Summer Field

‘Summer Field’, image from Pulsar Ecard

The four seasons are equally as important as one another, for each holds its own beauty, and all are necessary and essential for nature’s cycle.

Summer. The time when nature is in its prime. Golden crops stand tall in the fields, leaves are abundant in vibrant green, and the sun burns brightly upon us in cloudless blue skies, like a fire-diamond endlessly rolling through sapphires. Everything in this time is bigger, stronger, and with all this strength around mighty titans clash in summer storms erupting up above, and flash downpours plummet.

Or that’s how it’s supposed to be. Of course, British summers are rarely scorchers, and we get constant showers as opposed to dramatic thunder storms. We couldn’t be having proper seasons in this country now, could we? Perish the thought. The worst thing about British summers, though, is the humidity that always comes with it. We don’t get nice heat. Ever. Ugh, summer. It is completely and utterly beyond my comprehension as to how anyone can find this season pleasurable.

The seasons are very significant to the Ilimoskus since they are, of course, deeply entwined with nature itself, and because we are in summer, I thought I would share with you exactly what summer means to them.

Natoda (Summer)

In the Kurpian language, the word for summer is ‘natoda’ (pronounced: “nat-toe-dah”)

Summer is the time of ‘strong nature’. It is the season of good fortune and golden opulence in nature – the reward for the patient wait. It is the symbol of merriment, festivity and glory; however, such times cannot last, especially if they abuse nature’s kind offerings, and so it is also the symbol warning against greed and selfishness.

Summer is said to be the season of the Flamikus due to the dry and hot conditions that often come with this time in nature’s cycle.


See here for the other seasons:





13 responses to “Summer

  1. Co-president of the WAS here, registering agreement at the message within this post.

    Oh, how we loathe humidity. I may have been hearing things, but I’m sure I heard the number 33 in a weather segment on the radio earlier on. THIRTY THREE. I am now rather frightened.

    We had wonderful torrential rain yesterday, and some pleasing rumbles of thunder, so that was nice. That’s a summer I can handle.

    • Come again? Why am I so confused by what you have written here? And this message you refer to: is this the message of hatred towards summer? I thought you’d approve.

      33? Are you kidding? It won’t get that hot…. It won’t. Nonono. This humidity has been so awful recently though, hasn’t it. Like, it’s-hard-to-even-breathe humid. Ugh.

      • Ha, well, I apologise for perplexing you (again).

        WAS = Winter Appreciation Society, and of course I approve.

        Summer sucks. Most of the time.

        Perhaps the heat is getting to us both.

      • I thought WAS was an abbreviation for something, I just couldn’t work out what. I should have got that. I have disgraced the Winter Appreciation Society, governed by us two alone. Forgive me.

        The heat is definitely getting to us.

      • Shameful, indeed. You might be dishonorably discharged and transferred to the SAS if you’re not careful…

        Do I mean the Spring Appreciation Society, Summer Appreciation Society, or the Special Air Service? You decide.

  2. You’ve forgotten to mention the days where we have every season in one day, Jennifer. They’re quite regular nowadays, too!
    I’ve heard the next two weeks are going to be scorchers. I’d love to hibernate, but I have to work…

    • Haha, silly me! Indeed we do seem to have days like that frequently.
      I wish I could hibernate, too 😐 I basically work in a greenhouse. So unbearable. But, each day that passes brings winter closer! It can’t come too soon, if you ask me.

  3. Oh I’m with you Jenny Jen Jen, it’s so humid, can’t bear it. At least in California it was a dry heat and we had air con. Still, even that was horrible as it was too hot to go outside in so I felt trapped inside. At least we can go outside here. I was so hoping for a big storm last week and we got one tiny rumble and some showers, grrrrr….what happened with the storms I remember growing up with, real thunder storms they were, dark, menacing, flashing lightening blazing across the sky, rain lashing down soaking everything it it’s path and then so lovely and cool afterwards. Also, I’m not happy because I have a very dry water butt, haha!!! So I have to use the hose for watering my hanging baskets and pots and this time last year, doing the same thing, our water bill shot up. Oh dear, I sound like a right old moaning woman now. I love summer meaning ‘strong nature’. That is so descriptive. I like the sound of it being the season of the reward for the patient wait. Love that 🙂
    Now…I have something for you my friend. Some awards, yay! I’ve nominated you for a goody bag full, many congratulations! I wanted to show you my appreciation of beautiful you and your blog and also your readership of mine. Means a lot that…I hope you will accept them, but no obligation. Just enjoy – hugs and blue skies…Sherri 🙂 ❤

    • Haha, what a comment, Sherri! Look at you moaning 😉

      I was quite upset we didn’t have the storms we were promised, either. We really could have done with them clearing the air!! IT’S SO MUGGY. I haven’t known it this bad in a long while.

      Yeah, America with the air-con makes things so much more bearable. And the fans in your house up with the lights!! WHY DO WE NOT HAVE THIS? Literally the most simply genius thing ever. Although that gentle whooshwhooshwhooshwhoosh is quite annoying. You see, even with that you can win, all because of the heat. How I hate heat.

      Aw, thanks so much dear Sherri P 🙂 I’ll have a look at them now!

      Blue skies and twilight ^^ ❤

      • I have to just say that we have one of those ceiling fans in our bedroom. I got so used to them in the States and the ‘whooshwhooshwhoosh’ sound that I can’t sleep without it now and I HAVE to feel air softly drifting across my face, especially when it’s hot, windows open or not. We got it from B&Q so it is possible! But yes, they come standard in American houses and in every room! The way this climate change weather thing is going, they will have to start doing the same here. But of course we all know they won’t…
        Keep cool Jenny Jen Jen… and I am thrilled to send you these awards my friend 🙂 ❤

      • DO YOU?! Wow. You are the only person I know in this country to have one! I guess it’s just because we don’t really know about them in this country! I can’t imagine for a second they’re a big seller in B&Q. How much was it, if you don’t mind me asking? Not that I’m about to get one. Just curious 😛 Ha, yeah, Britain could turn into a tropical rainforest and they still wouldn’t routinely put them in new-build houses. We are so hopeless. Nor would we have air-con installed everywhere.

        What you saying about missing the whooshwhooshwhoosh is interesting, though. When I came back from America and I slept back in my own bed again for the first time, I remember lying there thinking… ‘It’s awfully quiet. Where is the whooshwhoosh?’ Even in that short time I ended up missing it for a day or two!

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