Sunshine Award


A while back I was nominated for some blog awards, so I thought it was about time I got around to doing them. In advance, I apologise for the surge of award posts that are to come. Clearly, there are awards bursting from the screen over here… (not really)

In February, Alex at Valourborn nominated me for this award, for which I thank her greatly. It’s funny how an imaginary, totally digital ‘award’ can bring so much glee into a person’s life, is it not? Smiles galore, beaming from a nominee’s face just like the sun this particular award denotes. Okay, maybe I didn’t smile quite that much, but I did smile. Courteously, graciously – all the ways a dignified lady should. Not saying I’m a dignified lady, either. I’m in a strange mood tonight, I might just move on…

Such are the rules of this prestigious award:

1) Use the logo above in the post.
2) Link to whoever nominated you.
3) Write ten pieces of information about yourself.
4) Nominate ten fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogsphere.”
5) Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award.

So, now I have to tell you ten things about myself. Marvellous. Let’s make this interesting:

1) I have a serious, serious hatred for cucumber. I can’t even eat something else it has touched because I insist that I can still taste the cucumber. I’m pretty sure that’s just in my head, but still. HATE. Genuinely makes me wretch. Friends of mine always observe my ridiculously dramatic reaction whenever I happen to see cucumber on a plate, or in a sandwich, and like to say, “How can you NOT like cucumber? It’s basically just water.” Water from a sewer, then.

If anyone out there has read my story, Times of Old, you may appreciate this: How the character Uron is regarding mushrooms is basically how I am with cucumber.

2) I am severely intolerant to alcohol. Of all the things, eh…

3) I am also mildly intolerant to cream and soft cheeses. This proves to be quite the issue when I eat cheesecake, which basically consists of nothing but cream and soft cheese, but I just love it so much I endure the inevitable misery eating it will cause me. This intolerance to soft cheese also means I can’t really eat pizza. Oh, such woe.

4) There is little I dislike more than cooking dinner. For others? Not a problem, don’t mind it at all. For myself? Well, it basically just never happens. I go without most of the time, because I loathe cooking dinner for me alone. I really don’t know why, but there we go. I usually just end up with the classic beans on toast, or if I’m feeling really adventurous, veg and potatoes. I probably have some desperately grave, deep-rooted psychological issue with food, but what can ya do?

5) I’m a vegetarian, and I have been since the age of 11. I remember the moment I turned quite vividly (that sounds quite traumatic, doesn’t it? I TURNED INTO A VEGETARIAN WEREWOLF). I was sat outside in the summer, eating a hot dog, I think it was, and I got half way through it before suddenly stopping, putting it back on the plate and thinking, ‘I’m eating a pig. I don’t want to eat a pig.’ And so, from then on, I have been a vegetarian. I just do not feel comfortable eating an animal, so I don’t. If you can’t accept the reality of what you’re eating (i.e. an animal that has been killed for your consumption), you shouldn’t be eating it, and nor should you be eating meat if you couldn’t kill the animal yourself. Perhaps that one is a bit steep, but still, that’s my opinion. (I’m sensing a bit of a food theme here. Perhaps I should move on from it)

6) I am strangely, yet deeply, fascinated by the Finnish language. Heaven knows why.

7) I am the creator of three languages, which were all created for my wonderfully deep and involved fantasy story 🙂 I don’t just make up languages for the fun of it, although, that said, I do find it fun. I’m just a massive geek for language and etymology, you see. I could tell you ‘I think the silver moonlight is beautiful’ in all three languages. Would you like to see?

Irmqcoy ocabickt vroijirm fa helchir (This is the Ilimoskus’ language, right there 😉  I am practically fluent in this one. Of all the pointless things to be able to do in life, being almost fluent in a made-up language has got to be right up there)

Ormorqa te eljhra otkodenhkt iozvyjidv fa (This language is hideous to pronounce)

Itsikora jolaxe tu lasala ka rasga-en (And this language has foul grammar rules. FOUL.)

8) Linking with the previous fact, I am so obsessed with the moon. I am in love with it. Do you think it’s possible to marry the moon…? Seriously though, the moon makes my heart swell from its beauty and burst from an overload of inspiration and emotion. My favourite poem I’ve ever written is about the moon. Darling Moon. I think you should give it a read, if only for the sole reason I’m actually speaking positively about something I’ve done – that’s a great rarity, I can tell you.

