Sketching with Sincerity

Salutations, all!


My inspiration has been absent for months now, and recently life has been a trial, so I apologise about my lack of posts and thereof lack of creative posts. This is yet another not-very-creative post… I’m not really sure where to go.

‘He was endlessly spinning on the spot amidst the heart of thick smoke, and it stung his eyes so he could not see, losing all sense of purpose and direction, so even the smallest step forward was a blind one.’

A little quote from Book 2, there. That pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling for months – on a creative level, you understand. Yet again, progress on Book 2 has been unbearably slow, due to other life influences and my emotional state. Ughhhhhhhhh. This broken record will surely result in my insanity, I’m telling you.


Recently I’ve taken it upon myself to re-write some Ilimoskus songs from Book 1. Why I’m making more work for myself, I don’t know, but it feels right to do this. I’ve been sat at my piano losing the will to live, though, for making Kurpian rhyme is quite possibly one of the worst things on this earth. It is so difficult with all it’s stupid syntax and grammar rules. What idiot created such a moronic language? … 😉

With this new-found focus I have for my story this year, it is only natural I should link things back to it. Today is Prince Stevick’s birthday – all snow! – and as a little ‘gift’, if you will, I said I would draw him something for it. Ilimoskus-related, of course.

As occupies the vast majority of our conversations, a little while back we were talking about Countdown (what else, really?). Those of you not from the UK – and thus unfortunate enough not to know what Countdown is – it is a game show. Visit Stevick’s blog to see for yourselves. Now, Stevick is deeply in love with Susie Dent who is the lady behind Dictionary Corner on the programme, and he declared that she is more beautiful than the moon, which I found to be quite something, given how much Stevick loves the moon. And so, naturally, I thought about the Ilimoskus.

The Agwikus (water folk) are linked to the beautiful moon, and thus you will commonly see them out embracing the night-time, for this time resonates in their souls. And, the moon is linked to the sea and tides, and because the Agwikus dwell in the sea it is only natural they should have such a deep connection to the silver circle of the night’ – as the Ilimoskus refer to it in their tongue.

All this then made me think of something else Stevick and I once talked about. Yeeeeeaars ago, I once made a little personality quiz entitled ‘Which Ilyor Would You Be in?’ or, in English, ‘Which Element Dwells in Your Heart?’ I told him about this, and as a laugh I did this quiz with him last year. And which element was he? Water. The Agwikus.

Which takes me back to Susie Dent and Stevick’s declaration that she is more beautiful than the moon. “Darling Susie”, he said – a play on my ‘Darling Moon’ song and poem.

And so, behold the little sketch I did:


As you can see, here is Stevick the Agwikus hailing the Darling Susie Moon by the coast.

And he is proclaiming:


“Thial, Susie-niia! Thial, Oceaniia! Helchir’abeiim od amoat! Smiigok wri yer lu!”

“All hail Darling Susie! All hail the Darling Moon – the most beautiful of all! I so live for your words!”

Which Stevick does, you know. He lives for Susie Dent’s Origins of Words.

(I love the Kurpian word oceaniia. It reminds me of ‘oceanic’, and I love the sea. But, this Kurpian word actually means ‘the beloved moon’, or rather ‘darling moon’. And the sea and moon are linked anyway! It isn’t pronounced “ocean-ee-ah“, though, it’s, “oh-see-ah-nee-ah”. Which I think is quite fun to say, personally.)


Jun umeraard-ite, Stevick!


From Jenona,



On the subject of gifts, I would like to take this moment to thank my wonderful friend Alex for the gift she sent me at the beginning of the year. I truly love it.


She sent me this necklace (ignore the little cross, that’s not part of it). That she made! Amazing. Touched beyond words that she did this for me. She said the green marble reminded her of nature, and that in turn reminded her of me, and the little acorn top came from an oak tree in her neighbourhood. Not only do I now wear a thoughtful gesture of kindness and friendship around my neck and close to my heart, but also a little part of Canada. ^^

Thank you so much, Alex!!

It blesses me, and may you be blessed in return.


Finally, I end with this:

I tried to draw Fii’dezrhu the other day and it nearly reduced me to tears because I cannot draw and I most certainly cannot draw those DARN Ilimoskus. Honestly. Why are they so against letting me draw them?! (or why am I so bad at drawing them…) But, here is the no-where-near-finished sketch I did of Rhu…


Ugh. Can you see those circles on his shoulder? That is the outline of little Flee. Now, I say ugh, but I don’t think this sketch was too bad. But then I made the mistake of using colour over it (because if I am drawing these Ilimoskus then I want their features to be fully appreciated!), and by doing this I completely ruined it. Sigh. So now I have to re-draw Fii’dezrhu. Every single time I use colour on a close-up sketch, I ruin it. I don’t know how I manage it. It’s quite a skill, if you ask me. Maybe I should keep the close-ups merely as pencil, and the distance sketches can be colour…

But, here’s something: a beautiful friend of mine contacted me the other day asking questions about the Ilimoskus. I rang him, wishing to get to the bottom of this sudden questioning, and it turns out he wants to create/draw the Ilimoskus on this photoshop program or something. He wants to bring them to life for me. I love that man, the beautiful soul he is. So, maybe someday I will be able to share his drawings with you. I’m sure they’ll be magnificent.

