Meet My Main Character Blog Tour

The Ilimoskus story has its third birthday at the beginning of July this year. At least I think it’s the third birthday… I just don’t know anymore, time merges into one, giant blob. I feel like a parent internally screaming, “STOPPP GETTING OLDER WHY MUST TIME GO SO QUICKLY?!” I cannot believe it’s been three years sometimes, and if you look at it from a certain angle, you can get a rather downcast perspective. Three years and I’m not even half way through writing Book 2? But then, some things take time. Think of the marvellous trees which surround us! Hundreds of years must pass for them to grow tall and strong, wise and wonderful. I like thinking of my story as a tree. I like trees. Trees are slow. Slow is good. Trees are life. Love life. LOVE TREES.

Anyway, moving on from my obsessive ramblings about trees… (sorry)

I have made some lovely friends during my time in the world of WordPress, one of whom is Michael S. Fedison, author of The Eye-Dancers. He is a great writer, and I absolutely love The Eye-Dancers, so I think everyone should take a look at his really inspiring blog! Michael recently tagged me in the Meet My Main Character Blog Tour. This tour is about the main character in a current work-in-progress, and anyone who is tagged is required to answer certain questions the following Monday.

My work-in-progress is part two of the Ilimoskus trilogy. Part one, Times of Old, is already published and available worldwide (though, often I wish that I had not published it quite so soon… But that’s a whole other story…) Book 2 obviously continues on from where Book 1 finished… 😉 The Ilimoskus trilogy, on the whole, is an environmental fantasy story about a race of elemental beings – the Ilimoskus – who live on Earth unbeknownst to humans. The story takes the reader into a stark collision between fantasy and reality, and, in time, both humans and Ilimoskus will watch the world they once knew crumble around them.

If you know nothing about the Ilimoskus story other than what you just read, in my answers below will be very strange words to you. Any word with superscript beside it will be explained at the bottom, so fear not! (; 

Q1) What is the name of your character? Is he/she fictional or a historic person?

Character. Singular? I know this is supposed to be for one main character, but my story actually has three… and they are all equally as important, if you ask me. The Ilimoskus(1) story and all its characters are completely fictional.

1 – Fii’dezrhu Reotum (he is the main main main character of the story, I suppose…)

2 – Nax’pala Arrubii [known by many as ‘Nax’]

3 – Elizabeth Gott

There are so many really important characters in Ilimoskus I just… What was I thinking?!

Q2) When and where is the story set?

In my head, the Ilimoskus story is set in a very specific time frame and in very specific areas of the UK; however, there is no mention of any of this within the story itself, for, ultimately, I left it down to the reader’s own imagination, and, actually, where and when it is set isn’t that important in the grand scheme of things. The main setting is a forest/woodland – which forest that truly is doesn’t really matter.

The entire Ilimoskus story is set in the present day. If being really pedantic, the story actually starts, in mid-September 2011 (12th), but as I said, there is not concrete mention of this, and there is certainly no mention of the year. But it does say, in Times of Old, that autumn is approaching, which would imply the story is set around September time; moreover, the character Leon says this:

‘“…she mentioned that Elizabeth’s birthday was on the fifteenth, on Wednesday – the day before ours.”’

In my mind, the forest wherein the Flamikus(2) holid(3) is situated is in Dartmoor National Park, and the village wherein the Gott family reside is on the outskirts of this forest. Unlike the time-frame, there really is no mention of Dartmoor anywhere in the story. In Book 2 (my current work-in-progress), parts of the story are set in Exmoor National Park and The New Forest. Again, there is no mention of this.

Q3) What should we know about him/her?

1 – Fii’dezrhu is a rebellious and impulsive Flamikus (fire folk), yet despite his often rash and foolish behaviour, he has a great sense of fun and adventure, and is incredibly spirited. He is an outcast in Ilimoskus society <- psstt, that’s very important. He also has a little companion who brightens his darkest days: Flee the akenlazree(4)

2 – Nax is Fii’dezrhu’s best – and only – friend (besides Flee, of course). He is without a shadow of a doubt the more reliable and sensible of the two, though this is due to his being the heir to an exceedingly high position within Ilimoskus society, and thus, he is bound by responsibility. He is extremely loyal and has the kindest of hearts, and he is generous and thoughtful. He wears his heart well and truly on his sleeve for the whole world to witness.

3 – Elizabeth is an introverted fifteen year old girl, being the small shadow under her elder sister’s dominating presence. She comes from a privileged family who live in a quintessential English village; living in a village suits her, as she is a quiet, simple individual, and she has easy access to the natural world which she so enjoys and cares for. She doesn’t have many friends, but the ones she does have are true. Likewise, she doesn’t often speak her mind, even though she may want to, due to her reserved and somewhat placid nature, and she struggles to find the inner confidence to stand up for herself.

Q4) What is the main conflict? What messes up his/her life?

Oh dear. Throughout the story, the main characters especially have a whole mountain range of ‘conflicts’ to confront. To ensure I do not ramble on all day, I shall briefly outline the main conflict/s for each character specifically in Book 2.

Also, I do not want to spoil anything, sooo… I can’t actually say very much!

1 – Fii’dezrhu’s main conflict in Book 2 is… this is really hard to discuss without spoiling anything… learning how to dance in the rain… (Not literally. That would kill him). That is, learn how to make the best out of a problematic situation. And problematic it sure is! 😉

2 – Nax’s main conflict is… rather convoluted. It is, I suppose, himself. Dun dun DUUNNNNNN. So dramatic. Well, not really, but it is mighty deep!

