Time Flies

Times Flies

© Jennifer K. Marsh 2014

Hey, my little olden friend,

tell me what it’s like to fly

through the eyes of times gone by!

Did you grow visionary wings

so you could soar over everything?

Is your heart a silver key

that unlocks sight to secret dreams?

Hey, my little olden friend,

know that soon it will be the end!

But you know, deep down inside,

that this is not the last goodbye.

One, two, three: rise and shine!

You’ll be here for all of time,

right up there in my sky.

In my sights.

For you are His,

yet also mine.


I suddenly realised the other day that I have been working on the Ilimoskus story since 2011. I mean, I’ve obviously always known that, but it only just hit me. 2011. Time is a funny old thing. This story has been such an unchanging constant in my life that it has made time fly by – ZOOOOMMMM! – to the right here right now; but then, at the same time, it has plodded on right alongside me, taking in every slow little development and savouring it for the precious thing it is.

It’s been a year since my debut novel, the first part of the Ilimoskus trilogy – TIMES OF OLD – was published. It has the capability to fly all over the world if it so wished, but, for now, it is quite happy to inconspicuously hover in the British and North American skies (that may have sounded a little presumptuous, but I didn’t mean it like that at all).

After all, because it is mine, only I can shove it off the edge of the cliff so it can make use of its God-given wings. I’m clearly not very good at shoving. But maybe my little olden friend and I can unlock something instead… Something, something…


My own personal drawing of the Ilimoskus themselves (left to right: fire, air, water, earth)

We Ilimoskus, we elemental folk, are peaceful beings, unknown to the likes of you humans. We were, that is. Before, you could not see us; before, you could not hear us. We were nothing more than the crackle of fire, the gushing of water, the whisper of wind and the rustling of leaves – always there, but never truly acknowledged.

– Times of Old, Prologue

Maybe we can unlock a heart to see something that was not there before.

Jun daiamel, zhouujostlebako!

What a year it has been.

What a journey!

And what more times are to come?

We will find out. Together.


Technically, there is now a second edition of Ilimoskus: Times of Old, although this is not actually stated in the book itself. Even so, if you have a copy of the book from April 2013 – March 2014, you’ve so got a first edition 😉

And here is an update about the online magazine I work for, Pie, if anyone’s interested. It’s having a bit of an overhaul!


13 responses to “Time Flies

  1. When I just now awoke, the first thought that came to me was:

    “where has all the time gone?”

    It is all wrapped up in the past for me to visit whenever I want. It is nice to look forward and know that with God in heaven, we are not memories, we are a part of all things. hugs my friend.

  2. Oh how time flies…just wait to you get to my age, haha!! Love your soulful poem Jenny Jen Jen. It’s great sharing poems like this, our hearts.
    Time to get your book ‘out there’ my friend! Great to see you writing about it…
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend…love & hugs Sherri P 🙂

    • Aha, I’ve heard it seems to go faster as you get older! 😉 Honestly though, I think it is all merely a matter of perspective. Yes, sometimes life can zoom by, if you want to focus only on that, but it does in fact go rather slow and steady. Modern society’s obsession with everything having to be immediate does not help us see that slow nature of time, though – or at least makes it rather difficult.

      I’m not sure my book is ever going to get ‘out there’, actually! Hand on my heart, I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to shove it like it needs to be. But that’s okay, because as I said: we can unlock small things instead, and that will be just as wonderful. Definitely had an attitude shift regarding it all, though! A very good thing.

      Hope you’re well, Sherri! Take care 🙂

  3. Have I really been away from here this long? Oh, how time flies.

    Ahahaha, how appropriate…

    Love the poem! And what interesting drawings they are. They certainly look like an interesting set of characters, with nice little details in them. I am particularly fond of Water’s seaweed hair.

    • Back to your usual old jokes, eh Stevick 😉

      Cheers bub! Interesting? They are amazing, I think you’ll find 😉 Am I allowed to say that, as the creator? Of course, undeniably biased. Aha, Water’s hair is pretty funky, right? The detail in the Ilimoskus race is something I don’t take lightly. I just wish I was a better drawer so I could do them more justice! :/

      • I think ‘old’ is being generous. Even Brucie wouldn’t touch my gags.

        It is some funky hair indeed. Did you use yours as inspiration? 😉 Better? They are perfect for the story! Very charming.

      • Aha, oh well I think your being a smidgey bit harsh about yourself 😉

        Ha, well actually, the earth folk have hair closer to mine. How would you know if they’re perfect for the story? Have you read it? 😉 Charming maybe isn’t the word I would use for the story itself… Perhaps the Ilimoskus alone are charming. Meh. Maybe it does work, then.

"What does your heart tell you?" - ToO, chpt. 32

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