Liebster Award: Round 2


A couple of months back, I was nominated for the Liebster Award, but I have been nominated for it twice since then. Once by moodsaplenty Steven, and the other by Kayla at Concerning Writing. Now, I said to Steven (who nominated me first) that since I’ve already done a Liebster Award post, I would just answer his questions instead and make a post out of that. And then Kayla nominated me, so I thought I’d combine the two. It would only make sense. I would actually nominate people again… apart from everyone I follow has more followers than the rules dictate, and those followers I have who don’t, I nominated last time. So. Here’s a boring post of me merely answering a load of Liebster questions! 😉

I would just like to say a big thank you to Steven and Kayla for nominating me in the first place. It’s always so lovely to know someone’s thought about you/your blog, even if it is all virtual. It is indeed the thought that counts 🙂


Steven’s Qs:

Q1: So, when and why did you start blogging?

I started blogging at the very end of January 2013 because I was getting a book published later on in the year. I had been working on this book since 2011, and I had virtually told no one about it, so I thought… ‘I should really probably tell people about this now.’ And when I say no one, I really mean that: my parents knew… and I think it was one friend, possibly two. Needless to say, when I suddenly started announcing to people that I was getting a book published – you know, as you do – there was a bit of a shocked/confused reaction, as you can probably imagine. I was questioned endlessly as to how I stayed so unbelievably quiet about it all, but to be honest, it’s not that surprising at all because I don’t talk about anything. I was going to use this blog as a promotion site for this book of mine… That hasn’t really panned out too well, as I cannot self-promote to save my life… (:

Q2: What is your wildest dream?

Okay, this is going to sound so incredibly depressing, but I’ve never really had a… dream – especially ‘wild’ ones. I’m a bit of a wanderer… Always have been. I dream for a better world, I suppose – one that is kind and compassionate to everyone and everything. That can seem quite wild in this day and age (note my acerbity).

I have what I like to refer to as a mini-dream, purely because it’s not very adventurous, it’s just something I would love to do. I dream of decorating my house whereby each room represents a different aspect of nature. For example, the bathroom would be underwater, and the living room would be autumnal, and my bedroom would be a forest, and my study would be like a holly berry amid a winter wood… ^^

Q3: When you were growing up, what did you always want to be? Did it pan out…?

As mentioned in my post where I ramble endlessly about my love for Darwin, I wanted to be a doctor as a child. But things cocked up and that dream (the only ‘dream’ I’ve ever had) went out the window.

Also, when I was a child, one day I was walking down the road with my mother, holding her hand, and I suddenly blurted this out: “I want to be a millionaire when I grow up, because then I could give all my money away to people who need it.” Hand on my heart, that is a true story. Ask my mother if you don’t believe me. But again, this has not panned out. Yet. 😉 Ha.

 Q4: What makes up your ideal ‘me’ time/day off?

A day when I have awoken early – ‘cause I’m an early birdy – and I can go out for a long walk and come back and be creatively productive.

Q5: You can have anybody, living or dead, over for dinner. Who would that lucky someone be?

I have two people I love and respect greatly, more than anyone else. Can I break the rules here and invite two? Firstly, Charles Darwin. Secondly, Tolkien. Whenever my mother is asked this question, she always says Jesus and/or Buddha. I should probably say Jesus myself, but I never do with this kind of question because I can’t really see the Son of God sat at a formal dinner table with a napkin on his lap… I just feel that is inherently wrong, somehow. Do you not think?

Q6: Are you a city-dweller, or are you a rural, country soul?

A rural, country soul, without question. Oh, how I dislike cities.

Q7: Do you prefer a dark, cosy winter’s night, or long, hot summer evening?

Always a dark, cosy winter’s night. Always. Winter’s my season! I abhor summer, quite frankly. I truly do appreciate it, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Q8: What is your favourite word?

Only one? I can’t pick only one, I’m afraid.

Twilight. Evergreen. Horizon. Celestial. Shore. Noticing a trend?

I have a few favourite Kurpian words… One of which is datekarayn, purely because of its meaning. There is no equivalent word for its meaning in English, but it is the word for a lost heart yearning something it does not understand, or does not know. An empty longing. A lost soul. A wanderer. (Fun fact: It is one of the very few Kurpian words which can be used as a noun, a verb and an adjective ;)) I also love the Kurpian words littueniina [‘evergreen’], uelaniiteda [‘celestial/divine’] and eluen [‘peace’] because they are so beautiful to say.

(If you are sat thinking, ‘What on Earth is Kurpian?’, it is simply the language of the Ilimoskus which I created)

 Q9: Cats, or dogs?

Ahhhhh, this is a tough one! I love both, for different reasons :/ I’d always want both a cat and a dog… Cats are hilarious, but you certainly get a lot more from a dog… I’d probably have to go with dogs, though.

 Q10: What is the best joke you know?

My life.

Seriously though, I don’t actually know any jokes… At all. Or at least I’ve forgotten them all at this precise moment. I’m not a joke person though, soo…

Kayla’s Qs:

Q1) What was the last movie you watched?

X-Men: Days of Future Past. Disregarding the few rather large plot holes, it was a blumin’ brilliant film in itself. I have never in my life seen such a hopeless film as this one, as in the protagonists losing pretty much all the way through. It was a great change!

Q2) What was the strangest thing you ever found left in a library book?

Shamefully, I only take books out the library once in a blue moon… But even when I took books out a fair bit at college and such, I don’t remember seeing anything strange. Probably just some crude pencil drawing on someone’s face, no doubt.

Q3) What is your favourite fiction genre to write in?

It’s gotta be fantasy, for it is the King (or Queen, whichever) of freedom and imagination! I am also very inclined to write in dark fantasy sub-genres. Dark indeed… Like, to the extent where someone might question whether I actually wrote it, given all my other creative work I’ve shared with the world. I have written a reasonable amount of grim things which are not in the light of day… Yet…

Q4) Do you prefer reading books or listening to them?

Gaaaahhhh. I have never in my life listened to an audiobook, but I always debate whether I should! I am such an auditory person, you see, so I can imagine I would do very well with one. The only reason I haven’t as of yet is because nothing beats actually holding a book…

Q5) What is your least favourite food?

Ugh, CUCUMBER. Bloody cucumber *shudders*. Evil plotters against the world, they are. Right, Alex? 😉

Q6) When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I never decided, it just kind of… happened. I truly did stumble into it. I will say, though, that I properly realised my true love for writing when I was fifteen, despite the fact I had been writing since childhood.

Q7) What prompted you to start your blog?

It is here I refer you to Question 1 of Steven’s *points up* ^

Q8) Are you a night person or a morning person?

Although I love the night-time so much more than the day, I am actually a morning person. Early birdy!

Q9) What toppings do you like on your pizza?

