Oceanic Emotion

I am going to do something which I believe to be quite unconventional for me, though, in actual fact, it is not. It just feels like it is. I’m not sure why. I want to share something with you. We all know how private and hushhush I am about what I do and what I write, but I’ve decided to talk a bit about Book 2 of the Ilimoskus story. Possibly one of my favourite aspects of the whole story, truth be told.

Because I am in love with the sea.

Whenever I listen to this song, it forever makes me think of Book 2, and in particular, the Agwikus – not surprising, really. It also makes me think of a particular sub-story. Whenever I happen to skim over particular sections of the story, or write a scene linking back to those sections somehow, I get this song stuck in my head. And it will not shift. It has got to the point where this song, in my mind, defines Book 2, and even a gentle thought of the book’s storyline and characters lends me to humming this song for the entire day.

It’s just as well I love the song then, really, or else that would be a little bit awkward. I love how the bleeps of the music at the beginning (and throughout) actually sound like an undulating wave.

The sea is a very important concept for some particular characters and sub-plots within the story. Anything the sea touches is encapsulated in depth, mystery, secrets, innermost longings and desires, passion. Emotion. 

‘Deep within him, where the essence of his soul bound to the peripheral of eternity, he could sense something. His spirit was trying to listen. But to what?’

Does the sea not whisper to you? Does the sea not beckon? Does the sea not want you to understand? Does the sea not sing?

Maybe someday, when Book 2 is out amid the world, you will be able to dive into the depths of oceanic emotion and discover the mysteries for yourselves. Delve into the canyons beneath the waves and feel the intensity try to crush you. I am telling you, there is nothing else quite like the sea within the Ilimoskus story. Sure, there are fires, storms and clear skies, and there are stones and there are trees, and there are stars and moons and suns, but none of those come close to the endless deep blue secrets of the sea. 


8 responses to “Oceanic Emotion

  1. Oh for the sea and all it’s glory…so beautiful this Jenny Jen Jen…your writing truly is so heartfelt, infused with your love of nature all that is created within it. Just lovely… ❤

"What does your heart tell you?" - ToO, chpt. 32

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