Beyond a Dream

Music ‘Beyond’ by Marc Jungermann <- check out his other work

Beyond a Dream

Beyond a dream you came to me, lifting me above the world into celestial stars. On the edge of the sky we walked, between the black and blue, peering down at evergreen valleys and ancient hills, at flowing streams, distant moors and coloured meadows, all while the wind sang us an everlasting song. What a beautiful land home to my hope, flying free, beyond me dreams!

If I awaken to reality, would you reach me there? Would I see your reflection on the icy sea where the cliffs forever stand proud? Would you ascend above the horizon in gold and silver light, in warmth to bless all of life? Would I hear the song of the wind upon the breeze, or would its sound be lost to me?

Beyond a dream you beckon me, calling me back home. Beyond a dream you wait for me, and I will be there with you soon.

I will come forth and wander across lands afar and ponder amongst the trees who stand in watch over me, and lost in thought I shall fly into the sky and fade away with the light that has stayed true for all of time. Is the glory golden beyond the sea, beyond a dream? One day I will come to see.

Will I find you when I fall asleep, beyond a dream?

writing © Jennifer K. Marsh 2014


9 responses to “Beyond a Dream

  1. Ah Jennifer… the wish (or hope) to carry a dream into reality and the need to try to get back into a dream after waking… are they the same thing?
    Fine words accompanied by soothing music. Nice post!

  2. It felt very right reading this with that musical accompaniment. They are both quite beautiful individually, but make a perfect combination.

    • Well, I probably should have mentioned this, but it was that piece of music which inspired me to write that little piece of writing. It’s no wonder they work together ^^

"What does your heart tell you?" - ToO, chpt. 32

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