Ha. Firstly, I’m a vegetarian, which narrows my options a sizeable amount; secondly – and more importantly – I am intolerant to soft cheeses. Both these factors prove to be quite the issue when pizza-eating. I usually just go for margarita and then peel all the cheese off, which basically means it’s pointless me eating pizza, so, unsurprisingly, I don’t really eat pizza. Besides that, I go for vegetable topped ones ‘cause they often have a lot less cheese…

Q10) If you could rewrite any book, which book would it be and why?

Probably Pride and Prejudice, because I could make it far more interesting by writing our dear Elizabeth Bennet being trampled by Mr. Darcy’s wayward horse or something. Y’know, spice it up a bit.

Q11) What colour are your bedroom walls? What colour would you like them to be?

Ugh, good grief. Don’t even get me started on my bedroom. The walls are currently WHITE! *hisses and recoils*. I. Loathe. White. Walls. And the carpet is CREAM! *wails and melts into a puddle like the Wicked Witch of the West*. Every time I’m my bedroom, I think, “Ugh, look at those vile walls. They are literally the worst walls in the history of walldom. And this carpet is the ugliest thing I have ever seen in my life.” It is a slight issue. I mentioned in Steven’s questions that I want to decorate my bedroom as a forest, and although, sadly, I cannot do that properly in this house, I am planning on doing a token-gesture forest, and my walls will, at some point, have dark brown, woody wallpaper on the bottom and then a shade of green at the top. That is the plan.


Kayla’s Liebster Award had slightly different rules to usual, whereby you had to answer 11 questions and not 10, and you were also supposed to give 11 facts about yourself. But I’m not going to bother with that. I can’t be boring people now, can I – I’ve gone on enough already! 😉


45 responses to “Liebster Award: Round 2

  1. Goodness, I’d forgotten all about these questions I set you. It seems like a lifetime ago now.

    “I want to be a millionaire when I grow up, because then I could give all my money away to people who need it.” – Aw, I wouldn’t dispute that coming from you for a second. That’s SO Jennifer. How adorable. If only more people felt that way.

    Your nature Crystal Maze house simply has to happen. I like the sound of the wood/green decoration. Green is good.

    OH MY, CELESTIAL. YES! That is SUCH A SEXY WORD. I’m sorry, but it is. It should have a definition far more scabrous than it does. Good grief, I think I need a lye down. I still think ‘moonset’ would be mine, if I was asked that question. On a rather duller note, I have always appreciated ‘scrub’. I don’t know, it just makes me feel warm inside 😛 and it makes me think of sponges. Who doesn’t like sponges?

    I’d never have guessed from your reaction to my remarks that you’re not a jokes person 😉 but then I guess it would help if I actually told some jokes.

    I am totally with you on cucumbers, though I feel that’s something we’ve discussed in another time and another place; what HAVEN’T we discussed, seriously? They are nasty indeed.

    You deserve everything you get. The awards, that is; maybe not the swimming pool shit fishing.

    • It was quite a while ago, yes.

      Haha, I know, aren’t just the sweetest? 😉 It’s a great shame more people don’t feel that way, but… what can ya do?

      Oh I know, it will be done, and I shall call it the Crystal Maze Nature Edition just for you, dear Stevick. Green is a fabulous colour, isn’t it? My absolute favourite. Are we surprised, really?

      Celestial is arguably the sexiest word out there, let’s face it. I could have gone on forever about my favourite words. Moonset is a good one. Skyscape, lunar, daydream, escapade, reverie, dewdrop, etc, etc. Scrub? Well, my simple one would probably have to be ‘blob’, purely because it is hilarious to say. That or ‘slug’. Slug is a fabulous word. Not such a fabulous creature.

      Ahaha 😛 It’s not that I don’t appreciate jokes, it’s just I never tell my own. They just go straight over my head anyhow. OH. I have just so remembered one from my childhood, though.

      Knock, knock.
      Who’s there?
      Yo-da-la-hee who?
      I didn’t know you could yodel!

      That’s so bad, it verges on painful. Actual, physical pain.

      We have talked about an awful lot, haven’t we. I am not surprised cucumber has cropped up somewhere along the lines. Ugh. Cucumber makes me shudder at the mere thought of it.

      Hahaha, glad you think I don’t deserve to be fishing out shit 😉 Oh, that was not the way I wanted to spend my afternoon….

      • Time flies!

        Crystal Maze Nature Edition it is! 😛 I shall hold you to that, you realise. All this decorating talk is making me want to start a project of my own. Maybe just pure Crystal Maze? Ocean Zone for the bathroom, for example. Just fill the room with water. You know, given they swapped Industrial for Ocean, I always hoped they’d bring in an Arctic Zone at some stage. That would have been awesome. Or maybe Prehistoric.

        Green is probably my favourite colour too. It’s why I like conifers! I love all shades of the colour, especially the extremities; really vivid or the really dark, deep shades.

        I have been sitting here saying ‘celestial’ to myself all day. It is rather special. Escapade and dewdrop are also beauties. This has actually been on my mind all day (if you ever needed proof I have too much time on my hands, there it was). What about jambalaya? It’s just fun to say, isn’t it? As is jamboree. Moonbeam, serendipity, ragamuffin; there are indeed too many. We should just release a book full of nice/fun-sounding words. Nothing else to it… just a massive book of words 😛

        That joke is brilliant! *jots down* I have heard it before I think, but still *applauds*

        Well I hope that’s not what your Sunday afternoon has consisted of 😉 Hope you’re remaining resilient against this positively tropical heat.

      • Doesn’t it just 😉 Shall we link back to my post here, entitled such a thing? Ugh, bloody Ilimoskus. Sorry. Obligatory compaint about it, there.

        And do hold me to it! I want to do, it’ll be good to keep having such a reminder 😉 Haha, well at least that way you wouldn’t have to worry about running a bath 😉 I always preferred Ocean Zone to Industrial. :O An Arctic Zone would have been AMAZING! Better than that blumin’ Aztec Zone or whatever it was called, and he was always going on about how lovely and hot it was in this tropical landscape, and I always sat there thinking… ‘No.’

        Well, this may be why we love our evergreens so much 😛 Green is a fantastic colour. I have green jumpers and cardigans. And green skirts, actually. And a green glasses case, which bears uncanny resemblance to a marrow…. Just picture that for a moment.

        It’s such a gorgeous word, though! Equally gorgeous in Kurpian, if you ask me 😉 Uelaniiteda. (“well-ah-nee-tay-dah”). Haha, can you pass some of your free time to me..? I could do with it. I’m actually off work today…. because I’m ILL UGH BODY. It started on Saturday… -_- I don’t have time to be ill, and it’s annoying ’cause I’m not getting paid and I need the darn money.

        Oh, we could be hear forever discussing words, couldn’t we? I thought of another one last night that I love and now I’ve completely forgotten….Oh well. Is a dictionary not just a massive book of words, Steven? 😛

      • Hahaha, instead of signing off with ‘Kind regards’ or ‘Yours sincerely’ or whatever, you should just sign off with ‘Bloody Ilimoskus’. The things that book puts you through, I oughta have a word with those pesky characters.

