Eternal Thread

This poem/piece of creating writing was inspired by a particular man – James Radcliffe, to be specific 😉 He is a beautiful person, and he creates equally beautiful music, so I think everyone should visit his blog and check it out.

Pretty much everything in this poem is taken from things we have said to each other, including the title, Eternal Thread. One day I happened to say the words ‘eternal thread’, and he said that would be a great title for something, to which I replied by saying that I would write a poem about it someday.

He said that if I did write this poem, he wants co-creator credit (that sounds quite demanding, but I can assure you it wasn’t like that). I guess it kind of is his poem too, though, for without him I never would have written it, for I never would have known his words. Maybe, then, it is entirely his poem, and not mine at all. Co-creator credit is all very well, but I personally think that this should be a gift. Therefore, this poem is for you, James, and not by you. But either way, this is yours, in every sense.

Yet although this poem is one of things James and I have said to each other, I wanted to make it something more. I wanted to make it something anyone could read and let it mean something personal to them. Hopefully I have done that. That said, there is one thing in particular which speaks out to me in this poem and which came to my mind when I wrote it, but my lips are sealed, for I do not want to influence your path of imagination. Though, I shall give you a clue: if you regularly talk to me via this blog or email or what have you, this poem is kind of for you, too.

I like writing things for other people. Maybe, if you so inspire me, I will write a poem for you one day 😉 I also like to make the vast majority of my poems link… What I mean by this is that if you put my poems together they tell one continuous poem – or story, as I prefer to think of it. So, this poem may be for James, but I also wrote it in such a way that it could be added to my collection of storytelling poems. And for all these reasons, it is a creation I hold dear to my heart. 

James has already seen this poem, for I sent it to him when I finished it way back in January or February (whenever it was), but now I feel it is time to share it with you all…

I hope you enjoy!


Eternal Thread

© Jennifer K. Marsh 2014

(and James Radcliffe, if he so desires to be co-creator 😉 )

Shall I stay here on the shore, that one you mentioned once before? Shall I sit there and stare far away beyond the ocean’s distant waves? Often I wonder what lies between the blues of the sky high above and the sea’s navy hues, but then in a whisper upon the gentle breeze someone told me, “It is home to golden dreams.”

Where are you now, my friend? Are you there at the other end, over the horizon where the sun ascends? Are you there by another tide where the land and sea joins on a beautiful shore where happiness resides? Is the sun awake and sending you to sleep beneath its rays that beam so far, or is the moon the ruler now, making you arise within the night so you can sing beneath the stars?

Shall I stay here on the shore, that one you mentioned once before, and make a thread out of everything we’ve ever said? Shall I make it go on forever and let the world smile at this eternal endeavour? I know this thread will reveal our rapport, and I know you are waiting for it on your shore, so when I am done shall I throw this thread into the air to let the wind carry it there? And do you think, as it travels beyond the horizon, that those dreams in the sky will shed their light and paint it gold to make it the most beautiful thing we’ve ever laid our eyes on? But don’t you worry, for I want you to know: I will hold onto my end so very tight and never let it go. When this thread reaches you, will you grab onto your end too? I hope you do.

For then I would hear you and your whispers sweet, always, and perhaps in time your words may sway my disheartened mind to forever feel that golden light found within us all, for I once said that golden light comes only from the sun, and that if a soul may know this light, mine is not the one. Yet still I ponder, perhaps needlessly, how strange it seems that you spoke of such a light when once, long ago, I wrote of this very thing:

“I can see you with your thread, stitching every word that’s said … Sometimes I wish I could be there with you, to see the world as you do … But maybe you have painted a trail of golden light for me to follow.”

How did you know such thoughts of mine when all I did was voice the sky? Do you think it could be the eternal thread was one step ahead and formed itself on all unsaid? Do you think the golden light could be this very thread? Do you wonder whether those dreams in the sky waited for this time so as to bring all sense of this into the benign? A thought so pretty, wouldn’t you agree? Though this all makes little sense to me… But since when did life live rationally?

You know how inclined I am to I sigh! You know I do it all the time, and I know that you hear me. Yet how I hope this thread may turn my laments into the sky’s own melody, and if such grief befalls you so that you fall to lament too, maybe yours can be the sea’s own chime that sings the world its lullabies. For though I am here, and you are there, this thread can take us anywhere, and thus a smile will not be far behind whenever we gaze beyond the sky and cast our eyes to the horizon. Is it not such a beautiful prospect?

My friend, I will stay here on the shore, that one you mentioned once before. I will sit there and stare far away beyond the ocean’s distant waves. I will always wonder what lies between the blues of the sky high above and the sea’s navy hues, but then in a whisper upon the gentle breeze you will reassure me:

“All you see is all it seems: it is home to golden dreams. Do not doubt while on the shore; have faith in all you feel, for how else do you suppose your feelings to be real? Golden light is everywhere, in the skyscape as sunsets flare and in our dreams that beckoningly call. But, perhaps, most importantly, it is there within us all.”


Dear friend on another shore,

Thank you for our eternal thread.

Love to you, always.