3 – Elizabeth’s main conflict is learning how to believe in herself, which, given the circumstances leading up to Book 2, is far easier said than done. Especially for this sensitive little protagonist. She needs to learn to live with conviction!

Q5) What is the personal goal of the character?

I am answering this with the same reasoning as Q4.

1 – Fii’dezrhu’s personal goal is home. And where is his heart’s home, I wonder? I am saying nothing more.

2 – Nax’s personal goal is… far more complicated than Fii’dezrhu’s. He doesn’t have a merry old time of it in Book 2. I suppose his goal is, rather morbidly, to just make it through the day. To find a way to fill the hole in his heart. I actually feel really sorry for Nax in Book 2 – just throwing that out there.

3 – Elizabeth’s personal goal is to attain more self-belief and self-confidence. To get some fire in her belly! 😉

Q6) Is there a working title for this novel, and can we read more about it?

There is a working title for this novel (Book 2), but I am not telling you 😉 Not yet, anyway. And no, you cannot read more about it, because I haven’t shared anything for it at all. I am waiting until it is nearer completion.

Q7) When can we expect the book to be published?

Hahahahaha. Oohhhh, never, most likely.

In all seriousness, I honestly can’t tell you. The original plan was to have it out in 2014, but that royally cocked up due to life *shakes fist*, so now I have no idea. And I wouldn’t like to say another time again, just in case I have another personal/emotional catastrophe which messes everything up for a second time. I fear that would crush my spirit once and for all, if it such a thing did indeed happen again. Book 2 will say hello to the world when it is ready, whenever that may be.


(1) – IlimoskusThis is the name for the entire race of elemental beings (fire, earth, air and water)

(2) – Flamikus: This is the name for the fire elemental folk in particular

(3) – Holid: A holid is the Ilimoskus’ equivalent of what would be a city, and even more specifically, the capital.

(4) – Akenlazree: An akenlazree is a Flamikus creature. It is basically a fire-lizard. With wings!


So, there we go! Thank you very much for taking the time to read. I don’t actually know many on WordPress who are currently working on something, and most of those I do know have already been tagged, but I do know that Alex at Valourborn and Kayla at Concerning Writing are writers and are working on things! So I tag you two 🙂 I hope to see your posts on 16th!


 May the light from your heart always guide you.



18 responses to “Meet My Main Character Blog Tour

  1. Thank you so much for tagging me! I was reading through your post thinking how much fun this would be to do, and here you tagged me so that I can do it. 🙂 Thanks again!

    ~ Kayla

    • No problem! ^^ I realised a couple of hours ago that I never let you know I’d tagged you, but it seems like you saw anyway so all is well 😛
      I look forward to meeting your main character(s) 🙂

  2. Good timing for this post Jenny Jen Jen! I’m just amazed at how you can write like this and think of all this…I’m blown away, really!
    I’ve just put up my Virtual Blog Hop post…thanks again so much for taking part and I hope that it brings you lots of lovely readers 😀 xx

    • Amazed I can write like what?? (forgive my obliviousness here).
      Thanks for asking me ^^ I may very well do the questions actually, but just not stick to the time-frame, ’cause then I can just do it whenever I have a minute 😉

      Thanks for your everlasting kindness and support, Sherri P. What would I do without you and your magic? 😛

      • I mean as in the way you come up with your character’s names, their characteristics, the plot, the language, everything! Remember, I’m not a novelist (not yet at least!) so this amazes me!!! You’re the one with the magic… 😀

      • Oh, I see! Ha, well truth be told, Sherri P, I have no idea how I come up with all either. It was a given to me, ready-made, or so it often feels that way.. 🙂

  3. “Trees are life. Love life. LOVE TREES.”

    That is where I got stuck reading this the first time around. I was thinking, oh, it can’t get any better than that, surely? What a slogan and advert for trees. I am laughing so much. But, you know I’m a tree lover too, so you’re aware it’s very much laughing with you.

    Seeing and hearing authors map their projects out like this, and hearing all the elements explained in such detail, makes it all too clear why I could never write a (decent) book, much as I would have liked to. I just don’t have the mind for that! It’s all very impressive – I mean, look how long it took me to even spell Illimoskus correctly.

    Keep on writing! Bloody Ilimoskus.

    • Hahaha, those slogan meetings paid off, eh 😉

      Er, Steven. ‘I would have liked to’? Why are you using past tense? Don’t put limitations on yourself like that, man! (says me, but shhh 😉 ) All writing a book takes is some dedication, and if you can harness that, you’re good to go. To be fair, Ilimoskus is a stupid word. I’ve made a video of me talking about the book (which I’ll share at some point) and I even say that very thing.

      To quote, I actually say: “…explain, you know, the weird word on the front. I mean, what is that? Really?”

      Nothing quite like my honesty.

      YOU’LL HEAR MY VOICE, STEVEN. ‘Cause obviously you’ve just been longing to….. 😉

      • Hahaha, me writing a book is never going to happen, Jennifer. Hearing of your pain has only dissuaded me further from writing. Thanks for that 😉

        Wowzers. A video! Was it for an interview or something, or did you just feel the need to take your stardom to the next level ?

        I am going to guess your voice sounds positively angelic.

      • I’m glad it has dissuaded you. Honestly. I would never wish this torture upon anyone. So, it’s my pleasure 😉

        Ha, oh no, it’s just me doing my own little promo thing which everyone suggested I do when it was first published, but me being me, I obviously do it about 9 thousand years later. Yup…

        Hahaha, angelic. That’s hilarious. I fear you may be bitterly disappointed 😉

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