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ILIMOSKUS is an environmental fantasy tale about a race of elemental beings: fire, earth, air and water. The first part of the trilogy is called Times of Old.

The Ilimoskus are a most peaceful race, being at one with the nature to which they belong, and harmony and respect radiates from all they do. It is said in Ilimoskus lore that they were created for the purpose of guarding and protecting the nature they are entwined with, and this value still lives firmly amongst their society.

“Long ago, before the beginnings of our time, deep in a forest grew a tree. This tree was a magical tree, an all-knowing tree, and matured for thousands of years; each time the circle of fire fell into the earth before rising once more, his magical talents and knowledge developed further. This special tree called himself ‘Tontiis-Nab’, having the ability to talk and move. Due to a lack of companions, however – as the other trees in his company had not the capability to converse with him deep within this forest – he became lonesome and forlorn. One day, to cease these emotions, he gathered the four elements within himself to create his own life:

Fire: from the rays of the sun. Air: from the wind blowing through the trees. Water: from the moisture of the earth. And earth: from the soil itself.”


Below is more information about the four elemental beings – or, as they are known to the Ilimoskus, the four ilyorz:

Flamikus (the Fire Folk)

The folk of fire are courageous and compassionate, being the all-rounders of the Ilimoskus world. They believe that knowledge is infinite – one can never learn too much! Love and friendship is very important to them, and they are incredibly loyal; if you befriend a Flamikus, they’ll be there for life. The warmth of their hearts and the heat of their spirits are like none other, and although water is a great danger to them, it takes a lot to dampen the optimism of such merry folk. However, be sure not to submerge them, or else you will unleash a raging inferno.

They live on the surface, dwelling in forests. They can control and create blazing fires and infernos, and produce thick ash and smoke.

Summer is said to be the season of the Flamikus due to the dry and hot conditions that often come with this time in nature’s cycle.

Aeriikus (the Air Folk)

The folk of air are free and independent, being the masters of stealth, agility, speed and endurance. Freedom is their life, so one would surely face their storm if that was taken from them. Harmony and peace is very important to them, and they will always try their utmost to be fair and gracious to all. They are forgiving and serene, but do not underestimate them: they can be as erratic as the wind!

They live in the sky, upon the clouds. They can conjure and control wind, storms and lightning. They also have an ability which enables them to roar/boom like thunder. 

Autumn is said to be the season of the Aeriikus due to the windy weather and stormy conditions that often come with this time in nature’s cycle.

Agwikus (the Water Folk)

The folk of water are wise and intelligent, being the masters of all things magical. Beauty surrounds them, for everything they do is tranquil and quiet, and they are almost always composed. They are rather homely, and compared to the other Ilimoskus, family relations play a more important part in their lives. Although they tend to stay out of the way, being somewhat reserved, they put their heart and soul into all they do and into all of their emotions; so, be warned: the wrath of an angry sea can be great indeed, and nothing can tame it.

They live in the sea, dwelling in areas of high foliage. They can summon and control vast amounts of water, creating whirlpools, floods and tsunamis; however, they cannot venture far from water, or else this will be their downfall.

Winter is said to be the season of the Agwikus due to the quiet reflection and understated beauty associated with this time in nature’s cycle. In addition to this, cold conditions are an Agwikus’ favourite.

Humiit-kus (the Earth Folk)

The folk of earth are strong and mighty, being the masters of strength, stamina and power; they possess the resilience of stone, yet the tender poise of nature. One would be wise to avoid conflict with them. They are dutiful, orderly, and have such control that it is nigh impossible for them to unknowingly be swept away in a wave of emotions. They are calm and peaceful, enjoying their simple lives of tending to nature, but they are also incredibly mysterious and solitary. They can be unpredictable, so tread with caution, or else the earth will shatter beneath your feet.

They live underground, dwelling in caves and caverns. They can control the trees and nature, shatter stone and create immense earthquakes. They even have the ability to turn themselves to stone. 

Spring is said to be the season of the Humiit-kus due the growing and blossoming plant life that comes with this time in nature’s cycle.

For more information about the four ilyorz, please see here.


Times of Old (Book 1)

“Times of old are leaving, my friends; know that soon it will be the end”

front only

Living amongst the humans of Earth is a race of beings unbeknown to them; they are Ilimoskus, the elemental folk: beings of fire, earth, air and water. They are a most peaceful race who lead uneventful lives in harmony with nature, but one fateful autumn, the Flamikus (fire folk) feel the ground tremble beneath them in tension they have never before endured, and troubling concern starts to linger.

Throughout this ever-growing tension, Fii’dezrhu Reotum – a rebellious Flamikus – discovers a momentous secret he then acts upon by venturing to the forbidden human lands; while there, he inadvertently reveals the Ilimoskus’ existence to one young girl. Little does he know that this sets in motion the beginnings of an earthquake so great, it will result in gruelling searches, confounding ambiguities, painstaking truths and heart-wrenching decisions. In time, both humans and Ilimoskus will watch the world they once knew crumble around them.

If you would like to read a sample of the book, please click here.

© Jennifer K. Marsh 2013 – 2015

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  5. Greetings Jennifer,
    Your fine fantasy reminds me of a very dear friend of mine.
    Although he is living in this reality, his imagination is in another world.
    If I can pull him from within his own realm..
    Will send him here to visit your world.
    I better get back to my own planet now.
    My ship is waiting……
    Cheers 🙂

    • Hello there!
      Ha, yes, sometimes I think we all truly belong to some strange, faraway realm only we have access to… Perhaps we do! Anyway, your friend is quite welcome to visit my world if he wishes ^^
      Thanks for your comment 🙂 All the best!

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