        I liked Industrial, though I also liked Ocean. Aztec Zone was probably my favourite of them all, actually. It was just the most vivid, and I do like a bit of sand and vegetation. Hahaha, he does go on about that a lot. And the funny thing is, you can see his breath when he’s saying it, because it’s clearly isn’t quite as scorching as he claims.

        Haha, a green glasses case, wow. I did used to have a pair of glasses whose frame was part green. Why did I forget turquoise? That is probably my favourite colour, actually… but certainly I prefer the greener shades of turquoise.

        Not good news! I hope you are feeling more chirpy now.

        I think you’re thinking of masquerade… mind-reader, I am. 😉 Hahaha, a dictionary is that. But that includes some rotten words. This wouldn’t. And stuff the definitions; just a massive incoherent, unordered body of nice words. I think we’re onto a winner with this one 😉

      • Ha, well I say ‘Bloody Ilimoskus’ enough, I might as well sign off with that. You ought to have a word indeed! Though, it is not so much the characters/the story that’s the problem.. That’s more me.

        No, Aztec Zone was good, don’t get me wrong 😛 I just would have preferred an Arctic Zone! So cool. Haha, watching the contestant reach the Aztec Zone always amused me, though. It was always some awkward bum shot as they climbed down the wall, or them falling all over the place with that rope. What did you think of that future zone? The one where that computer used to talk to him..? That annoyed me, for some reason. So, in my attempted to find a clip of this computer, I ended up finding this.
        Bless her.

        My glasses case is amazing, don’t diss. (I can’t believed I just said ‘diss’). Turquoise is a good colour! That used to be my favourite, actually, because I love blue too, but these days it is just purely green I love. I mean I like blue too, but if I had to pick… Green.

        I don’t feel more chirpy, unfortunately. Another day off work -_- I think I have an ear infection, which sucks.. I’m going to ring the doctor later. I can’t be off work all week for goodness sake IT WILL NOT DO. Although, on the bright side, at least I’m finally getting some time to myself…. Not in the most ideal way, but time, nonetheless 😉

        I’m falling apart in synchronisation with Kodi, look. That’s love, right there. Coming out in sympathy.

        My, how spectacular of you! 😛 This is true. Aha, on to a winner if we can appeal to any word freaks out there, sure 😉

      • Bloody Ilimoskus! Stop tormenting Jennifer.

        Well, when I *obviously* get it rebuilt, I will include an Arctic Zone, and it shall have within it a snowman prop, whom I shall call Jennifer. There.

        Here’s the computer! THAT COAT! Ugh, I felt that was a really dull entrance compared to all the others. I mean, just answer a question and you’re straight in. It’s hardly the Aztec boats or raising the Medieval portcullis is it? Futuristic is a bit dull but some of the games were fun. THIS, for example, really bad quality, but it’s more an auditory game.. hilarious! He makes a right pig’s ear of it.

        That Aztec game is one of my all-time favourites! I think only one person ever won that crystal, and Richard O’Brien basically snogged him.

        Haha, I wasn’t ‘dissing’. Yes, turquoise. I am tempted to go out and get a big tin of turquoise paint now, and just douse the whole house in it.

        Oh no! I’ve had labyrinthitis before (inner ear infection), and that ain’t good. Do you feel dizzy? Hope you feel better soon!

        A massive book of nice-sounding but totally incoherent words? It worked for Tolkien, didn’t it…? *sniggers, runs for cover*

      • You should read my latest post. You can get to know a few characters more, and then you can criticise them by name and everything. Exciting times.

        Wow. That would be an honour, Stevick 😉 I hope you have some resident Nordic Prince there, too.

        Ugh, I really dislike that computer. Why do I dislike it so much? Hahaha, wow, he was rather hopeless at that game, wasn’t he? Though, I can’t talk. I’m sure I would be hopeless too. I’d get an AUTOMATIC LOCK-IN, or something.

        I always felt really sorry for the people locked in, when the cameras went to them again and they were just sat there looking miserable haha.

        Please do that! How fun 😛 What colour is your bedroom? I’m intrigued to know.

        Do I feel dizzy? MY WORD, STEVEN, the entire world is a haze. Well, not quite, but I feel so, so dopey and I am indeed horribly dizzy and I’m not eating and blah blah. Not good. I’m forever having issues with this ear. STUPID EAR. When I was 13 I got a nasty ear infection after coming home from Cyprus (I did nothing but swim, you see) and that was hideous. But that was more pain and discomfort. And sometimes I have a day or too when that ear goes funny, but then it’s fine. But this time, this infernal ear doesn’t hurt like usual, it’s just uncomfortable and I can’t hear properly and of course this awful dizziness… Not quite sure how I’m going to walk down to the doctors later on.. Should be interesting. How long did it last for you?? This is miserable 😦

        Ooooooo, Steven!! Inflammatory words indeed! You’d better bloody run *glares*

      • Ha, I did start to read that a little while back, but couldn’t get over your endearing tree speech and slogan somewhere near the beginning. I shall have to go back and explore further.

        Haha, perhaps the prince can take the Mumsey style role. He was quite poor. He was actually really poor in every game he played in that episode, much to Ed’s amusement. Of course, I would be terrible too. The only game show I would ever have gone on is Interceptor – it’s just running around the countryside!

        Haha, they do look miserable. I enjoy the inserts of contestants running back to get them. “QUICK! We’re buying you out!!!” “Oh, wonderful!” Not at all choreographed.

        My bedroom is blue. It’s in dire need of a refresh; it’s been like that for about nine years now.

        Ahh, sounds like an ear issue, then. :/ To be honest, my labyrinthitis lasted about a month. I was about 14 and had two weeks off school. I was told at the time that, though it clears up, it was likely to come back at times (there have been occasions where I’ve been dizzy again, but never as bad as the first), so maybe you are experiencing a similar thing. Take it easy.

        Tee hee hee, I knew that’d strike a nerve 😉 I was only messing, by the way. I don’t actually dislike Tolkien.

      • Oh, well, I didn’t mean to bore you with my post, Steven 😉

        Much to all our amusement, I’m sure! Not just Ed’s.

        What shade of blue? Baby blue? Azure? Sapphire? Midnight? Navy? Cornflower? Neon? I’m sensing a whole branch off song from this dreamcoat business, all to do with the different shades of blue. I recommend you redecorate your room as a forest 😉

        Yeah, the doctor I saw was a load of crap, but indeed it is an ear problem. Arrrggghhhhhh. She said I can’t go back to work until next week……… I am missing A WHOLE WEEK’S WAGES. Needless to say, I am not happy. I have been so miserable the past few days. Yeah, I’m always having reoccurring problems with this ear. It sucks beyond words, doesn’t it? I properly embarrassed myself in the doctors as well, but I’ll save that boring little snippet of information for the email which I’ll write tomorrow, ’cause I can’t be bothered now. No reflection of my feelings towards you 😉

        Take it easy? Well, that’ll hardly be a challenge when I’m off work for the rest of the week. *grumbles indistinctly*

        Haha, ooohhh, it’s hardly difficult to strike a nerve with me. I have many open-ended ones. And goodness, don’t you know when you have struck one! 😉 .. (I tend to explode in a mix of rage/hurting/passion, which seems to be my reaction to most things, actually)

      • It did not bore me, Jennifer. I just got sidetracked. You are many things, but you are not boring.