9) I have seven piercings, which people always seem to be mildly surprised about.

10) I am terrified of train tracks beyond all reckoning. I know that sounds utterly ridiculous, but I genuinely am. Not trains, you understand, but train tracks. They are parallel lines of metallic doom. At the train station, I stand as far back as physically possible from the edge of the platform, watching on in horror as foolish individuals recklessly step over the yellow line, toying with death. It means I’m always the last on the train, and always end up with a lousy seat, but… you know. And level crossings? Holy moly. I can’t. I just can’t. I straight out refuse to cross over them, and if I do, I always end up in tears. It’s hilarious really, you’ve got to laugh.

So! There are my ten little pieces of information about myself. Aren’t I just the most fascinating person you’ve ever encountered? Now, onto the nominations:

A View from My Summerhouse

Proverbs Way

Kindness Blog

Ocean of Compassion

The Eye-Dancers

S (nice, short blog name, there)

There and Draft Again

Saint in Training

Concerning Writing

Eagle-eyed folk out there will notice that is actually nine nominations, not ten, but oh well. I’m sure the WordPress Award Police won’t be on my tail. Also, I’m pretty sure most of those have already been nominated, but again, oh well. I’m not really upholding a very enthusiastic attitude here, am I? Apologies.


Just to let followers of my blog know, after the tidal wave of award posts (by which I mean three, including this one), I have decided to stop mindlessly rambling and boring people with posts about my life, and instead focus on far more creative ones. So, in the near future, expect to see more poems, creative writing, and Ilimoskus related posts.


32 responses to “Sunshine Award

  1. Humbled and so very appreciative!!!! Thank you for thinking of!! You just blessed me big today – All the glory, of course, goes to God for the blog. It’s all to show folks His love. You are a doll, thank you!!

  2. Oh Jenny Jen Jen, I do love the way you write! You are amazing, I admire anyone who ‘does’ languages. And then to create your own? You are awesome my friend!

    Many congratulations to you and for all your awards, you deserve them! Thank you so much for the nomination, so lovely of you to think of me. I hope you don’t mind if I don’t participate as in sending on the award having done so before but I promise to do a thank-you post very soon 🙂

    I hope you are having a better day today 🙂

    • Aha, thanks, Sherri P! 🙂

      Well, I wouldn’t say I ‘do’ language as such, just that I am very taken by it. If I could actually study, I would have definitely done English Language or Linguistics. There’s always the Open University, I suppose! 😉

      Creating a language is such fun! You should give it a try sometime 😛 haha. Unlike with writing a novel, I would say to the world give creating a language a go. I actually enjoy creating the languages more than writing the story itself.. Geek alert! But shhh, don’t tell anyone 😉 hush-hush secret.

      It is unforgivable that you are not going to nominate. I joking, of course! 😉 It’s fiiiiine.

      Today has been another hopeless one for me, I’m afraid. I’m having a lovely run of these kind of days at the moment! But never mind. I’ll get over it. I hope you’re okay, being the busy bee writer you are! And I hope inspiration and creativity is buzzing in you.

      • Oh Jenny Jen Jen Jen Jen…..I wish that you would have good days about now. It’s your turn!!!! Isn’t Mr Gazelle-Catley making you laugh anymore? What’s wrong with the man!!!! Tell him to get leaping, right now 😉 (Goodness, I do hope he doesn’t read your blog, can you imagine his face if he read it, haha!! Aren’t we naughty!!)
        Well, no matter what you say, I still think you are absolutely amazing to create a language like that, I really do. You should market it!!
        I’m okay thanks, getting on with my writing (sort of…!) and trying not to faff too much…yeah right 😉
        Blue skies and twilight for you my friend – love & hugs from Sherri P.

      • Haha, it is my turn, isn’t it?! Maybe the train just sailed by my stop. Well, it does make me smile, but we’re on Easter holiday at the moment so I’m not seeing him!! Oh I know, if he reads this I don’t think I’ll be able to look at him ever again. But, it would be hilarious. We’re only messing, Mr. Catley! 😉
        Market a language? I’m not so sure. When Ilimoskus becomes a hit (truly hilarious thought), people will want to learn it like Klingon and Elvish. You just wait, Sherri P 😉 hahaha.

