Sing Your Spellsong Lullaby (O Noble Winter One)

*clears throat, taps on microphone, rolls out red carpet*

Dear everyone (or should that be, ‘Er, listen yeah? Totes got summin’ to say’, in accordance to his preferred speech?),

I would like to introduce to you a very special friend of mine – and nobility at that, no less. He is, in actual fact, my long lost brother. Can you not tell by the hair?

BEHOLD! HRH Prince Stevick of Hairyfootville of the Kingdom of Norway, also known as Shelob. And Gollum. And Nick Hewer. 


Bet you regret sending this to me now, eh, Steven 😉

I am slightly concerned that Prince Stevick might retaliate to this here sharing of his face. And ‘hair’. But we’ve already discussed that he shouldn’t pick a fight with me, for I am the creator of my own language, and I could say all manner of things to him and he would not be able to Google translate it. Mwahahahahaaaa.

Anyway, as much as I’d like to tease Stevick all day, I’ll get to the point, before Sherri P whacks me with her magical brolly and tells me off for bullying. 

Approximately nine thousand years ago, Stevick dedicated this post to me, and, light-hearted it may have been, it meant an awful lot, and made me beam and laugh in the midst of the grim week I was having at the time. I said, as my token of gratitude, that I would write a poem for/dedicated to him. So, I did. However, in my typical blue whale fashion, it has taken me an age and a half to get around to sharing it. Stevick, bless his heart, has been left in terrible suspense for months on end now. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

This poem is for WAS – or, to those unaware (which is everyone in the world apart from Stevick and I), the Winter Appreciation Society. And what better time to share a poem for WAS than in the midst of summer, and more specifically, in the midst of an absolutely INFERNO week we are having here in Britain? The answer is none other, obviously. (And when I say ‘inferno’, just bare in mind that we’re British, so what I’m really saying is we’re currently experiencing a cold summer if comparing to any other country’s standard.)

But, on a serious note, this poem is truly heartfelt. I am only good at heartfelt things, I’m afraid – especially when it comes to words. 

So, without further ado…


Dear Steven, this one’s for you.

Sing Your Spellsong Lullaby (O Noble Winter One)

© Jennifer K. Marsh 2014

They always say, “That castle on the hill is cold,”
but I know that’s not true;
I just know there are great thick walls
that are hard to break through.
They always say, “The cold brings nothing but despair,”
but I know that’s not true;
I just know the beauty is shy
and hides out of their view.

If I said, “That castle is home to a magic prince,”
would they laugh at me?
Would they say, “No such man could dwell up there!
Why are you too blind to see?”

But, in actual fact, I am the only one who sees
the beauty of his magic,
and the beauty that he breathes.
For deep inside those castle walls
there burns a fire in the halls:
so warm, so bright,
and soon his spell will ignite!
But who needs sceptics anyway?
Let them waste their lives away
if they do not wish to see
the magic falling with the leaves.
For there comes a time when nature dies
and any warmth seems hard to find,
but that is when the magic Prince
ignites his spell hoping to convince
every eye to behold he:
The Winter One
of beauty keen.

They always say, “That castle on the hill is cold,”
and maybe that is true,
but that’s because the ice-frost shields
form the walls of white and blue.
They always say, “The cold brings nothing but despair,”
but that is never true,
for glory is found in every flake
of snow that whispers silent tunes.

Now I say, “Sing a song to the world,
O Noble Winter One –
a lullaby, beneath your spell,
and cast the blizzard’s endless run!”

Enchanting winter spellbind us
with glitter-chill and bitter gusts
as you breathe down icy streams
to make the frozen water gleam.
Fly afar yonder the hills
until the nightly snowdust spills
out from the sky above
to make the whole world fall in love
with the mystery you always bring
every winter when you sing.
O, how you spellbind me
with every single breath you breathe.

I wonder if they will ever see
the beauty of his magic
and the beauty that he breathes.
Will they ever fall in love
with the falling leaves?