        It’s a sort of light indigo-blue. Haha, a neon bedroom would certainly be interesting, but, as you wish, I truly dream of one day owning a bedroom of scarlet and russet and pink and mauve and ochre and azure and red and brown, salmon and emerald and lime and peach and orange and gold and cherry and purple and green and sapphire and crimson and grey…

        I am going to decorate my room as a forest, and then put photos of it all over the internet, so it looks like you blatantly ripped off my idea.

        Oh my… that is a long time to be out of action, but you’re not going to be much use to Jonathan and the gang if you’re dizzy. And, look on the bright side: a whole rest of the week you get free to speak to MEEEEEE *cheesy grin and thumbs up* 😀 Oh, poor you indeed.

      • I don’t think it would be wise of me to ask what of the ‘many things’ I am.

        A neon blue room would probably give me a headache. I’m all for colour, but there are limits. Aha, a dreamcoat bedroom? Interesting choice. Gosh, that would be a sight and a half.

        If you actually did that, I would be most upset. But hey, I’m all for one about promoting nature 😛 I couldn’t complain.

        Tell me about it -_- I’m miserable. Do I keep saying that? I know, it is true, but it’s still a bloody ball ache 😦 Ugh. Haha, oh, well that makes everything better 😉

      • Oh, you know… charming, dynamic, beautiful, eloquent, wise, passionate, hilarious. Yes, it was totally unwise to ask!

        Hmm, a neon room would be something, no doubt. It would probably keep you awake, like blue light does. Besides, it’s probably far too 80s for you, anyway…

        Of course, I would never do that. I am far too lazy, for starters. I don’t think I’ve done any DIY in over two years, now. I am not the best handyman, which is probably no surprise to you.

        Wow, if your balls are aching, then things really must be bad. 😦 ‘Bad times’, as I believe they say on ‘da street’.

      • Look at you being the charmer. You flatter me 😉

        It probably would, you’re right. Neon colours are very glow-in-the-dark-esque. Haha, indeed, neon colours just remind me of that dreaded decade. Ugh. Those block-colour combinations on jumpers/coats. The worst.

        Really? You don’t do DIY?! I am shocked to the core 😉 I’m probably more handy than you are. Haha, sorry, I’ve taken to bullying you a lot more at the moment. Do forgive me. This is what happens when I’m stressy (i.e. I am an awful person and take it out on other people)

        I should send that Mickey and Paul your way.

        Bad times indeed, especially since last time I checked I did not have a penis.

        So I had a dream about fire last night.
        ‘In dreams, it can signal a new beginning, spiritual illumination, sexual passion or disruptive emotions such as the flames of passion or envy.’ <- ha. Not going to sit here and say that's totally inaccurate, either.

      • You make it sound like I’m not a perpetual charmer. I note the lovely new photograph 😉

        Hahahaha, just keep laying into the era that made my childhood. I had some fantastic clothes in that late 80s/early 90s period. Glasses the size of satellite dishes; spotty shirts; waistcoats, braces and bow ties with Mickey Mouse on them… oh, I looked incredible.

        Ha, you probably genuinely are more handy than I. I really, really don’t like doing stuff like that.

        You are an awful person, I agree… picking on such an easy target *innocent look*. Even the cruellest bullies at school thought that was a step too far, but not you!

        Wow, so you have balls, but no penis? How unfortunate for you.

        What an interesting dream that must have been. My dream was really clear when I woke up this morning, but now I cannot remember a thing about it, other than it was quite bizarre. Oh, I remember being on a bus yet again. You were not on it this time though, so there was no hilarious berating of the driver.

      • Steven, you exude charm. Well, thank you for noting 😉

        Yeah, I WILL, Stevick 😉 You weren’t the only with fantastic childhood clothing, although mine were in the 90s. DENIM EVERYTHING. Do you remember that little trend? Hilarious. I so had denim dungarees. Gorg 😉 That sounds so adorable. You were an adorable child. Naawwwww 😛

        I am a despicable human being, yes.

        Hahaha, IT IS A TRAVESTY, I know. Horrific. I mean, balls but no penis? Where’s the fun in that? 😉

        Steven, stop making me be inappropriate.

        Well, I am most devastating to hear that I have not been berating bus drivers in your dream. It simply shall not do. Sort it out.

      • I do indeed. I so thought that said ‘thank you for nothing’, and was like ???. I should read.

        I had a few denim shirts and a jacket. But yes, it was a nasty time, wasn’t it? Dungarees are awesome! My grandfather used to have those – green ones, with a flower on the front. Adorable. I think I had some as a child, actually.

        Ha, well, most of the clothes I was describing were when I was about 16-17 – so I just looked creepy. I found a Winnie the Pooh bow tie recently, which must date back to about 1991… wonderful thing, it is.

        Well, being a vegetarian, you would naturally have the two veg without the meat.

        You don’t need me to help you dig a big hole of inappropriateness.

      • In fact, the fashion from the 60s – 90s was just abysmal. All of it. But, obviously, 80s was the worst 😉

        Oh. Well that certainly changes things a bit, doesn’t it. You creeper.

        Hahaha, ohhh that ‘I don’t get meat’ vegetarian joke. Haven’t I heard that before 😉 From men every time, I might add.

        Steven. I would not say half the things I do if I did not speak to you. You are a bad influence. Though, to be fair, I can indeed dig myself a hole of inappropriateness on my own. But you soooo make it worse. *tuts at you disapprovingly*

      • The 2000s was just as bad, Jennifer, if not worse. Young men in geriatric cardigans, skinny jeans, with handbags and boots? No thanks.

        Once it discarded the 80s hangover, the 90s was probably the dullest of them all fashion-wise. It was just leather and denim.

        Look Jennifer, I lived in the art block of college. Everyone who did that had to look weird/alternative/hobo-esque, or a combination of the three, almost by law. I was once labelled ‘gay farmer from the 20s’, because I had a lilac shirt, braces and flat cap look. I thought it was a pretty amazing ensemble, to be honest.

        My reference was merely to the fact that people often refer to the penis as ‘meat and two veg’ (or at least I hope to God that’s what they were talking about, or I’ll have made an arse of myself many, many times), and you appear to be missing the meat, which is only to be expected. I was not being nasty 😉

        Haha, if I had a quid for every time i’ve been labelled a bad influence. Seriously. Everyone says so, and they always seem shocked at the fact. It’s always the quiet ones 😉

        But yeah, you’re much worse than I am.

      • Ha, this is true. Basically, what we can conclude with this here discussion, is that all fashion is awful across every decade. Case closed.