        Yeah, I’m the Queen of faff over here. Everything is such chaos at the moment though, so I cannot cannot cannot sit down to write 😦 😦

        On the plus side (and you’re a fellow woman, you should appreciate this), I’ve been putting up with a wardrobe of clothes that don’t fit me for about a year now, and since I’ve finally got a new wardrobe and chest of drawers, I thought I’d treat myself to clothes that actually fit! (I lost a load of weight, you see). I’m going to clear out all my old clothes and ones that don’t fit (which is 80% of my wardrobe) and buy new ones! A good old girlie shopping spree is on the table, though, I always begrudge spending so much money on such things. But, I think it’ll be worth the money, because having clothes that fit you nicely is such a simple pleasure, isn’t it? Especially since I’ve gone so long using safety pins to keep my skirts up, and having to stab extra holes in my belts for so long!

        It’s the simple things in life, always. Like pretty blue skies and fluffy white clouds 🙂

      • I look forward to saying: “I knew her when….” 🙂

        That’s so wonderful, and congratulations on the weight loss! Nothing to perk us up better than a whole new wardrobe! I would say that’s pretty major! Enjoy and I hope you find lots of lovely new outfits!

        Have a great weekend Jenny Jen Jen…and enjoy those blue skies and fluffy white clouds 🙂

  3. You do deserve all of these awards, Jennifer. Thank you, again. And yes, it is a short blog name isn’t it? 😛 I remember sitting for ages trying to come up with something clever, then just thought ‘stuff it’ and hit the S key. Bish bash bosh.

    You are hilarious. I’m with you on cucumber, and the moon, and level crossings… SEVEN piercings? I’m not with you on that score. I am surprised – blimey.

    Keep on rockin’!

    • Well, I beg to differ about the whole ‘deserving awards’, but I shan’t argue. Haha, well your blog name is more creative than mine! Would you like to know the story behind mine? This blog was SUPPOSED to be my author blog, and thus, my author name would be appropriate.. But, I’m not sure how well I’ve stuck to the whole ‘author’ thing. Oh well.

      Do you hate cucumber too?! Oh my, we just have too much in common. And not a fan of level crossings? They were created by the Devil himself, I feel. Ha, seven piercings indeed! I used to be a bit of a piercing fanatic. Not too long ago I seriously thought about getting an eight piercing, but that urge has died down a little since then. They’re nowhere weird, don’t worry 😉 Most are in my ears.

      I shall rock out with my guitar… Even though I cannot play guitar.

      • Haha. My blog was meant to be all about depression. Ideas change. I just do whatever takes my fancy, now. It’s your blog, do what you like with it.

        I can’t bear cucumber. It brings nothing to the table. It’s pretty pointless, really.

        Level crossings have always kinda scared me – admittedly not so much now, but when I was little, yes. They’re not great. And the idea that people just jump them when the barriers are down and lights flashing… well, that’s just madness.

        Haha, proper punk rocker, then 😉 just pick it up and play. I shall do the same with the triangle. We’ll be on Top of the Pops in no time. Oh wait, that finished about ten years ago. Hmm. Is there a show Top of the Flops? 😉

      • Indeed ideas do change. Yeah, just write about whatever take your fancy. At least then it’ll make you happier, if no one else.

        Ha, yup! Bloody cucumber. Yuck.

        My fear for level crossings has actually got worse as I’ve aged! Oh my goodness, those FOOLS who ignore the barriers. I just… WHAT ARE THEY DOING?!?!?!?! Pure, pure madness. They clearly have a death wish.

        Hahahaha, you tapping on a triangle. That image made me giggle, for some reason.We’ll be so amazing, they’ll bring back Top of the Pops just for us 😉

  4. Ah, Jennifer… congratulations on your award – I don’t do them myself. I like cucumber in small doses – they have to be small as the cucumber likes to remind me just how much I like it over and over again afterwards (if you know what I mean…), and I REALLY like the Moon. One of my favourites. Slightly baffled with regards to the train tracks though, but I’m none to keen on the inside of lifts so can understand where you’re coming from.
    Anyhoo… I’m orf to read your Moon post now…

    • Thanks Tom! Ah, I know, it’s often a dangerous game when we eat food we love. Ha, yeah, the train track thing is incredibly odd, and I have no idea why or how it developed. I have many very irrational fears, though – one of which is lifts! Refuse to use them.