They always say, “That castle on the hill is cold,”
but I know that’s not true:
the Winter One’s fire burns brightly inside,
and it will always warm you.
They always say, “The cold brings nothing but despair,”
but I know that’s not true:
the Winter One will fill your heart with joy
with his season, white and blue,
for he will always sing for you.

If only they could hear him, too.


Keep that fire burning inside, Steven, and it will brighten the darkest nights

and warm the coldest winters,

for, though we may love winter and the dark,

we still need to stay warm, lest we turn to ice,

and we still need to see.

From your long lost sister and fellow Shelob catacomb companion who will always keep an ear open for you, should you need it,

Princess Jenona



30 responses to “Sing Your Spellsong Lullaby (O Noble Winter One)

  1. Oh my. How could you put that hideous picture up there? 😛 Remind me never to send you any dodgy images again. It sends me doolally. I laugh uncontrollably at it, and then become rather concerned. Don’t I just look irresistible with curly locks?

    But seriously, Jennifer. Seriously. What a beautiful piece of writing. I am knocked for six, flattered and touched beyond words… I genuinely don’t know what to say. It has exceeded my wildest expectations – and that means it was certainly worth the wait.

    This is just absolutely, totally and utterly incredible. As are you.

    Thank you SO much.

    • I simply had to share the face of Prince Stevick to all his loyal subjects. It was only right. Ha, that picture makes me experience every single emotion under the sun. It disturbs me and concerns me deeply, yet it brings unfathomable amounts of joy and hilarity.

      Oh, I’m really glad you like it ^^ It’s kinda funny how I was a bit nervous about it. I didn’t want it to seem too… I don’t know what the word is. But anyway, you like it so all it well 🙂

      It’s honestly such a privilege to write poems for other people, so thank you for granting me such an honour by being the beautiful inspiration that you are, and by merely being YOU.

      As I said, I hope you know every word was/is truly heartfelt, so take it all straight to you own heart and remember it 😉

      • It has been reblogged at least twice now, you know, so it is basically a viral hit. What have I brought upon myself…

        I so nearly just put it up myself as a post, you know, with a caption of ‘my face when reading Jennifer’s willy-lover post’ or something, but I thought against it – because putting an image up like that would damage my street cred – and kept it as private as possible. Now this. Thanks, darl!

        Like it? Jennifer, I ADORE it. It is so, so charming and a bit magical. I am truly flattered to be associated with it. A job well done, if ever there was one. (pats head)

      • *cracks open champagne, which I can’t even drink, so now I don’t really know what to do*

        Haha, oh, that willy-lover post. Well, my street cred was ruined by that post, so, y’know, and it was written for you to enjoy. I’m just returning the favour by ruining yours 😉

        Aw, well I’m glad I can manage to write charming and magical things. That’s a nice thing to be told. Thank you 🙂

        Is this the first head pat I have received from you?! I think it might. I shall treasure this moment.

      • Well, I loathe champagne, and don’t drink either, so don’t think of passing it over here! Give it to Sherri. She loves a drink or three.

        Haha, this is true! We’ll call it quits. I actually have a friend who is over from LA and has decided she is going to come and stay with me for a few days. Amazing! She does seem rather hellbent on getting me out and about as much as possible, which, ha, is never going to happen. But maybe I should coerce her into writing a similar thing.

        You know, it might be. Well, it’s some indication of your achievement, then, isn’t it? I don’t just go around patting heads for the slightest things, unlike other people 😉

      • What is this with you being so cruel to dear, harmless Sherri Poppins, eh? You bully. UMMMMM, I’M TEEELLLLIIIINNGG.

        Look at you with your exotic LA friends. Oh dear. Joking aside, that can actually be quite the issue between people. The last thing introverts appreciate is extroverts trying to drag them out… It personally puts me in the foulest mood going. Do have a laugh, though 😉

        Are you implying I pat heads too often, Stevick?

