoying customers as opposed to critics! But yes, annoying all the same.

        Save those pennies, Steven! 😉 Drop the hint for people to buy them as presents instead 😛

      • Andromeda Fisher would just be cruel. It might sound nicer with a more pleasant surname, but Fisher? Nope, sorry. We can take solace in the fact that he’s gay, and doesn’t fancy the idea of having children.

        Maybe you could shorten it to Andri, or Drommi 😛 oh my, even worse! “Come here, Drommi.” Oh man.

        Waitrose? Oh Jennifer, you snob. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/twitter/9553232/Twitter-jokers-ruin-Why-I-shop-at-Waitrose…-promotion.html some of those tweets are hilarious.

        What happened to Gateway and Safeway? I am probably showing my age here.

        I am excited for the poems! Seriously, my little knees are a-knocking. 😉

        Hmm, that’s true. Clients do have the ability to criticise without having a clue what they actually want, even, let alone knowing anything about design… It can be hugely frustrating.

        Ha! Good idea. Christmas is coming, after all.

      • Andromeda Marsh sounds just as bad. It sounds a bit like a place name, actually. A spectacular, spew-invested bog, spanning out across the landscape. Ah, no fear in having a little Drommi pottering around your feet any time soon, then 😛

        I know, such a snob. What can I say? I am actually really bad when it comes to shop-bought food, but I approved of Watirose food more so than any other supermarket. I was genuinely quite upset there to find out there wasn’t a Waitrose where I was moving! Hahahaa. oh what am I like. Next time I move, I’ll be sure to hunt down a Waitrose 😉

        Those tweets. Glorious. Ohh, it’s so funny. When I lived in Salisbury, I often went into Waitrose on my way back home, so I was kitted out in boots and jodhpurs walking around the shop. I must have looked like such a bloody middle class so-and-so. Hilarious. I just love the jokes that stem from the middle classes shopping in Waitrose, I really do.

        Gateway turned into Somerfield..? Somerfield was bought buy the Co-operative. That’s what happened to it 😛 My closest supermarket is now a Co-op.. but it is only a small one. I miss the green Waitrose aprons.

  3. Man, sounds like you’ve had a rough time of it :/ Life sucks sometimes, don’t it? But if it doesn’t stop punching you right this instant, then I’m gonna open a can of whoop-arse and MAKE it stop punching you. Seriously. 😛

    But holy cow, that bench is way taller than I thought it’d be! I was thinking something more like this: http://www.custompark.com/_images/products/furnishings/benches/benches-series-b-main-s.jpg

    I’m now even more in awe of Mr. Gazelle-Catley than before.

    Sorry to hear about your poor duck 😦 The others are adorable, though, and I hope you find a suitably strange name for them. I love your other pet names, they’re fantastic!

    And speaking of fantastic, I love your drawings as well! Especially the one on the test 😛 Horses are so hard to draw but yours are so lovely 🙂

    Hopefully things start looking up for you. Keep on laughing, eh? 😀

    • Haha, aw why thank you, Alex! We’ll team up together to give life a good ole thrashing 😉

      Ahaaa, it is such a big bench! I couldn’t believe how he sailed over it. Still can’t! He must be a hurdler in his spare time, it is literally the only explanation.

      I know, poor little duck :/ bless it.

      Thanks! I like the one on the test, too, if only due to the circumstance under which it was drawn 😛 You get better with practise, and given horses are pretty much the only things I drew since a child, I guess it’s only natural I’m kinda okay at drawing them!

      Things are a little better at the moment, I’m pleased to say. Or, at least my mood it better! That makes all the difference. Keep on laughing indeed 🙂

      • Life won’t stand a chance, it really won’t 😉

        Have you decided on names for your ducks yet?

        Haha, yeah–it’s always fun to have a story attached to it. Mhm, I hear ya. I was more a cat drawer myself so I wasn’t half bad at drawing them. Horses confounded me though so kudos to you! 😀

        That’s good (I hope it’s still that way!) and that’s just it–your attitude is everything!

      • Haha, it so wouldn’t! 😉

        I have! They are so wonderfully awful, and all I could think of. Abby and Babby, which I shorten to ‘Abbs’ and ‘Babs’. So, Abbs and Babs won after all. My logic went like this: ‘I really cannot think of any names… Okay, let’s go through the alphabet. A, B…. Aw, dya know what? Abby, Babby. That’ll do.’ So there we go. Riveting stuff, that.

        Aha, well thanks 🙂 I’m rusty these days, though. That’s what happens when you let yourself fall out of practise!

        It is still that way! I had a really good last week, so hoorah! 😀 Determined to stay upbeat.

      • Haha, I’ll tell you what, the one named Babs (short for ‘Babby’, which is short for ‘Babble’) definitely earns her blumin’ namesake!! She does not shut up. She just quacks the place down, and it’s so loud as well. Stupid thing. I’m genuinely surprised the neighbours haven’t complained. In the mornings, or when she sees me, she goes, QQQQUUUAAAACCKKKK WAACCCKKKK WAACCKKKK … SQQQUUUAAAACCKK AACCKK WHHACCCKK. For about 10 minutes. Waddling around the place as she does so. So cute, though! They’re so entertaining.

      • Oh my goodness, that is hilarious! I can only imagine you being followed around by a gabby duck! Animals crack me up, when they’ve got personalities that just burst out so much bigger than their little bodies. The funniest little things they are 🙂

      • Haha, indeed! That’s exactly it, when their personality is bigger than their body. You can have so many wonderful moments with animals 🙂 I’d be lost if I didn’t have any!

  4. Oh darlin, yes, I know what “weeks” you’re talking about. Though there are times when I feel like it seems more closer to months, haha. Hope you’ve gotten yourself out of that funk. *hugs*.

    p.s. those pajamas you mentioned about dark side & cookies rock.

    • Haha, how about years! Those times can seem to drag, but rain always passes eventually.
      Thanks though 🙂 I am pleased to say I am completely out of that little dip now! And it’s such a beautiful relief.

      I hope the sun is shining over you 🙂

      Ha, aren’t they the best?!

      • Years?! Oh my. Ok, maybe one. ^_~ Yes, fortunately the storms pass and are replaced with sunshine and a rainbow. I’m so happy to hear you’re out of that dip now.

        And yes! The sun is shining. Perhaps a bit too much here in California. I’m dreading summer. It’s already 100+ degree weather.

        They are the best. I’ve seen pictures on the internet with that phrase before, but didn’t know they had them in pj form. Adding that to my list of “must haves”!

      • Unfortunately so! I had a bit of a bad time of it for many years. 6, to be precise. But I’m sure the sun is here to stay now ^^

        Aw, I’m glad to hear it 🙂 Not so glad to hear about that heat, though! That would kill me. It’s about 70 here in the UK, and I find that alarming. But then, the UK just doesn’t do heat in any way, and I especially loathe it 😛 I’m a winter one at heart.

        Hehe, I hope you find some! There are some real funky PJs out there.

"What does your heart tell you?" - ToO, chpt. 32

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