        It may just be me, but I got the vibe while reading this that you were/are ever so slightly pissy while replying in this comment 😛 Take a chill pill, Stevick (I so had a t-shirt that said that, once..)

        You? Nasty? Never 😉 I knew very well what you were referring to, thank you.

        It IS always the quiet ones 😛 Quiet waters run deep. You never know what you’re gonna get.

        You think I’M bad, Steven? Meggie is waaaay worse than me. Way, way worse. But that’s hardly a surprise, I’m sure.

      • So true. Clothes – who needs ’em?

        Pissy? As in drunk, or just arsey? I can assure you I was neither, although I was a little bit annoyed as my internet connection has been dropping out at will today… so maybe I was just moody without realising. Or, maybe I’m delirious from WORLD CUP FEVER, wooooo! *straight face*. England are playing at 11pm tonight, I understand. How exciting. *straight face once again*

        This is true. Everyone thinks I’m a goody two-shoes because I say nothing. Now you know just how accurate that really is 😉

        I don’t know, you two are very similar apparently. I bet it’s certainly closer than you’re making out. Oh well, not long ’til we find out what Meggie is really like – hopefully? 😛 Is she still visiting next weekend?

      • Clothes are just another pointless layer to take off, right, Steven? 😉

        Pissy as in arsey. I’m kind of waiting for you to get arsey with me, actually, since I do nothing but bully you. Or are you just too nice for that? 😛

        Ohh yeahh, WORLD CUP FEVER WOOOOOOOO. Saying that, considering how much I hate football, every time the Euro/World Cup is on, I always find myself sat watching every match. I don’t know why I do it either, Stevick. It’s obviously a defect in my mental function. I often do that with rugby, too, but rugby is a billion times better than football.

        Well, indeed. Though, from life experiences, most goody two-shoes are indeed goody two-shoes. But there have gotta be a few who buck that trend, right? 😉 You, for one, evidently.

        Meggie certainly stands by the fact that I was/am the bad influence over her, but this is her reasoning: “As the older of us two, Jennifer, I expect you to be setting me a good example.” Nah 😉 hahahaa. In fact, if memory serves me right, I think I’ve done some things Meggie never has… which would indeed make me ‘worse’ than her. But whatever, who’s paying attention? She’s still worse than me. I’m planning on taking Meggie out for a night on the town when she comes, and indeed, we shall torment the town with our wild antics. I could so do with a night like that, actually. It’s boiling in my blood. I only hope it’s still there by the time she comes.
        I don’t know, though, she is being her usual arsewipe self and hasn’t got back to me. But, to be fair to her, she is busy this weekend and I knew that so I’m not exactly surprised to not hear from her.

      • Yes! Exactly, Jennifer! I’m glad you agree.

        Hahaha, well, you’re fortunate that I’m quite good at dealing with having the Michael taken out of me, and that it’s hardly something new. But yeah, one day, I might just explode. Watch it.

        I am listening to the Backstreet Boys. Not entirely through choice, but still, I haven’t skipped the track. There’s something deserving of a pisstake, surely. I WANNNDIT THATA WAY. I bet you had such a crush on them as a child, didn’t you? Or were they before you were born?

        I find it so hard to get excited for football. It’s just such a dull game, though if we got to the final or something, I guess I’d watch. I much prefer rugby – a game for men rather than boys.

        I used to play hockey in Year 11, and got no end of stick from the footballer friends, who said it was a girls’ game. What are they on about, seriously? And how hypocritical, coming from a game where its players roll around on the floor in tears if they so much as stumble. Hockey is bloody brutal! Some butch girl cut my leg open with the stick in my first game. That was the end of my career.

        Haha, oh yeah, I’m SUCH a naughty boy. So much you don’t know. 😉

        Some example you are setting for her, Jennifer. I’m disappointed. I’m imagining the very worst here. Haha, wow, a night out painting the town, not red, but probably a slutty cerise. Sounds perfect. I could do with the same, to be honest, though I went out about a month ago with some friends and it was awful, frankly. I may be getting too old.

        Let’s hope for a disco dinner-esque scale of hilarity. She better bloody show up! My hopes are sky high now, you realise.

      • In all seriousness, you do know I’m completely joking, right? I would never take the mick out of someone maliciously.

        Well, explosions can be exciting, I suppose. Spices life up a bit.

        I was painting the ceiling and the skirting board today, and I was listening to the radio while doing so. They kept playing 80s music, which made me smile, and also think of you. And this song came on.

        I think you need to take a lesson from it, Stevick. You wild one.

        Not through choice? So why were you listening to The Backstreet Boys, then? Was your daughter blasting out your old CD collection or something? 😉 Piss off love, I may be young but I’m not THAT young. Before I was born. Jeez. Some people.

        You need to give this a listen. Funny.

        Ha, indeed rugby is a real man’s game.

        Hockey is brutal. Seriously brutal. Football men can do one, quite frankly. If they like and if they play it. They’re normally always arseholes. I mean, not ALL of them, obviously. I know some decent guys who like football, but when they get together in a group they literally revert back into monkeys.

        Gosh, what an intriguing statement. I don’t know, but it would be hilarious TO know, I am sure. Or do I not want to know? 😛 There are some days I find myself wishing (very wrongly wishing, I might add) that I could go back to stupid ways. THE FUN I HAD. Good heavens, I haven’t known it in so long I’ve nearly forgotten.
        I’ve been listening to a song a lot recently, and there are these lyrics “Now we’re swinging from the stars we were reaching for”.. It’s really depressing me, and I have no idea why. WHY?!?!!! And when I say depress, I mean like a serious stomping on the heart with that one line. *shrugs* I don’t get it either.

        Meggie paints the town a slutty cerise all on her own. She actually said this to me once. “Jenny, come to Oxford, and I will take you out and you shall find a man, and I can tell you who to go for ’cause I’ve tried them all out.” Or something along those line. So there we go. A golden Meggie moment, right there. But don’t imagine the worst, Steven, I don’t do anything wrong 😉
        You can have a laugh/good time without necessarily going out to town. I personally loathe going into town, but the time is calling me.

        If Meggie doesn’t visit before she goes off globetrotting, my heart will shatter. I need a friend so badly right now. So bad… Dammit, life, piss off.

      • Of course I do, you numpty. Same goes for me.

        Spices up your life? Was that a hint towards the Spice Girls…? Whoooaaa I tell ya what I want what I really really want SO TELL ME WHATCHA WANT….

        Ooooh, you were decorating? More clay effect? Haha, that song is brilliant. I mean I never listen to it nor like it, but it’s brilliant.

        I am not permanantly naked, you realise.

        ‘I Want It That Way’ was picked by my media player on shuffle. I just left it going, so I obviously love The Backstreet Boys. I couldn’t believe it was from 1999! I was sure it was 2001-2 ish. I was only… 25 in 1999. Ugh. Time.