      • Haha, I know! How absurd of me to take your mantle as chief Sherri-slammer. It’s rather appalling of me. I love Sherri Poppins really. She knows as much.

        Ha! Exotic. How I laughed at that. She’s from Norwich originally, which of course is the picture of exotica. She’s one of those annoying ambitious types… can’t be doing with them.

        Oh, it has the same effect on me. If I hear the phrase “come out with us, it’ll do you the world of good” once more, I will scream.

        She knows me quite well though so I’m sure it won’t have to come to that, and she will let it slide and put up with merely watching Countdown (which she loathes!!!) and playing that dance game I used to tell you about.

        If she does frogmarch me out though, I shall be sure to let her tell you all about it. Not that it will have a hope of touching The Weekend With Willy Lover, though.

        Yes I am, Jenona. You have a patting addiction, clearly, which requires urgent attention. Somebody should get you a cat to pat. In fact, no. Don’t pat the cat. Cats hate being patted.

      • Aaahh, she’s a Meggie type, is she? Can’t be doing with them.

        It is the worst. I am in the same boat as you at the moment, but regarding something else. “Get yourself a summer job while you aren’t at the school.” ….. I’m sorry? ARE YOU BEING SERIOUS?! If that is suggested to me ONCE MORE I am going on a killing spree. Get another job. ANOTHER JOB. Holy Mother.

        Hahaha, she hates Countdown. Oh dear. That sounds like time well spent to me. I’d rather that any day than go OUT. Ew. Who wants to go out?

        Well hey, I have a dog. I can pat him all I like, and he loves it, since he is a dog. Love my Kodi, despite his lack of a brain.

      • Indeed. How we hate them and love them all the same.

        Well, “it will do you the world of good” or “it might make you feel better” are tacked onto any potential activity or pursuit, these days. Put the rubbish out… it’ll make you feel better. Go to bed earlier. It’ll do you the world of good. Literally everything. It drives me up the wall. I know people will never understand, and I don’t like to get short with them as I know they mostly mean well, but GRR.

        People want to go out. I am not sure we are actually people… perhaps we are Ilimoskus?

        You know what? You told me to drink more , with your intimidating motherly tones, and now I cannot stop. What have you done? I am beginning to wonder if Sherri P has passed on some of her brolly secrets to you, behind my back.

      • It’s ’cause were inordinately jealous of them, Steven, and we wish that we could be as adventurous and ambitious as them. But alas.

        They are awful sentences, I agree. It is hard when you know they mean well but it just goads you uncontrollably. You don’t want to appear miserable and ungrateful, but you just do not want to hear certain things sometime, y’know? I know you know. I know too. We all know. (apart from the people who say it)

        Hahaha, oh, if only we were Ilimoskus. How wonderful. I often used to think to myself, “I wish I was an Ilimoskus. Why am I not an Ilimoskus?” The Ilimoskus society is the best. There’s no currency in their world, either, so NO ROOT OF EVIL. Besides, were we Ilimoskus, humans wouldn’t see us, and we could HIDE FOREVER. haha. Oh, brilliant. What would you be, Steven? Fire, earth, air or water? I actually made a personality quiz one day, ’cause I was so bored, about which element someone would be. You should take it.

        Ahh, well, it’s a woman thing, Steven 😉 Can’t be telling all our secrets now, eh.

        So, Meggie has been in Hong Kong 3 days and she has already got off with a criminal barrister. What is wrong with that girl, seriously. Why do I even associate with her? I do not approve of her ways, yet still I love her so.

        By the way, I meant to say in the other comment and forgot: I reblogged that post you did, and it turns out that was my 100th post. So. how very special and lovely and significant 🙂

      • That is exactly what it is. Ho hum.

        I know indeed. And when you hear them over, and over, and over, it certainly grates. But, we must try not to let that take over. That would only be a victory for Shelob.

        The Ilimoskus sound perfect. Where is this quiz? Is it on here? To be any of those would be an honour, given they are all NATURE. 😉

        HAHA! Oh my, Meggie, what are you like. We both knew it was only a matter of time, really. I can just picture your look of disappointment and it is greatly amusing me.