He’ll do them far more justice than I will trying to draw them, anyway o_O’


13 responses to “Sketching with Sincerity

  1. Well, Jennifer, I think this is a very creative post! It features your artwork (which I like by the way), a language you’ve ‘created’ (I think you’ve actually tuned into another realm and picked it up from there…) a necklace that has been personally created for you (very nice it is too), and a lot of information (Happy Birthday, Steven / Prince Stevick!).

    Is your personality quiz on your blog somewhere? I wouldn’t mind having a go at that myself.

    I try to post as often as I can, and as such, very often I have days when nothing comes to mind… so then I just write randomly, which is why my blog is full of nonsense! Your blog is more structured, so don’t worry about how often you post… I’ll pop by when you do (or as soon as I can after, if my current visiting schedule continues (I’m actually rather rubbish at it at the moment!))

    You’ve also given me an idea for my theme for next week’s posts, so thank you!

    Hope you have a good weekend, Jennifer!

    • Oh, well thank you, Tom! I suppose when you put it like that it is quite a creative post after all!

      Nooo, unfortunately my little personality quiz isn’t on my blog. I once thought about how I could do this for the individual to get their answer at the end, but I never quite decided on it, and so I never bothered. Maybe I should ponder over it again, if people are interested.

      Glad to have inspired you 🙂 I shall keep my eye out for your next posts!

      Have a good weekend yourself 🙂

    • Cheers again, Tom! (Sorry, I didn’t see your well wishes in here first time around.)

      I too shall look forward to your upcoming posts.

      I think Jennifer should get in touch and ask you the questions for the quiz. But, be warned; the tension can become quite intense. I kept wanting to phone a friend!

  2. Goodness, I had no idea my hair was that amazing.

    Oh Jennifer, this has made my day. No really, it has. I sunk into my throne with contentment at what I saw (though that might be down to you mentioning Susie Dent up so many times). What a lovely, energetic drawing! Thank you so much for doing such a thing, and pat on the head for such a frolic with the medium of ART.

    Beautiful necklace – aren’t you lucky!? Really like that Fii’dezrhu sketch, too. I am excited about the new drawings from this mystery man! I shall await with excitement.

    Thank you sooo much, Darling Jennifer. Next stop Feb 12th! x

    • Ha, a nice seaweed green, too. Dashing 😉

      Well I am touched that this has been a little light in your day. Contented throne-sinking is what we like to hear. Energetic, is it? Pfftt, how on earth did I manage that? Darling Susie Moon helped me, clearly.

      I am so very lucky!! I wear it all the time. Love it. Well, you should like the Fii’dezrhu sketch, since you are Fii’dezrhu. Remember?
      Ha, he’s hardly a mystery man. Trust me. But I guess he’s a mystery to all you folk 😉 I’m not sure if he’ll ever get around to showing me, or actually doing it, but we shall see. And since he’s doing it out of his own goodwill, I can hardly make a fuss! Not that I would anyway.

      Any time, Darling Steven. x

      Only 12 days away!! How terribly exciting…. (feel the bitter sarcasm, there).

      • I’m sure I responded to this. I even remember writing it. Maybe it vanished into the elemental ether? Or perhaps I just hilariously made the effort of writing a reply but forgot to press send.

        Sigh, oh welllllll, here we go again.

        Dashing indeed. Darling Susie would help you create an energetic piece, for ENERGETIC is a nine-letter word. She loves her nines 😉

        “Not that I would anyway.” Haha, I know you. Of course not…

        Bitter sarcasm? Jennifer. You are just a few days away from receiving the present girls up and down the country DREAM of: a lewd photo and note from Nick Hewer. If that doesn’t make you look forward to it, then surely nothing will…

        Nothing will? Okay. 😉 I’m with you, to be honest.

      • This mightaswell be my present too, really… he better not let us down with his message. I am genuinely wetting my pants with excitement for this.

        Okay, maybe genuinely I’m not. But you get the idea.

      • Haha, if there’s not a ‘xxx’ at the end, I’ll be surprised. Be sure to check the back for a cheeky phone number in tiny print.

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