        “Piss off love” – serious LOLs there. Well, I’m guessing you weren’t terribly old in 1999. Suitable age for a Backstreet Boys crush, though? Most definitely.

        That eBay song is absolutely fantastic! I’ve heard it before, but not for a long time. Amazing.

        Yes, this is true. It’s amazing how excited we get over a ball being kicked around by hideously overpaid crybabies. I just think of all the abuse fans of rival teams hurl at each other, purely for that, and think, “Really? Are there not more important things?” It’s astounding.

        Yeah, that statement made me sound far more interesting than I really am. I feel I’ve given you just about every micro-detail of my life story to this point, anyway.

        I hate it when songs depress you and you can’t work out why. ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey is the worst, for me. Ugh. It makes me feel so horribly blue. In fact, many ‘happy’ songs like that do it to me… I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I find it hard to experience that optimism and happiness about anything, or perhaps I’m just Scrooge.

        That is hilarious. I love Meggie. So forthright, and clearly unashamed of being a total slut. Good for her, I say. You can indeed have a good time without going out on the lash. Wednesday brunch at the boules club, unrivalled for frivolity 😉

        Oh, my heart will shatter too! Guilt her with that. She can’t live with shattering the dreams of two wonderful people, surely.

      • Wow, the word ‘numpty’ hurtles me back to a different time in my life, when a certain someone used to call me that all the time. Because clearly, I am also the definition of a numpty.

        Hahaha, oh the Spice Girls. Brilliant. That song. Memory overload. And, IF YOU WANNA BE MY LOVER, YOU’VE GOTTA GET WITH MY FRIENDS. Classic.

        Ha, nooo, just boring white and cream this time.

        SURE you aren’t, Stevick. Of course.

        Ahh, I see. Yeah, I’m always listening to embarrassing old songs. Who cares? Blast from the past. It’s nice to relive those times occasionally. Ugh, Time indeed. I realised yesterday that I have been living where I am for half a bloody year. Seriously? Ugh, no. Just no.

        Aha, yes, that “piss off love” was another one of my angry-affectionate lines. Did I have a crush on the Backstreet Boys? I don’t recall having one, y’know. But then, I wasn’t really normal as a youngster (still not). I’ve never really had ‘crushes’ on musicians like that. You see all these girls die over the likes of One Direction, and I’m sat there like… ?? I fail to understand.

        Yup, exactly. Can’t men do something more productive and useful than obsessing over sports? Think how better a world it would be if that were the case.

        I’m Scrooge too, don’t worry about it. And I can’t even use grumpy old-age as an excuse 😉 I’m especially Scrooge at Christmastime. Like… you wouldn’t actually believe how bad I am.

        She is SO forthright, which is why I love her. And it’s undoubtedly why we get on so well, since I can be rather forthright myself. But she takes that to another level. The advice she has given regarding some men, my word. And then I say, “Meggie, I can’t say/do that,” to which she replies, “You know you’re problem? You too nice. Some men just need a verbal kick in the face. Or an actual kick in the face.”
        Do you know what Meggie said to me once? (I cried with laughter). She said to me, “Did you sleep with him? And if not, WHY NOT? I’ll judge you for NOT sleeping with, Jenny.” hahahaha. May I just say, this is making me sound far more promiscuous than I actually am… That’s all Meggie. And, if you’re wondering: No, I did not sleep with him.

        I posted something to her Facebook last night, which I’m sure you’ll appreciate. It is as follows:

        ‘Meggie, you arsewipe. You are the shittest replier in the history of mankind. You are the arse of all wipedom, yet my love for your remains never-ending.

        Relive the glory of our goddess-like faces in this photograph while I reveal a disturbing fact. This photo is the ONLY one we have ever taken together. What is this? I mean, seriously? But, twas the night our love story began, if you remember. And we harassed Ian with our drunken Spanish/French talk. And you used me as a mop across that dreaded ‘floor’ (because we couldn’t find the actual mop) while someone offered me a cup of coffee. And I had that bruise on my arm from Alice’s high heel which basically consumed my entire limb in swollen purpleness, and I kept telling you, “My arm really hurts”. That night is still one of the most hilarious of my entire life, if not THE most hilarious.

        But, moving on.

        PLEASE COME TO MINEHEAD I AM DYING WITHOUT YOU IN MY LIFE. Our love story has turned into a tragedy. AND WHEN YOU ARE HERE we will terrorise Minehead with our howling antics. And, undoubtedly, they will love it. But do try your utmost to keep your boobs inside your top, and please refrain from revealing mine, if you can. I know what red wine does to you.

        Until we are reunited, hear my pining howls for you, Camel.

        Love forever ❤

        P.S. You seriously are the worst replier ever.'

        (This photo I mention is marvellous)

      • Same here, actually. I used to get called it rather often.

        I’ve said before how much I disliked the Spice Girls at the time, but I suppose compared to some of the girl bands that have been manufactured since, they’re not totally awful.

        I am not naked. I am actually in my jammies, right now. I am aware of the time.

        Yes, I listen to some truly awful music, but I don’t really care. If the song is fun, what’s not to like? Ha! Half a year, wow. I have lived here for 15 years.

        You SO had a crush on the Backstreet Boys 😉 My brother did, as well as some of the members of Boyzone. And he thought he had it well hidden.

        One Direction are truly abysmal. Though, I’m in the band apparently 😉 so you better not bash Liam. I’ve always truly felt he was the sexiest of the lot, and of course the best singer in er… that song they did… and the other one, you know, with the words.

        “Did you sleep with him? And if not, WHY NOT? I’ll judge you for NOT sleeping with, Jenny.” Seriously. I cried.

        You do make yourself sound rather promiscuous, and it’s clear this is where Meggie has got it from. I imagine she was a darling before you showed up. Tut tut. At least I’m discreet regarding my slutty ways.

        What a wonderful letter to leave her. I’m sure she won’t be able to say no to such a desperate plea. Hahahaha, tree-slut. Did she call you this?


      • I would protest, and say I really did not have a crush on the Backstreet Boys, but I simply can’t be bothered. I mean, you’ve clearly already made up your mind, I can’t be arsed to sway it, quite frankly. Haha, awww. Is your brother younger than you? (We’ve probably been over this before but.. I forget.)

        Well, if I do make myself sound promiscuous, I don’t mean to. Or am I just that promiscuous I can’t suppress it? Apart from I’m not promiscuous. Ha, well Meggie has a few of her own wild tales to tell from before we met, so I’m not wholly to blame. I mean, sure, I dragged her downhill but.. 😉

        Tree-slut, yes. She did indeed call me this. We were once sat in a bar discussing, and we came to the conclusion that I am a tree. In fact, that was such a brilliantly hilarious conversation.. “You are a flowering tree, Jennifer, and men are like bees drawn to your alluring sap…” It went on. Whenever we are together, it is quite frankly a miracle how we do not get kicked out of the places we go to. We howl and cry and snort and cackle like you wouldn’t believe. Desperately attractive, obviously.