        (blows party horn) Happy 100! 🙂 Here’s to the next hundred!

      • Haha, and we can’t possible allow Shelob to win, can we. Heaven forbid.

        No such thing as perfect 😉 Even their society has flaws. Though, they are as near perfect as you can get, let’s be honest. It’s not on here, no, it’s just something I have. We can do it via email, if you like. I just looked at it, and I already know which one you’re going to be. I’d be an Aeriikus, apparently (air). I can see that, though. I am quite Aeriikus-like.

        You picture correctly. I did indeed pull a face of disappointment. That girl.

        Thanks! 🙂

      • Of course we can’t. And if we keep a firm grip on our cricket bats, that cannot possibly happen.


        “No such thing as perfect” – erm, I think you’re forgetting about The Crystal Maze. I would be interested to see which Ilimoskus I come out as, and I’m intrigued that you apparently already know…

        That’s the first thing I would use to describe you, Jennifer. Aeriikus-like.

        Mother Jenny is perma-disappointed face, so it wasn’t hard to guess. Good old Meggie, though. What’s she doing today? Petting more sexy tigers? (GRITS TEETH)

      • Oh, well, apart from The Crystal Maze. Obviously. How could I forget.

        Well, at least I have a pretty good guess at what you’ll come out as. You just scream this ilyor to me, but then what do I know? You might not be. I’ll email the questions to you, and you just answer them and I shall tell you 🙂

        Ha, Aeriikus-like Jennifer, yes. You don’t even know anything about the Aeriikus, so don’t start all that business.

        I actually spoke to Meggie the moment I woke up, since it is afternoon for her currently. She said, “It is 3pm and I have done nothing all day.” Nice for some, eh. I told her about my latest ‘incident’, if you will, which she found hilarious, as ever. It’s funny I should have mentioned that towel turban moment to you, ’cause later that day the very man who beheld the monstrosity said to me, “I saw you walking on the beach the other day and I was waving away at you and you ignored me.” Hahahaha, whoops. I DIDN’T SEE HIM. He’s going to hate me at this rate. I feel rather bad. Don’t I just have a way with men? I mean, honestly. Lock up your brothers and husbands, quite rightly.

        I am awful.

      • Indeed, how could you forget? Tut of disapproval. 5pm weekdays, Jenona. 😉

        Ooh I like a good exam 😉 Alright, I won’t start. But I’m guessing the Aeriikus is the most angelic and dynamic of the lot, right?

        Latest incident? Do you mean where you were having a dump when the attractive man came in? Or something since then which I’ve forgotten? Either way, yes, how hilarious.

        Hahaha! I always get told things like that. “I waved at you, I drove past you and beeped at you, I SCREAMED HELLO IN YOUR FACE (exaggeration, but you get the idea) and you didn’t even notice.” I must just be in my own little world. Or, I have headphones on.

        You are indeed a despicable minx, Jenona.

      • Firstly, grammar error, Stevick. ‘…the Aeriikus is’ is incorrect. The Aeriikus ARE 😉 You can have AN Aeriikus, but it is plural word, mostly. So, now that lesson is over and done with: yes, actually, the Aeriikus are the most angelic and dynamic 😛

        Aren’t you a corker. I was not ON the toilet during that situation, Stevick, we have been over this. Behave.

        Well, I did say to him (the man who waved at me, that is) that I am basically blind when I don’t my glasses on, which I didn’t, so I can hardly say I’m surprised that I missed him. I think he might have been with other people though, ’cause he also said, and I quote, “You made me look like a right melon.” This makes the whole scenario even worse. I told Meggie this and she said, “Well, at least you weren’t wearing a towel on your head this time, ’cause then there really would be no hope at all.” Hahahaha. I don’t know what she’s implying.

      • Oh, I am truly sorry for my appalling lack of communication skills.