  5. Thank you so much Jennifer for the nomination and the sentiments behind it. Mom and I agreed when we started to have and awards-free site. BUT we love knowing that something we’ve written has touched someone’s heart in a positive way.

    I enjoyed reading through your answers – your written ‘voice’ makes me smile. You still have that beautiful smile I hope! 🙂 Keep writing, keep smiling and please keep visiting. . 😉

    Rebecca and Ma Chris

    • A lot of people don’t do awards, and that’s perfectly fine! But it is still nice to nominate then – and be nominated – to show how much their words are appreciated 🙂

      I certainly try to keep smiling! Some days are easier than others, but that’s all part of the journey 🙂 And I’ll definitely keep stopping by your place 😉

  6. “Water from a sewer then.” I can’t stop laughing. I really can’t. That is a quotable quote right there. I also hate cucumber, so I very much agree XD

    Every time I see any piece of one of your languages I get so excited. I love the way they look! They’re so pretty, and I’d love to actually hear them spoken. Fantasy languages just delight me so much 🙂

    • Hahaha, glad you found it amusing! And glad that you share my hatred for cucumber. I mean, seriously, what does it think it is? I went out for a meal yesterday, and one of the people I was was with had cucumber in his salad. I was thinking… Ugh. Eyeing it up like it was actual contents of a sewer. And then he ate it! Oh, the horror.

      Aw, thanks! They do look curious, I suppose! Maybe I should make a video pronouncing some of the Kurpian language. Would be interesting, if nothing else! This phrasebook, perhaps:

      • I know!! Cucumber seems so pompous, passing itself off as a delicious, high-class food when it actually has no flavour (not a good one anyways) and barely any substance. It really is horrifying, how many people are blind to cucumber’s wily ways.

        I’d certainly watch it–probably multiple times 😛

      • This is quite possibly the best comment I have ever read. That is cucumber in a nutshell!! Or, rather, a stupid green skin thing. Horrifying is indeed the only word for it. We must expose cucumber as the deceiver it is!

        Ha, well maybe for you, Alex, I just might do it 😉

      • Haha yes, it must be exposed and the world must be warned! I really don’t know how cucumbers and pickles can be the same thing… Pickles are delicious, but cucumbers? They can’t even be related. That’s impossible.

        Aw, just for me! I would be honoured 😛

      • Hahaa, well shows how much I know, I didn’t even realise pickles are cucumbers were the same thing!! (I am not a food-buff.) I don’t like pickles, though, so I can’t say I’m surprised to find out they’re the same thing. Though I’m afraid nothing is as evil as the cucumber.

        Heh, well maybe one day I will! If I work out how to do it effectively and such… Hmmm… I’m not keen on the idea of talking to a camera, though. Would be a total laugh – it’s a good thing I don’t take myself too seriously 😉

      • I think if they held annual awards, like music and television awards, cucumbers would definitely win as the most evil thing out there. And they would be proud.

        Haha well then it could prove some fun! 😛

      • Hahaha, I’ve just got cucumber on my mind as criminal masterminds now, with glaring, shifty little eyes, menacingly lurking in the shadows conjuring their next devilish plan.

        I am never going to look at cucumbers in the same way in supermarkets again.

      • That’s exactly what they are, yes!! Criminal masterminds… one was hiding in my sub, when I volunteered with elementary school cross country and they catered in. I thought of you and was quite sad 😦

        Haha now we’re just going to picture them like little masked villains… their true forms.

      • My goodness, quite the tragedy 😦 I hate it when that happens. In fact, whenever I buy anything with salad in, I’m always opening up to make sure those crafty cucumbers aren’t lurking inside. And if they are, I promptly fling them away.

        Hahaha, cheers, Alex! 😉 I’m never ever going to be able to look at cucumbers without thinking this again. In fact, whenever I’m in the supermarket and I see the cucumbers, I just smile to myself. I hope no one sees 😐

      • Hehe I could only imagine you sitting in some sort of serious, sombre setting, sneakily flinging slices of cucumber all over the place XD

        Ah well, they’ll probably just think you really love your cucumbers ;D

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