        Hahahahaha, she did use me as a mop, yes. I was drunk, she was drunk, and I fell over so she proceeded to then drag me across a disgracefully muddy floor.

      • Oh dear, you sound so fed up… I’m sorry. (hangs head) Don’t be fed up!

        Yes, I’m the oldest – my brother is only 27. Now here’s a thought: perhaps Meggie could take him out and give him her trusty advice, for he is in desperate need of a man himself.

        Well, let’s just say you’re both as dreadful as each other. Meggie’s not here to argue with that. YET. 🙂

        Oh ‘eck, I do hate it when people are sitting there cackling in public places 😛 so it’s a good job I have never been in the same place as you and Meggie. “You are a flowering tree, Jennifer, and men are like bees drawn to your alluring sap…” Honestly, I cried again. She is just TOO MUCH.

        Hmm. Why did I have the idea that she was going to be using your famous hair as a mop somehow? I was finding this rather amusing, although the reality is funny aswell. You two, what are you like? I can sense more disapproving looks coming from Sherri’s direction. I can also hear the cooing of pigeons.

      • Ha, I am indeed fed up.

        Send your brother my way for when Meggie is down. She’ll give him some trusty tips, I am sure.

        Meggie is way worse than me. Although I’m sure she’d beg to differ. She said this to me yesterday: “Why do you have so many gorgeous men in your life? It’s not fair. Share Jennifer.” I dunno where she’s blumin’ looking, ’cause I REALLY DO NOT. Allow me to transcribe some more of this conversation:
        Me: “Hahaha, so many? LIKE WHO?! But you know, I am the girl with 20 guys on the go, remember.” (I really don’t)
        Her: “Exactly. I have truly learnt from the best.”

        But she is worse. I continue to emphasis this point.

        Oh my, I would not recommend coming out with Meggie and I, then. Ironically, I too hate it when people cackle in public, but it’s just IMPOSSIBLE not to when with Meggie. Impossible. I’m sure you’d end up cackling as well. I too cried upon when she said it. Our friend Ian was there, too, and he also cried. She really is too much.

        Hahahahahaha, I used to be called ‘mop’ at school sometimes. HOW DID I FORGET THIS?!? I probably would have punched Meggie in the face had she used my hair as the mop. I remember I kept getting really pissy (not actually pissy, jokingly pissy) with her when she dragged me on the floor, and I kept saying, “MEGGIE. YOU SAID YOU WOULDN’T LET ME SIT ON THIS FLOOR ANYMORE AND YET HERE YOU ARE CONTINUALLY DRAGGING ME ACROSS IT.”
        “I am ever so sorry, Jennifer, do forgive me. It won’t happen again.” *happens again five minutes later*

        We are a riot, Stevick 😉

        Haha, just as I read ‘I can also hear the cooing of pigeons’, there was actually a pigeon outside cooing. SHERRI’S WATCHING.

      • Chill pill, Jennifer, chill pill. Speaking of pills, I feel I may have OD’d on paracetamol today. I have such a headache. Boo-hoo.

        Hahaha, I can imagine he and Meggie getting along very well. “I learnt from the best”… I am lolling at her comments yet again. She really, really needs to blog. I mean, imagine how much livelier WordPress would be.

        Seriously though, these comments about you being surrounded by handsome men. Who are these people she’s talking about? Has she seen a picture of me or something? Mr. Catley, perhaps?

        I’m certain I would be cackling, or just in floods of tears of laughter. I can just picture everyone else in the room turning and sneering at you as you are sitting their howling like lunatics, and then just pulling each other’s clothes off to see who can ‘out-slut’ the other.

        So, is she coming down to see you or what? Is she going to have both of our broken hearts on her conscience?

      • I think I do need a chill pill. As well as twenty thousand anti-depressants. (perhaps not, we don’t want to overdose). Sorry to hear about your headache. I always have such a headache for about half an hour after work. Bleugh.

        I was once friends with these two gay guys. They were crazy. Like, CRAZY. The things they did. Mother alive. Indeed, they were a bad influence on me in my college years… Funny though 😛

        I can’t imagine Meggie blogging. Well, I can and I can’t. Not sure why. She would indeed spice the place up a bit, though.

        I may have actually shown her a picture of you once. She is a fan of your face <- her words, not mine. I'm still not totally sure who she's on about though.. Chris, I think, and this guy I know where I live.. *shrugs* That's hardly "so many", is it.

        Hahaha, that is pretty exactly what happens when we are together, Stevick, yes. You hit the nail on the head.

        SHE IS COMING THIS WEEKEND!! AND !!!!!!!! I have discovered that Ian is joining her 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 I have literally just found this out, while typing this comment. I might just die with happiness. I'll try to pin her down to WP for a while. Maybe after our night out 😉

      • It’s probably best to not take 20,000. I mean, I’m no doctor, so don’t take my advice, but I’m not certain that’d be wise.

        I’m not surprised you have a headache if you’re stuck in an inferno. It would ruin my head. My headache went pretty much as soon as I began replying to your comments. You must be a healer. I do feel a bit funny today, in that I actually felt quite energetic. Maybe it’s all those pills. Ha, that’s how woefully bad it’s become: any sense of energy and vitality just feels weird and unnerving, and must only be the product of a dangerous overdose.

        Ha, I love gay people so much. They’re generally much more open-minded than straight people, I find, and in turn are often brilliant company.

        Well, I hope it was a relatively pleasant one you showed her. Hahaha wow, she is a fan of my face. I am blushing here, Meggie. She’s so picky when it comes to men aswell, so this is a real honour 😉

        Ah, you’re forgetting Jonathan… he takes gorgeous to new, dizzy heights. Have children with him, Jennifer.

        O-M-G. This is fantastic news. The best. I genuinely cannot wait, and I’m five lightyears away.. which is probably a safe distance, thinking about it, so that’s fortunate. Have fun! 😉 If she doesn’t post an appearance on here, I will be devastated. It’s a good job dear Sherri usually takes the weekends off 😉

      • It is awful. I cannot tell you how much I hate it. Even when I go IN the water sometimes, I still die. Ugh. You should see my work clothes, actually. They are a treat, I’m telling you 😉 ….(sarcasm)

        I am a healer? Well, I try my best, dear Stevick.

        They are more open indeed, but that is exactly what causes such craziness.

        I think it was your current gravatar, actually. Haha, well hey, I’m a fan of your face, too. She ain’t alone man. Is she picky when it comes to men? Lol if that’s the impression I’ve given. Maybe she is, I’ve not ever thought about it really. Either way, an honour nonetheless, right? 😉

        You know what makes me chuckle the most about this Jonathan lark? You call him dizzily gorgeous, and yet you have never ever seen him. It does amuse me.

