Visions Deep

For the past month or so, I’ve had a strange phenomenon occur within my life.

I am someone who very frequently has visions deep – by which I just mean very deep dreams (I use the term ‘visions deep’ in my poetry all the time, so if you ever see me use it, I’m talking about dreams 😉 ) – and I remember many of them well, often to my misfortune, for my visions deep are usually incredibly dark things… I normally have ‘nightmares’ so frequently that I don’t even regard them as nightmares anymore – they’re merely “bad dreams.” For example, one of my more recent bad dreams was about this man who murdered his girlfriend, and I saw him tie her to a chair and scrape the skin off her arm with a meat cleaver before hacking her arm off at the elbow. The screams still haunt me.

I would probably severely disturb most people if I told them about some of the other bad dreams I’ve had, and indeed, I shudder upon recalling them myself. That one I just mentioned is by far not the worst one I’ve ever had. Sometimes, the worst ones are not the ones with the most harrowing screams, but rather the ones that leave me feeling as though, in the waking world, there are still haunting eyes upon me. Somewhere.

Which is why, whenever I have a nice dream, it is such a special thing because they are so rare for me, and I end up remembering them in far greater detail than my vivid bad dreams. They are indeed like stumbling across a diamond after so many bitter-black coals, and I store each diamond beneath my pillow so I may remember that, every now and then, a precious jewel will reveal itself to me.

So, this strange phenomenon is that I have been having nice dreams. I don’t want to jinx myself, but I can’t specifically remember the last time I had a nasty one… But I just want you to understand how rare nice dreams are for me: the last time I had a nice dream was in 2012. 2012. Jeez. Someone gave me a white lily flower. That’s it. But it was just so… It made such an unbelievable impact on me.

Last night, my vision deep was so gorgeous, yet still I am convinced that no other dream will ever make a greater impact on me than my lily dream. Even so, last night’s dream was so beautiful that I simply had to write it down and share it. Which is what I am doing in this post.


I was stood upon a hill, gazing out across the endless moorland while the cool wind refreshed my soul. It was dusk, and I looked up into the sky to see its gorgeous colours of deep blues and pinks. And then I looked to the setting sun, a glorious red, falling beyond the horizon. But then I noticed that beside the sunset was the moonrise, the tip of a luminous silver crown ascending over the edge of the world. I felt my heart burst with a joy I am yet to know in my waking life, for I knew what was about to transpire: a rare glimpse of a dreamland transition between the day and the night. The red sun continued to set while the silver moon continued to rise, and I watched, anticipated, with bated breath, waiting for the moment. So it came when the sun and the moon aligned on horizon’s edge, and the brightest eruption of white light was cast across the sky and the hills, and then I looked back to the sky, and I gazed, wonderbound, as the dusky sky gradually unrolled, so delicately, to reveal the black silk of the night sky laced with a thousand gleaming crystal stars. And there I stood, basking in the moonlight which painted the moors in metallic precision, and the starlight stunned me, for so many stars there were in the sky it was as though I was falling through the centre of a galaxy.


You see, I am so in love with nature that it even comes to me in my visions deep. ^^

I find myself wondering why, at the moment, I seem to be having such inoffensive, and often pleasant, dreams, and I wonder how much longer they will last. But then, maybe I shouldn’t wonder; maybe I should just accept the nightly happenings and make the most of this stash of diamonds I have been handed on a golden tray. If there are enough diamonds on this tray to last for months on end, then great! If not, that’s okay too, for as I said: I store all my diamonds beneath my pillow, and I remember them with such fondness that no number of bitter-black coals could ever crush their memory.


2 responses to “Visions Deep

  1. Oh Jenny Jen Jen, what a beautiful dream. I never have dreams like that. I do have dreams that sometimes stay with me as you describe, once in a blue moon, but they are always about people I know or places I feel I’ve been to before or revisited many times before in my dreams. You do indeed have ‘visions deep’ and what a blessing. I could get lost, pleasantly so, in yours 🙂

    • It was very beautiful – a night-time blessing indeed! ^^ But yes, I’ve always been a very deep dreamer, a very deep sleeper! Maybe that has something to do with it. *shrugs* Who can say? Dreams are a mystery. Often beautiful ones, at that 🙂

"What does your heart tell you?" - ToO, chpt. 32

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