38 responses to “Eternal Thread

  1. I love this very much.
    It is exceedingly, tremendously precious to me.
    And I love you too my dear, dear friend. You have done me a great honour.
    The credit for this is all yours, and you deserve it.
    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

      • *respectfully bows*.
        I am in the midst of finishing a blog to post today or tomorrow. If it’s OK with you I am going to include a link to this at the bottom.
        I am very happy to know you.
        – J x

      • That’s fine by me. This poem praises you and your words anyway, so it seems only fitting ^^

        I have a favourite line in this poem:
        ‘…for I once said that golden light comes only from the sun, and that if a soul may know this light, mine is not the one.’
        And that is my favourite line because your words of golden light really resonate with me, and you ARE a golden light.


  2. Oh my dear Jenny Jen Jen…this poem absolutely blew me away, it is the most beautiful ‘eternal thread’ of words weaved together, words written for your friend, shining upon his heart. For me, I think of a ‘golden shore’ close to my heart when I read this and I am in awe of the way you have written this and how you write of the blue sky and of a golden light, which surely shines from your very soul…bless you sweet lady…thank you…

    • Oh Sherri, so sorry to hear you’ve been put in spam prison yet again!! Thank you for letting me know so I could rectify this issue ^^

      Such very kind words there, dear Sherri P – thank you! A golden shore is a beautiful image 🙂 Do you remember my post ‘Think of the Sky’, where I talk of how much I love the sky as imagery and meaning and everything? It makes me happy to hear the sky (i.e. blue skies and golden light) has touched you.

      If golden light shines from my soul, it most certainly shines from yours, too.. x

      • I know…what is it with me and prison???? Following in my dad’s footsteps, haha!
        Thanks so much for setting me free 🙂 Set me free, oh set me free…oh no, I’ve got that song on my brain now… 😉
        I do remember your post Jenny Jen Jen and I love how you write and how much you love the glorious light of God’s creation around you. Bless you dear friend 🙂 xx

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    • What good things are you referring to, exactly?
      My day was fine, thank you, despite having to scoop a Year 1’s poo out from the swimming pool…… Welcome to my life.

      Anyway, keep shining ^^


  4. Beautiful poetry. I found this via James’ post and now have discovered your book and purchased it on Amazon and am now reading it on my iPad. I haven’t read a good fantasy novel in quite some time and am looking forward to enjoying Ilimoskus!
    You have to love the world of bloggers! Sharing across the miles…
    Greetings from Hong Kong – glad I found you and your writing!

    • Oh wow, thank you ever so much! Words cannot express how lovely it is to hear that someone so far away is reading your work. Indeed, the world of bloggers is a blessing when it comes to this! It’s such an open and friendly community ^^
      I sincerely hope you enjoy Ilimoskus!
      Thank you again, and thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Take care!

  5. Honestly, This poem made me speechless hopefully one day I’ll be able to write as beautifully as you, I am absolutely moved my heart tells me that this will stick with me for quite a while.

    • I am very touched that you should say so – thank you very much! I am certain you could write a piece of beauty, for anyone who can call something, or someone, beautiful clearly has it in themselves, too ^^

  6. Reblogged this on Musing With The Moon and commented:
    My word! What a beautiful piece. I have read poems, and stories and what could be called ‘epics’ and ‘odes’, but this is the first time I have read something of this nature, particularly in terms of format. However the author calls it a poem, so that is what we shall say it is. 🙂

    In the beginning I was a little taken aback because even though this was said to be a poem, it looked like a story. I have read attempts to write poems such as this that didn’t quite work out. But this attempt has worked marvelously! I love how it is beautiful and abstract, while being cohesive enough in its imagery, meanings and rhythms such that you also come away with a very concrete sense of meaning. Nicely done. In that sense its length indeed does it credit.

    My two favourite things about this piece are its message as well as the excellent manipulation of language, sound, rhythm, rhyme and pace – you can just lose yourself in the language and so seamlessly float along its nuances without even trying. Okay that might have sounded bizarre, but give it a chance and try.

    I’m reblogging this because I feel this is rare and I don’t want to lose it. 😀 Enjoyyy~

  7. Be encouraged! It is exciting to think that this poem is not your best; and that the best is yet to come. Happy weaver using golden threads, please continue to stich and make for us sweet aprons, blankets, and cozy sweaters of embrace. Thank you for healing hidden in the line.

    Washington, DC

  8. I have trouble concentrating because of my PTSD, but I found this poem through James Radcliff’s post and his 7 reasons why to read. I would read every chance I could get except I cannot concentrate for long periods of time. But, I have been encouraged by James, so when I went to read your poem I put my best mind on and read through your poem with my heart pounding. I’ve never read a poem as beautiful as that. I admit I am not a poem reader, but after reading this I want to get your book. Be inspired and keep writing. I love it!

    • Wow, reading this is so touching. I am indeed touched beyond words that you made the effort to read my poem considering the difficulties you have concentrating on reading. I think it’s wonderful that James has encouraged you to keep trying with it, though – how fantastic! 🙂 He is a beautiful person.
      Again, I am so touched that you should want to read my book, and your comment has come at a very significant time for me, as I have been feeling incredibly hopeless with it all recently. But, comments like yours give me that small boost of hope I so desperately need. So, I thank you dearly for that.

      Take care of yourself, and thank you again! May golden light be upon you.

      • I plan to buy a copy of your book for my mom, I know she will love it! I’m glad I was helpful, it is good that we can encourage each other:) May golden light be upon you also!

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