        IS IT NOT THE GREATEST?!?!?!?! Please excuse my excitement. I am dying of happiness here. I cannot wait. You’re probably right there: fortunate indeed. In fact, listen closely, and you may hear our howling softly upon the wind. I’ll be sure to take pictures, and I’ll show you some. It’ll be like you were there with us 😉 I’m getting really pissed off though, ’cause I have not been out since living here, and you know that I said I know this guy down here..? I thought I’d ask him – y’know, a local – to help me with his local knowledge. And he goes, “I’ll certainly try my best to help”. Yet he has not answered my question. What is this? DOES HE NOT REALISE THE SEVERITY OF THIS SITUATION?! The arsehole. What is wrong with him. And the worst thing is, he has spoken to me since, he’s just not answered my question. Well, fuck him then, quite frankly. (forgive the language). I mean COME ON. He is denying me (us) of hilarity. I’ll set Meggie on him, if he doesn’t answer me soon. I might just hassle him to death, which he will love, no doubt, but he SHOULD ANSWER AND THEN THIS WOULDN’T HAPPEN.

        Well, Sherri will certainly be in for a treat when she returns from her weekend off…. I’ll prepare myself for her immense disapproval. I’ll just blame you.

      • Hahaha, move along Pamela Anderson 😉

        Well, you do make me laugh, and that can never be a bad thing. So kudos to you, O Ilimoskus one.

        Haha, well, you’re only flesh and blood, Jennifer. Who ISN’T a fan of my face, seriously? Colour me flattered.

        This is true! You know what? I am now going to Google him, to see if he is as irresistible as I am imagining. Wouldn’t it be amazing if a WordPress blog turns up? FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW. Please hold while I go and stalk him.

        Hmm, all I can find is some marketing guy in Boston. I’m assuming this is not him. Boo-hoo.

        The best news indeed! Hahahaha, this is hilarious. “I’ll certainly try my best to help” – actually laughed out loud at this, and I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because I can sense your anger and disappointment.

        Haha, poor Sherri. We make her out to be such a killjoy, when, in actuality, she is probably worse than both of us combined. It’s always the way, after all. I’m sure she will enjoy whatever treats are left behind.

      • Yeah right 😉 My sexy shorts and baggy t-shirt put her to shame. I’ll tell you the worst thing about having to wear shorts every day, rain or shine… I am developing such ridiculous tanlines. Ugh. I hate tanlines.

        Don’t mention Ilimoskus to me at the moment. Bad move. It’s kind of like, mention Ilimoskus and have things thrown at you, kinda thing. Not that you knew this, so do not fret, I am not annoyed. Just a heads up 😛

        My my, your modesty, Steven, it does you credit 😉 What shade is ‘flattered’, I wonder.

        Did you have fun trying to stalk him?

        You know, the funny thing is, not long after I had that massive rant about that man, he actually got back to me and answered. Anyone would think he heard me 😉 Now I feel as though I was unnecessarily harsh about the poor fellow. But yes, I am no longer drowning in anger and bitter disappointment. Hooray for him, eh. See, now he’s answered, I’m perfectly calm about the whole situation. I have no idea why I so desperately needed to know.

        Oh, how I laughed at ‘when, in actuality, she is probably worse than both of us combined.’ This is most assuredly the truth.

      • Haha, sounds more like a Lara Croft ensemble, though I’m not sure you could call her t-shirt baggy.

        Oh dear, haven’t I put my foot in it… 😉 I was just about to start chanting it. That bloody book, though. It’s being so mean to you. I might order one specifically to smack it one, for all the trouble it’s causing you.

        Have a look on the dreamcoat, it must be there somewhere. And it was red and ochre and beige and flattered…

        It was fun, yes. It would have been even more fun had I actually found out what my ex-husband looked like. Oh well.

        Hahaha! So, all of your abuse toward the poor man was uncalled for. You were hilariously harsh, it was quite something to witness. I was truly shocked. But, what marvellous news. I would ask if he is invited on your jollies, but you know how it is, he and Meggie might end up… y’know.

        I bet it is true, you know. Why else do you think she hides in that summerhouse? Ha, you should so invite her out with you and Meggie, she’s not that far away 😉

      • I would swear again, regarding that book, for my tongue has been incredibly lax on the swearing-front this past week, but I shall restrain myself this time…. *£%@#* It can do one. AND NEVER COME BACK THE UGHSDJGNK\SNLKNKSGB

        Sorry. I’m calm.

        Don’t buy one though, seriously. Waste of your money.

        It was most uncalled for. Hahaha, oh, bless him. I don’t know what came over me. It’s just this rage I’m suppressing at the moment, coming out in other .. (stupid) .. ways. Ha, Meggie keeps insisting that I lov him, but according to her, I love every man I speak to. So you can judge this one for yourself. She keeps saying that I should invite him, but I have told her about a hundred times that I am not doing so. I don’t think he’d want to, somehow.. Just a wild guess, there. I’d probably scar him for life for starters.

        Ha, we could do! She’s only down the road, really 😉

      • Be calm, Jennifer. Early night, perhaps. Think of the wonders of the weekend ahead of you.

        Ha, don’t waste your money – well, that’s sold the book for me 😉 Your confidence is as strong as my own.

        Meggie always speaks the truth, so I am going to guess you do indeed love this man. You should really have invited him along, for he has beavered away and done all the map work for your blitz across the town this weekend. Why not invite him? Afraid you’ll give away that you like him? 😉

        Ha, I’m sorry. I fear I’m being too Meggie-ish here. You do what you like.

      • Haha, perhaps this is Meggie on the other end. He is a local man – map work was not required. So don’t be an idiot. Maybe I should have invited him; I mean, he couldn’t have possibly said no, right? 😉 I’m just too afraid that Meggie is going steal him away from me, y’know? Such is her male-predator way.

  2. You’re welcome for the award! I enjoyed reading your answers to my questions. 🙂

    As for cheese-less pizza, we used to have a family friend who would order his pizza without cheese for no other reason other than he preferred it that way. It certainly made for an interesting pizza order!

    I will never look at cucumbers the same way anymore. I used to think of Larry the Cucumber from VeggieTales, but now I just see an evil criminal master mind plotting revenge on the world.

    Such hatred towards Elizabeth Bennet! 😉 I never knew how much I wanted Mr. Darcy to run her over until now. It would make a great movie adaptation.

    ~ Kayla

    • Haha, well go him and his lack of cheesy pizza! 😉

      I have heard/seen so much about this VeggieTales business, but I have never in my life seen it. I have no idea what it even is..? Other than it has something to do with friendly vegetables.. (which is fantastic, by the way, as I love vegetables. Apart from cucumber, obviously). Am I right in saying it has something to do with Christianity? I went to Spring Harvest this year (a Christian festival in the UK during Lent) and in some of the stores and stuff I saw VeggieTales DVDs. I didn’t get the chance to look at them though because my friend was like, “Hey Jenny let’s go over here!” It is a tragedy I did not get to inspect 😛

      Oh, such hatred for Elizabeth Bennet, words cannot describe. Haha, it would be so much more interesting, right?! 😉 Hahaha, laughing at the thought.

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