        Hahahahaha, I’m sorry. It was so cheap of me, I know, but I could not resist. You never did explain what you were doing in the mens’ lavatory…

        (I know you did indeed explain, by the way, before you start twitching and swinging for me)

        Haha! Oh Jennifer, what have you done. Of course you know what she’s implying. Don’t be silly. GET TOGETHER WITH THIS MAN – a message from Meggie, there.

      • Hahaha, I would have started twitching and swinging had you not said that. Stop winding me up, you bully.

        Ha, well Meggie would more likely say, ‘GET ON THIS MAN’, as opposed to ‘get together’. Such is her way with words. I’ll pass on it, either way, though. Even though “he has a beautiful face”, as Meggie said.

      • I’m the worst bully in the world… you should think yourself lucky! The nastiest things I’ve said have mostly been accidentally malfunctioning compliments, to be honest.

        Oh, that girl, eh. Too too much. So we won’t be discussing baby names just yet, then, going by your lack of enthusiasm toward this gentleman. Shame.

      • Those are always the best compliments, Steven 😉

        Hahaha, no, not just yet.. Haha, I wouldn’t exactly call it ‘lack of enthusiasm’, ’cause he is really sweet bless him and I do like him, it’s just 1) I can’t be bothered, 2) I don’t care, and 3) I’m too busy.

        I’m properly phlegming it up over here at the moment as well, with my delightful cough, so no one in their right mind would come in a 10ft radius of me. Attractive 😉 (I’ve been feeling lousy for weeks on end now, and it seems I’ve suddenly gone downhill. You should hear me speak. Hilarious. MARGE SIMPSON. Sucks though :/ )

  2. Reblogged this on S and commented:
    Even though I knew it was coming, and knew it would be special, I am totally and utterly stunned and flattered by this most wonderful post and poem, written as a dedication to me by my beautiful and inspirational writer friend and mountain, Jennifer Marsh.

    I am so thankful, and have been rendered speechless. Give it a read, and you shall see why.

  3. Prince Stevick sounds like a decent chap, Jennifer, and after reading your amazing poem I’m actually feeling cooler in this tormenting heat. So much so, I need to close a window. Fabulous!

  4. Beautiful poem Jenny Jen Jen…Steven is obviously blown away by it and rightly so. Nice to know the he has such a great friend and soul sister in you, truly wonderful that.
    I hope it cools down for you soon. No bullying or telling off here. My daughter isn’t doing too well so will be taking some time out in a day or two, trying to get things squared away and also taking a short holiday. Just wanted you to know. Take care x

    • Thank you, Sherri.

      Aw no, I’m sorry to hear that 😦 I’ve heard it’s meant to be cooling off by Sunday so if she can only hang on til then! I’m with her, though. Not good, weather-wise. How did she manage in California, then?? I cannot help but wonder.

      Have a well-earned break, dear Sherri P, if that’s what you need 🙂 x

      • Thanks Jenny Jen Jen. Sadly, it not just the heat, she is struggling in other ways at the moment, as she does from time to time. We all need a holiday I think! Thank goodness it will be cooling of by Sunday, phew! She found the heat very hard in CA, but of course there just lock yourself away in air conditioned buildings in the day.
        I’ll be around for a few days here and there before officially singing off. It’s going to feel very strange but it will only be for a couple of weeks, maybe a bit less. I’ll be totally offline for a while…yikes, not sure how I’ll cope!
        See you soon 🙂 xx

      • Ooohh no 😦 I’m very sorry to hear that. I hope she gets back on her feet soon! Wishing you and her all the best 🙂 Have a great holiday. Haha, being away from technology these days can feel like a lifetime! You’ll be fine 😉 Think of all the tales to tell when you come back 😛 x

      • Thanks Jenny Jen Jen, I really appreciate that. Take care and don’t get into too much mischief without me. I’ll try not to drink too much bubbly, wouldn’t want Steven to think I’m a lush or anything 😛 xx

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