Hear My Voice (;

It is the first of a brand new month! The seventh month of the year. This is ever so slightly depressing, though, because WHERE has the year gone? We’re over half way. Deary me. Perhaps more disconcertingly, we’re in that half of the year which is home to Christmas, which means that at any moment now we’ll be hearing the first Christmas song on the radio… *shudders with rage*

But you don’t want me to unleash my inner Scrooge. So anyway! Since it is the beginning of a brand new month, a brand new time, I am going to treat you all in a new, hopefully long-lasting, beginning of mine, which entails positivity and never giving up. Not that I gave up before, but… yeah. Obviously, I am certain you have been sitting there pondering over how I my singing voice sounds. No? Well, whether you have or not, now you can hear my voice.

Please contain your excitement, I know it’s a lot to take in.


You have the privilege of hearing me sing. Crazy, I know. I actually loathe singing in front of people because I am horribly shy and nervous, so I feel it’s quite odd for me to be sharing my singing with the world but… Oh well. Things like that are certainly easier through a screen. I happened to stumble across this recording on my laptop not too long ago, which I did sometime last year. I had forgotten about it. It is poor quality because I recorded it from my phone, soo… sorry ^^

I only hope I have done this beautiful song justice.